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List of Ultrasonic Sensors Manufacturers:



MaxBotix logo


HRLV-MaxSonar-EZ Series - 1 mm resolution; TTL serial RS232 and pulse width outputs (1uS/mm)

HydePark logo


SM900 Sensor Series - Ultrasonic proximity sensors with discriminating microprocessor

VYDAS logo


MassaSonic M5000/220 and M5000/95 - a user programmable smart ultrasonic sensor and control system with microprocessor based digital signal processing for precision distance measurement

Migatron Corp. Logo


RPS - 400-6 - Compact, high frequency sensor
Hexamite Logo


HE240 - Ultrasonic sensors, for medium to long range applications, 40KHz, low cost
Judd   Communications


Ultrasonic Depth Sensor - Embedded microcontroller, digital output as serial ASCII
PKP logo


SE01 - Ultrasonic level sensor for liquids and solids. Ranges: 0.3 m ... 6 m to 0.6 m ... 35 m. Measuring frequency: 21-50 kHz


Sonar - BERO M18 S - Ultrasonic Sensor available with frequency output for analog distance measurement

Electronic Sensors, Inc.


9025A - Standard PVC Digital Ultrasonic Sensor
Keyence logo


FW Series -High Power Digital Ultrasonic Sensors

Carlo Gavazzo logo


UC 80 CND 40 EQ - diffuse ultrasonic sensor with a sensing of 400-4000 mm  with an analog frequency NPN output in a range 132 Hz to 1.312 kHz





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