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List of Wireless Sensors Manufacturers:

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Wireless Temperature Sensors






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HMTS1050 - wireless temperature sensor

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FlashLink Wireless - is a stand-alone real-time monitoring, recording and alarming system for temperature and humidity with up to 100 sensors per system

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TS1 - wireless temperature sensor, -100C to 200 C; 1C Error band

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Wireless Accelerometers

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M9E-RF-1-50G - wireless accelerometer, 50g or 5 g, programmable data, TEDS, 902-928 MHz ISM Band

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G-Link - 2.4 GHz wireless accelerometer node, available with 2g or 10g range, communication range up to 70 m, IEEE 802.15.4 open communication architecture

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WiTilt v2.5 - Wireless Accelerometer / Tilt Controller (combines the triple axis accelerometer MMA7260Q from Freescale and Bluetooth module from Blueradios.
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Wireless Pressure Sensors

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PS1-3000 PressureSensorOne - ZigBee-Enabled pressure sensor used for wireless industrial pressure measurement

PS2 - PressureSensorTwo - pressure sensor used for wireless pressure and temperature measurement for oilfield applications. ZigBee wireless interface IEEE 802.15.4.


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PS1, PS2 and PS3 - wireless pressure sensors; 100 to 10,000 psi; 0.1 % Error band

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Wireless Measurement and Data Acquisition Systems

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MICA2 - 3rd generation, tiny, wireless platform for Smart Sensors

MICA2DOT - 3rd generation,quarter-sized (25 mm), wireless platform for Smart Sensors

MDA300CA - multi-function data acquisition board with temperature and humidity sensors

MTS400CA, MTS420CA - environmental sensor board for five basic environmental sensing parameter and optional GPS module (MTS420CA)




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