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ATI Developing Force/Torque Sensing Technology for NASA - Robotics Online - ATI Industrial Automation was recently selected by NASA to develop Multi-Axis Force/Torque Sensing Technology that can be used in space exploration, like the Mars 2018 Mission. Currently under development, this new technology will enable fabrication of a Force/Torque Sensor for the Mars rover's robotic arm. Sensor feedback would allow the arm to guide its coring tool into rocks and then safely place the rock samples in the rover's canisters. There are a number of potential NASA applications for this new Sensor, providing valuable force feedback to a teleoperated robotic arm on the International Space Station or for providing loading feedback for limbs in a humanoid robot application ...




List of Torque Senspors Manufacturers

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Stamosens 0125 DF -  Torque Transducer Sensor, strain gage principle, frequency output

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T10F -  Flange Torque Sensors, Measurement frequency range 0 ... 1000 Hz, frequency output 10 kHz ± 5 kHz

T12  - digital torque transducer

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Rotary Torque Transducers - are based on the patented method uses surface acoustic wave devices (SAW) as essentially ‘frequency dependent’ strain gauges to measure the change in resonant frequency caused by an applied shaft strain


RWT310 - Torque Transducer. Accuracy ± 0.25 %; Digital USB, RS 232, and different voltages or current outputs

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0260DM - dual range digital torque sensor; analog output and RS232; 0.1 % accuracy

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0125 DF, 0126 DL , 0130 AE - torque transducers systems with frequency output

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RST, RSS, RTS, TRT, TRS, SWS, STS series - Rotating Torque Sensors - smart sensors, plug-and-play, IEEE 1451.4 compliant

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TMS 9000 - is intended to measure torque in a rotating shaft. User selectable, scalable outputs: Frequency output of 10KHz +/-5 KHz (60KHz +/- 5KHz); RS232/RS485; Voltage; 20 mA.

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T40 - Torque flange; 200 N·m up to 10 kN·m; rotational speed from 10,000 rpm up to 20,000 rpm; accuracy class 0.05; frequency output: 60 kHz ± 30 kHz (10 kHz ± 5 kHz; 240 kHz ± 120 kHz); ±10 V analog output

  Articles and Papers

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T. Yan, B. E. Jones, R. T. Rakowski, M. J. Tudor, S. P. Beeby, N. M. White, Stiff Torque Transducer with High Overload Ccapability and Direct Frequency Output, in Proc. of 19th IMEKO Conf. on Force, Mass, Torque and Density Measurements, February, Cairo, 2005

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Kenneth Watkins, Torque Sensors – An Overview of their Design and Application.


Abstract: an article reviews the basic technology of the strain gage torque sensors including structure designs, typical applications for reaction and rotary sensors and installation discussions.  This paper includes an application questionnaire to help the reader determine the advantages of each type.

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How To Select a Force/Torque Sensor for Robotic Assembly, Assembly Magazine, March 2010



Handbook of Laboratory Measurements



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