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List of Temperature Sensors Manufacturers:

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Analog Devices logo


TMP03, TMP04, TMP05, TMP06 - Quasi-digital output temperature sensors

AD7817, AD7818, AD7814, AD7414/15, AD7417/18/11) - Temperature Sensors, Interface, Supervisory

AD7416 - Temperature to Digital converter, I2C, 10-Bit Resolution, -55C to +125C, 2C Accuracy

AD7816/17/18 - Sensor, Serial, SPI, 1 C, -40 to +85C

ADT7301- accurate SOT temperature sensor 0.5C

ADT7302 - 13-bit digital temperature sensor. 2C from 0C to +70C, SPI interface

AD7314 - Serial, SPI, 1 C, -35 to +85C

ADT7516 - Controller, Sensor, I2C/SPI, 0.5C, -40 to +85C

ADT7519 - SPI/I2C Compatible, Temperature Sensor, 4-Channel ADC and Quad Voltage Output DAC, temperature range: 40C to +120C, accuracy of Typ: 0.5C

ADT75 - 12-bit temperature-to-digital converter,  I2C/SMBus-interface, -55C to +125C, +/-1C

ADT7484A/ADT7486A - Digital Temperature Sensor with SST Interface

AD7747 - Temperature Sensor with 24-Bit Capacitance-to-Digital Converter, Resolution: 0.1C, accuracy: 2C; 2-wire serial interface (I2C compatible)


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Mitsumi logo


MM3286 - Temperature Sensor for I2C BUS, 9-bit resolution in which 1 LSB is 0.5C; temperature range -40 C ...+125 C
Melexis logo


MLX90614 - Digital, plug & play, infrared thermometer. Temperature range -40 to +125 C, 0.5C accuracy, SMBus and PWM output
Environdata logo


TA40 Series - Air Temperature Sensor. Resolution, 0.025C, absolute error 0.2 C over operating range; temperature range: -20 C ... +60 C; square wave frequency (pulse) output proportional to the temperature: 0 ... 40 Hz
Geokon logo


4700 - Vibrating wire temperature sensor. Range: -20C to +80C; Accuracy: 0.5% FS
IST logo Arrow

TSic - Digital Temperature Sensors. Measurement accuracy from 0.5C to far below 0.1C and also medium (0.1C) to high (0.034C, 0.016C). Temparature ranges -10C.. +60C  and -50C.. +150C.

SBE Logo


SBE 8 - Microstructure temperature sensor

SBE 3F - CTD temperature sensor

SBE 3S - an enhanced version of Sea-Bird's proven SBE 3 (slow response) temperature sensor; initial accuracy of 0.001 C; range -5.0 to +35 C

SBE 3plus - Frequency output (6000 to 12000 Hz) temperature sensor

SBE 35RT - Digital Reversing Thermometer, RS-232 interface, -5 to +35 C, 0.001 C

SBE 37-SI MicroCAT - High-accuracy conductivity and temperature (pressure optional) serial Interface sensor without batteries or memory. Temperature range -5 to 35C, initial accuracy 0.002 C

SBE 38 - Digital Oceanographic Thermometer, -5 to +35 C (+50 C), accuracy 0.001 C, RS-232/485

SBE49 FastCAT CTD - integrated temperature, conductivity, pressure sensor

Andigilog logo


aSC7511D8, aSC7511M8 - 2-Wire Digital Temperature Sensors, max resolution 0.25 C/LSB, conversion time 115 ms

aSM121Q3, aSM122Q3 - SiMISTOR Temperature Sensors  - low power silicon thermistors

AquiStar logo


PT2X - Submersible Temperature/Pressure Smart Sensor RS485/RS232 interface MODBUS protocol for RTU & PLC applications

Environmental Collective logo


TempHion - is a submersible pH/ temperature smart sensor and datalogger combined in one small diameter unit

STMicroelectronics logo


STLM75 - a new series of digital-output temperature sensors; -55 to +125 0C temperature range,  I2C bus/SMBus interfaces, programmable 9-12-bit ADC.

zmd logo


TSic 106/206/306/506 - temperature ICs, -50 ... +150oC, accuracy 0.05 ... 2oC

Measurement Specialties logo


HTF3226LF, HTF3130, HTF3227LF - Humidity and Temperature Frequency Output Systems. Calibrated for accuracy in the range of 3-5% for relative humidity from 10-95%

TSEV01C - precision infrared temperature module; 0.5 oC; 0 ... +50oC; I2C bus

Microchip logo


TC72, TC77 - digital thermal sensors, SPI interface, -55 C to + 125 C

MicroDAQ logo


HOBO Temperature/RH Smart Sensor

Smartec logo


SMT172 - smart temperature sensor with duty-cycle output (-45 C to +130 C), absolute error 0.25C (-10 C to 100 C)

SMARTEC SMT160-30 - smart temperature sensor with duty-cycle output (Obsolete)

Virtual Thermometer  -  project  using the SMT160-30 sensor

(Evaluation Starter Kit and Internet application demo version are available)





DS75, DS75LV - Digital Thermometer and Thermostat. 9 - 12-bit digital temperature readings over a

                        -55C to +125C range with 2C accuracy over a -25C to +100C range

DS620 -  0.5C Accuracy Digital Thermometer and Thermostat

DS18B20 - Digital I/O Thermometer Featuring a 0.5C Accuracy

DS18S20 - Digital Thermometer, -55 C to +125 C, 0.5C Accuracy

DS28EA00 - 1-wire, digital -40C to +85C thermometer with 9-bit (0.5C) to 12-bit (1/16C) resolution and alarm function with nonvolatile (NV), user-programmable upper and lower trigger points

Slope Indicator logo


VW Temperature Sensor - 0.3C

Honsberg logo


Flex-T - Temperature Sensor, 0..100C, 0..250 C measuring range, 1 % FS error; frequency output



MAX6676/77 - Single wire, 1.8KHz PWM, 1.0C, -55C to +125C temperature range

MAX6672/73 - Single wire, 1.4KHz PWM, open-drain or push-pull outputs, 0.5C

MAX6666/67 - High-Accuracy PWM Output Temperature Sensors with a single-wire duty-cycle output

MAX6654 - SMBus Temperature Sensor

MAX6633/34/35, MAX6662, MAX6666/67-Digital Temperature Sensors

MAX6630/31/32-Local Temperature Sensors

MAX6625/MAX6626 - 9-Bit/12-Bit Temperature Sensors with I2C-Compatible Serial Interface in a SOT23

MAX6576/MAX6577 - SOT Temperature Sensors with Period Frequency Output

MAX6575L/H - SOT Temperature Sensor with Multidrop Single Wire Digital Interface

MAX1618 - Remote Temperature Sensor

MAX1298/99 - Analog-to-Digital Converters with an Internal Temperature Sensor

DS28EA00 - 1-Wire Digital Temperature Sensor with Chain-Mode Function and GPIO, 9-bit (0.5C) to 12-bit (1/16C) resolution, -40C to +85C

DS1722 - Digital Temperature Sensor, SPI interface, 2.0C, -55C to +120C; 8 to 12 bits (1.0C to 0.0625C) configurable resolution

DS75LX - low-voltage (1.7V to 3.7V) digital thermometer, 9-12-bit digital temperature readings over a -55C to +125C range with 2C accuracy over at -25C to +100C range;  I2C Bus,  27 address 

Regmet logo


P XXx T1/T2 - temperature sensor with frequency output; - 30 to 150 C; 2 to 10 kHz (FA); 1 to 5 kHz (FB), and 3 to 15 Hz (FC); Relative error < 0.6 %

GF logo


+GF+ SIGNET 2350 - temperature sensor with digital output
Philips logo


LM75A - Digital temperature sensor and thermal Watchdog (On-chip band-gap temperature sensor and Sigma-delta A-to-D converter)

SE95/SE95P/SE95D - digital temperature sensor

Texas Instruments Logo


TMP100, TMP101 - Digital Temperature Sensor with I2C Serial Interface

TMP121, TMP122, TMP123 -1.5C Accurate Programmable Temperature Sensor with SPI Interface

TMP 124 - 1.5C, SPI interface

TMP 125 - 2.0C, SPI interface

TMP175, TMP75 - Digital Temperature Sensor with Two-Wire Interface (I2C, SMBus); 1.5C from -25C to +85C

LM70 - 11-Bit, 0.125C Resolution, SPI/MICROWIRE

LM71 - 14-Bit, 0.03125C Resolution, SPI/MICROWIRE

LM73 - 11-to-14 Bit, 0.03125C Resolution, 2-wire interface, ALERT

LM74 - 13-Bit, 0.0625C Resolution, SPI/MICROWIRE

LM75 -  9-Bit, 0.5C Resolution, 2-wire Interface

LM76 - 13-Bit, 0.0625C Resolution, 2-wire Interface, ACPI Compatible

LM83 - +25C to +100C 3C, SMBus and I2C

LM84 -  Diode Input Digital Temperature Sensor with Two-Wire Interface

LM88 - dual remote-diode temperature sensor with 3 digital comparators

LM92 - 13-Bit, High Accuracy, 0.0625C Resolution, 2-wire interface, ACPI Compatible

LM95010 - 10-Bit, 0.125C Resolution, SensorPath

LM95071 - +/1C Accurate, SOT23, Digital Temperature Sensor

LM95231 - Precision Dual Remote Diode Temperature Sensor with SMBus Interface and TruTherm Technology

LM95234 - 65 nm TruTherm Quad Remote Diode and Local Digital Temperature Sensor with Two-Wire Interface

LM95235 - Precision Remote Diode Temperature Sensor with SMBus Interface and TruTherm Technology

LM95241 - Dual Remote Diode Temperature Sensor with SMBus Interface and TruTherm Technology (65 nm/ 90 nm)

LM95172Q - Digital Temperature Sensor with 3-Wire Interface, 3-Bit to 16-Bit Temperature Resolution, −40C to +175C Temperature Range, SPI and MICROWIRE Bus Interface, 35 ms Conversion Time (for 13-bit mode), Accuracy  1...3.5 0C

FTDI Chip logo


DLP-TH1 - USB Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Thermometrics Logo


Direct-to-Digital Temperature Sensors - 9-bit digital output over the temperature range -55 to +125C (-67 to +257F) in increments of 0.5C (0.9F). 1 Wire, 2 Wire, 3 Wire and SPI buses are available

Spica technology logo


T/FRQ - frequency output (5890 Hz), temperature sensor, -40 to + 80C, full range accuracy 1.5 C
WX2 sensor WX2 sensor


WX200 / WM918 Temperature/Humidity Sensor



Temperature Sensor Comparison Guide





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