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NextSense Presents the CALIPRI Optical Measurement System at the CONTROL - NextSense GmbH, the innovative provider of optical sensor technology, will present the CALIPRI called non-contact multi-platform method for the quick recording and flexible analysis of gap contours at the CONTROL 2013 trade fair in Stuttgart (hall 5, booth 5401). "CALIPRI meets the requirements of the automotive industry for ever narrower gap dimensions and measurement solutions independent of platform," said Christoph Böhm, Marketing Manager at NextSense. "The optical measurement system allows for measurements of an accuracy unknown up to now as well as the universal use of one and the same measurement device in all stages of automotive body production" ...




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A. Sartori, M. Gottardi, F. Maloberti, A. Simoni, and G. Torelli, "Analog-to-digital converters for optical sensor arrays", Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Circuits, and Systems (ICECS `96) , Rhodes, Greece, pp. 939-942, 1996.

Abstract - The main goal of the ESPIRIT project "Microintegrated Intelligent Optical Sensor Systems" (MInOSS) was to investigate a design methodology for optical sensor systems. This methodology was applied to the design of a library of modules and general building blocks in standard CMOS technology aimed at making the design of future optical sensors easier. A set of demonstrators was developed, including a linear array of sensors for spectrophotometry and a number of 2D sensor array for use in "intelligent" digital cameras. The main results of the project to be reviewed in this paper include library photodiode arrays and charge amplifiers; three-step flash and algorithmic analog-to-digital converters for on-chip conversion; the linear and 2D intelligent sensor architectures which were developed; and guidelines for the practical design of photosensors and pixel arrays in a mixed analogue/digital/optical environment.

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A. Sartori, M. Gottardi, P. Lee, F. Maloberti, P. O'Leary, A. Simoni, and G. Torelli, "The MInOSS Project", Proceedings of EurOpto Series - Advanced Focal Plane Arrays and Electronic Cameras , Berlin, Germany, pp. 25-35, 1996.

Abstract - The use of CMOS technology allows the monolithic integration of photosensor arrays together with analog-to-digital (A/D) conversion circuits. The structure of the array can be exploited to increase the connectivity between the sensor and the converter, which are in close coupling. Both single-converter per array and multiple-converter per array approaches are therefore possible. This paper presents a comparative study of different A/D conversion architectures incorporated in intelligent optical systems. The presented schemes have been validated by experimental evaluations.


G. Torelli, L. Gonzo, M. Gottardi, F. Maloberti, A. Sartori, and A. Simoni, "Analog-to-digital conversion architectures for intelligent optical sensor arrays", Proceedings of EurOpto Series - Advanced Focal Plane Arrays and Electronic Cameras , Berlin, Germany, pp. 254-264, 1996.

Abstract - This paper presents a comparative analysis of different analog-to-digital conversion architectures optimized for operation in close coupling with optical sensor arrays in the presence of stringent design constraints such as signal and noise levels, conversion rates and physical size of the array. Architectures based on a single converter per array and on multiple converters per array are considered. Measurement results on dedicated converters integrated in experimental chips together with optical arrays have proved the validity of the architectures presented, with different trade-off points in terms of power consumption, conversion rate and spatial uniformity.


J.H. Correia, G.de Graaf, S.H.Kong, M.Bartek and R.F. Wolffenbuttel, Single-Chip CMOS Optical Microspectrometer, In Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Solid-State Sensors and Actuators (Transducers '99), Sendai, Japan, 7-10 June, 1999, vol.2, pp.896-899.


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Kimberly A. Thomas, Everett E. Crisman, Otto J. Gregory, and William B. Euler, A Temperature Insensitive Smart Optical Strain Sensor, Proceedings SPIE: Smart Structures and Materials 2000: Smart Systems for Bridges, Structures, and Highways, S. C. Liu, editor, SPIE Press, Belligham, WA, vol. 3988, 2000, 429-439.

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Byoungho Lee, Review of the Present Status of Optical Fiber Sensors, Optical Fiber Technology, Vol. 9, Issue 2 , April 2003, Pages 57-79.

Abstract: The current status of optical fiber sensors is reviewed. The optical fiber sensors have certain advantages that include immunity to electromagnetic interference, lightweight, small size, high sensitivity, large bandwidth, and ease in implementing multiplexed or distributed sensors. Strain, temperature and pressure are the most widely studied measurands and the fiber grating sensor represents the most widely studied technology for optical fiber sensors. Fiber-optic gyroscopes and fiber-optic current sensors are good examples of rather mature and commercialized optical fiber sensor technologies. In this paper, among the various fiber-optic sensor technologies, especially, technologies such as fiber grating sensors, fiber-optic gyroscopes, and fiber-optic current sensors are discussed with emphasis on the principles and current status. Today, some success has been found in the commercialization of optical fiber sensors. However, in various fields they still suffer from competition with other mature sensor technologies. However, new ideas are being continuously developed and tested not only for the traditional measurands but also for new applications.

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