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Magnetic Sensor Guides Robotic Vehicles Along Tape-based Tracks - With customizable functionality offered via Basic-like scripting language, 160 mm wide MGS1600 detects and reports position of magnetic field along its horizontal axis as based on adhesive magnetic tape used to form track guide on floor. Advanced signal processing is used to measure lateral distance from center of track from heights up to 60 mm, and position resolution is 1 mm. Supplied with various ports to output position information, sensor can detect and manage up to 2-way forks ...



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C.Schott, Burger F., Blanchard, L. Chiesi, Modern Integrated Silicon Hall Sensors, Sensor Review, Vol.18, No.4, 1998, pp.252-257.

Abstract - The new developments in silicon Hall sensors are highlighted. First, basic components made by microelectronic technology are explained. They lead to the development of high accuracy vectorial magnetic probes. Then examples of new application like angular position sensor and current measurements are illustrated. Finally, new concepts in order to increase the detectivity using magnetic chopping are demonstrated.

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A.Häberli, M. Schneider, P. Malcovati, R. Castagnetti, F. Maloberti, and H.Baltes, 2D magnetic microsensor with on-chip signal processing for contactless angle measurement", IEEE Journal Solid-State Circuits , vol. 31, pp. 1902-1907, 1996.

Abstract - The reported CMOS microsystem is the key element for accurate angle measurements. In combination with a permanent magnet it is used for various wear free angular positioning control systems for automotive and industrial applications covering the full 360 degree range. The integrated system includes a two dimensional magnetic microsensor (30 x 30 m2 active area), offset compensation and signal conditioning circuitry. A novel approach for the angle calculation is presented using an on-board incremental ADC. A bitstream representing the angular position of the applied permanent magnet is provided at the system output. The system achieves a one degree angular resolution with 9 mW power consumption and a permanent magnet of 100 mT. The chip is fabricated in a generic 2 m double poly, double metal CMOS process and covers an area of 2.6 x 4.1 mm2.


P. Malcovati, F. Maloberti, A. Pesucci, and M. Poletti, A 12-bit A/D interface for a 3D magnetic sensor, Proceedings of IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS `97) , Hong Kong, pp. 1-4, 1997.

Abstract - This paper presents a high resolution low-power smart system for 3D magnetic field monitoring. The magnetic sensors, integrated on-chip, need a bias current of a few mA to achieve the required resolution. Nevertheless, the proposed 12 bit A/D converter allows pulsed operation of the sensors with a duty cycle as low as 4 10-5, thus keeping the system power consumption below 1 mW. The A/D converter operates with 500 kHz clock frequency and achieves a DNL below 0.2 LSB and an INL below 0.5 LSB in worst case simulations. A prototype of the system has been integrated in a 1.2 mm CMOS technology.


A. Häberli, M. Schneider, P. Malcovati, R. Castagnetti, F. Maloberti, and H. Baltes, Magnetic microsensor with on-chip signal processing for contactless angle measurement", Proceedings of IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC `96) , San Francisco, USA, pp. 332-333, 1996.

Abstract - We present a CMOS microsystem which is used for accurate contactless angle measurements in combination with a permanent magnet (1 degree measured resolution). The integrated system includes a 2D-magnetic microsensor, temperature and offset compensation circuitry as well as signal conditioning for the angle calculation.

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