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Compact Multi-Axis MEMS Vibration Monitor Provides Exceptional Low-noise Performance and Embedded Analysis - Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) is continuing to help industrial equipment designers improve system performance and reduce maintenance costs through more efficient vibration detection and isolation with the introduction today of the MEMS-based ADIS16228 iSensor(R) vibration monitor ...




Articles, Papers and References

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Beeby S.P., Grabham N.J., White N.M., Micromachined Accelerometer with microprocessor controlled self-test procedure, Sensor Review, Vol.21, No.1, 2001, pp.33-37.

Abstract: This paper describes a self-test procedure for a micromachined silicon accelerometer realized using a commercially available microprocessor. The accelerometer is fabricated using a combination of thick-film printing and silicon micromachining. The self-test procedure must be performed at resonance and the microprocessor is used to identify the individual resonant frequency of each device and confirm the operation of the PZT elements. The microprocessor could also be used in the future to fully test and calibrate the device thereby ensuring correct and accurate operation.


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Intelligent Force Sensors using Standard CMOS Technologies. How does it work ?

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Jon Wilson, A Practical Approach to Vibration Detection and Measurement Part 3: Installation, Recalibration, and Application, Sensors Magazine, April 1999



Handbook of Laboratory Measurements



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