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Digital Sensors and Sensor Sysstems

Tilt and Vibration Sensor Consumes 100 nA when Fully Active - Measuring 1.95 mm dia x 3.6 mm long, SQ-MIN-200 Omnidirectional Tilt and Vibration Sensor offers motion detection to size-constrained devices such as RFID tags, GPS trackers, pet monitors, Bluetooth ear pieces, wrist watches, and hearing aids. Micromechanical sensor operates over industrial temperature range and draws less current than self-discharge of CR2032 coin cell. Able to fit on standard 2-pad SMT landing, sensor enables active motion detection to last 20 years on one battery ...



List of Tilt and Inclination Sensors Manufacturers:

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NG series - Inclination sensors (capacitive liquid based sensors with integrated electronics and a digital pulse-width modulated or an analog DC output). The NG series is well suited for industrial use where the demands for high accuracy, long-term stability, and relatively large tilt angle measuring ranges are wanted


NG360 - 360 degree turn Inclinometer-RS485 Communication


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CXTILT02E - Digital Inclinometer, RS232 interface, programmable resolution and settling time, 0.1 degree absolute accuracy


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T6 -  Incremental Inclinometer, 2 or 3 channel quadrature TTL squarewave outputs

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Tilting Master Sensor - unit designed for and proven in high speed train applications for accurate outputs of vertical reference with lateral  accelerations, roll angles, and yaw rates. RS-232


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AT3510 Tilt Sensor - two axis precision digital-output angle sensors. The module incorporates a two-axis electrolytic tilt sensor, sensor interface electronics, and a sensor signal processor


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 NS-5/E,  NS-15/E - inclinometers

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ADIS16203 - Programmable Single Axis 360° Inclinometer

ADIS16209 - High Accuracy, Dual-Axis Digital Inclinometer & Accelerometer; 0.1° accuracy;  Dual–axis, horizontal operation, ±30° Single-axis, vertical operation, ±180°

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SCA100T - 2-axis accurate inclinometer, range +30/90°, analog/digital SPI

SCA103T - 1-axis accurate inclinometer, range +15/30°, analog/digital SPI

SCA61T - 1-axis accurate inclinometer, range +30/90°, analog/digital SPI

SCA830 - 1-axis, ±1g, ±90°, SPI/PWM output

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DLP-TILT - USB-based tilt sensor




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