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Magnetoresistive Position Sensor Comes in Rotary Configuration - Encompassing such basic geometric configurations as lines, angles, and circles, SMART position sensor with rotary configuration provides 360 non-contact angular position sensing. Non-contact magnetoresistive technology is used to determine object's position with accuracy down to 0.01 despite dirty and harsh environments. Repeatable output occurs within 0.118 in. 0.079 in. air gap between sensor and magnet collar. Design provides minimal signal error, with up to 0.10 in. of radial error ...




List of Position Sensors Manufacturers

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MLX90291 - SMD Programmable Linear Hall Sensor, 12-bit 125 Hz PWM output signal proportional to the magnetic flux density

MLX90292 - Programmable Linear Hall Sensor, 2-/3-Wire PWM Mode (up to 2 kHz)

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Arrow Model 194 - Rotary Position Sensor, quadrature square wave, resolution from 128 to 4096 pulses per revolution; max standard speed 300 rpm

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Professional Displacement and Position Measurements. From Nanos to Hundreds of Meters

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MMT Digital Position Sensors provide an accurate digital output signal from a toothed ferromagnetic target with a contactless principle

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AS5410 - 3D Hall sensor for linear position sensing up to 50 mm stroke; 14-bit resolution; PWM output

AS5411 - 3D Hall sensor for off and on axis angular position sensing, PWM output

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G- Series Models GP and GH Sensors - : Start/Stop or PWM output

L Series, - Start/Stop, PWM output industrial position sensors

MH-Series - Magnetostrictive, Absolute, Non-contact Linear-Position Sensors with PWM output, accuracy, < 0.04% F.S.

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 20 LHE - Linear Position Sensor; electrical strokes from 0 mm to 10 mm; Accurate linearity down to 1 %; Resolution 12 bit; PWM output

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