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List of Rotation Speed Sensors Manufacturers:

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AN9 Series - Dual Output Rotary Position Sensor to full 360 rotation; 2.5 % Full Scale error; PWM output option

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PO2210 - Dual channel differential inductive position sensor, 0 to 10 kHz frequency range; no magnet required; 0 to 1 mm distance between sensor and target

PO2211 - Single channel differential inductive position sensor, 0 to 10 kHz frequency range, 0 to 1 mm distance between sensor and target; no magnet required

PO1607 - Digital inductive position sensor; 0-40 kHz frequency range

IS1101 - Single-channel dirferential inductive sensor with 0-40 kHz counting frequency

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iC-MA - Angular Hall Encoder. 6-8 bit resolution; 3600/256 steps; 60 000 rpm; 4 wire bus

iC-MH - 12-bit Hall Encoder. Programmable resolution up to 4096 angle steps; 120 000 rpm; RS422

iC-ML - Hall Position Encoder. 6-8 bit resolution, 4 wire bus

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SMG10x - Angular Rate Sensor for Roll-over Applications. Range: 2400 /s or 3000 /s; SPI interface

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Hall effect based speed sensor series A5S07 and heavy duty series A5S08/09, 0.5 Hz to 25 kHz, 5...28 V supply voltage, 15 mA current consumption, -40 to + 125 0 C operating temperature range, sensing gap up to 4.5 mm

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MS 1200 Digital Inductive Position, Speed and Direction Sensor  0 to 80 kHz frequency range, 5 V supply voltage, 20 mA current consumption, -40 to + 125 0 C operating temperature range, non magnetic target; MS 1210, MS1400

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14.3862 - Wheel angular speed sensor for ABS

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1X Magnetoresistive Wheel-Speed Sensor

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RS210 - Inductive Pickup Sensor for Rotational Speed Frequency Output

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HE950 - proximity sensor with digital pulse signals for use with speed switches, tachometers, counters, signal conditioners, or as a direct pulse input into programmable controllers (PLCs). Frequency range: up to 12 kHz, air gap < 3 mm

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ATS660LSB - Fully optimized differential digital gear-tooth sensor

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MSZ214/218 - Inductive velocity frequency sensor (max frequency 20 kHz)

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SRH220DR - Rotary Sensor - Digital (PWM) outputs

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KMI16, KMI18-4 - integrated rotational speed sensors with 0 25 kHz frequency range with the maximum sensing distance 2 2.7 mm

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MP1A - High-Sensitivity Magnetic Pickup for reliable measurement of rpm and flow

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AS5040 - 10-bit absolute programmable magnetic rotary encoder, PWM output

AS5048A - 14-bit absolute magnetic rotary encoder, SPI interface and PWM output

AS5048B - 14-bit absolute magnetic rotary encoder, I2C interface and PWM output

AS5134 - programmable magnetic rotary encoder, 8.5-bit resolution, up to 75,000 rpm, PWM output

AS5145B, H - 12-bit magnetic rotary encoder, PWM output

AS5163 - 12-bit single-wire interface: andlog and PWM outputs

AS5263 - 12-bit programmable dual-die motion sensing automotive magnetic rotary encoder, PWM output


AS5030 - 8-bit absolute magnetic rotary encoder. Absolute serial and PWM outputs

AS5035 - Programmable 64ppr magnetic rotary encoder with incremental output

AS5043 - 10-bit programmable 360 magnetic angle encoder with absolute digital and analog outputs

AS5045 - 12-bit programmable magnetic rotary encoder with Absolute Serial and PWM outputs

AS5130 - 8-bit contactless magnetic rotary encoder for accurate angular measurement over a full turn of 360.Absolute Serial and PWM outputs

AS5140 - 10-bit 360 programmable Magnetic Rotary Encoder for high ambient temperatures up to 150C. Absolute Serial, PWM, Incremental, BLDC, Quadratur A/B/Index outputs

US Digital


MA3 - Miniature Absolute Magnetic Shaft Encoder, 10-bit PWM output - 1024 positions per revolution, 1 kHz; 12-bit PWM output - 4096 positions per revolution, 250 Hz; angular accuracy <0.5 deg





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