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Magnetic Proximity Sensors offer 60 mm Sensing Range - Available in 8 x 8 mm rectangular housing or standard M8 housing, MFxM Series can be used in applications where target is located behind wall of non-ferromagnetic metal such as stainless steel or aluminum. Sensing range of 60 mm increases tolerances, allowing sensors to compensate for objects subject to rocking motion. Since switches and targets can be installed in protected locations, MFxM Series is suited for outdoor applications such as agricultural equipment, cranes, or lifting vehicles ...



List of Proximity Sensors Manufacturers:

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Arrow Bi8-M18-LF10 - Inductive sensor with frequency output, 1 ... 10 kHz, measuring range 1 ... 5 mm



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Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors with Digital Output

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SM900 Sensor Series - Ultrasonic proximity sensors with discriminating microprocessor

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Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor with digital output

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Pulsotronic Inductive Proximity Sensors

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Arrow E2C-EDA -  High-Resolution Digital Proximity Sensor

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SIMATIC PXS240 Ultrasonic proximity switch, 25 to 400 mm, frequency output (25 to 400 Hz/50 to 800 Hz); 20 to 250 mm, frequency output (20 to 250 Hz/40 to 500 Hz)

SIMATIC PXS200 - Sonar Proximity Switches, frequency output, 30 ... 759 mm

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UC 80 CND 40 EQ -A diffuse ultrasonic sensor with a sensing of 400-4000 mm with an frequency NPN output in a range 132 Hz to 1.312 kHz


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