Bullet  Sensor Letters

     (ISSN 1546-198X)  Vol./Iss.: 10/1-2



Date: January/February 2012



Highly Sensitive Formaldehyde Gas Sensors Based on SnO2-ZnO Nanocomposites
Bum-Joon Kim, Hoi-Jung Lee, Jin-Ho Yoon, and Jung-Sik Kim
Sensor Lett. 10, 1-7 (2012)


CO2 and CO Gas Sensing Properties of Submicron CoSb2O6 Wires Prepared by a Colloidal Method
Carlos R. Michel, Alma H. Martínez-Preciado, and Narda L. López Contreras
Sensor Lett. 10, 8-13 (2012)


Frequency Tracking and Locking Method Used in Resonator Micro-Optic Gyro
Lingfei Hong, Chunxi Zhang, Lishuang Feng, Yingjian Ma, and Huaiyong Yu
Sensor Lett. 10, 14-17 (2012)


Ethanol Sensor Using Zn1 - xCdxO (x = 0.00 and 0.10) Nanorods by Fiber-Optic Technique
R. N. Mariammal, V. M. Susila, B. Renganathan, D. Sastikumar, and K. Ramachandran
Sensor Lett. 10, 18-25 (2012)


Pd-Ag Alloy Nanoparticle Chains Deposited on Carbon Fiber for Hydrogen Sensing
Weiwei Si, Gang Yu, Baoping Zhou, Yuejun Ouyang, and Lijie Qiao
Sensor Lett. 10, 26-32 (2012)


High Q-Factor Pure Thickness Shear Mode Film Bulk Acoustic Resonator Working in Liquids
Da Chen, Jingjing Wang, Hongwei Song, Shilin Xu, and Dehua Li
Sensor Lett. 10, 33-37 (2012)


Fabrication of Gas Ionization Sensors Using Well-Aligned Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube Arrays for Detecting Nerve Agent Simulants
Guang-Qin Li, Jian-Hua Yu, Zhi-Jun-Li, Qing-Zheng, Pu-Hong Wang, and Qi-Bin Huang
Sensor Lett. 10, 38-42 (2012)


Lead (II) Ion-Selective Membrane Electrodes Based on Four Nitrogen-Containing Heterocyclic Thioethers
Zhenning Yan, Junying Dan, Liqin Li, Shuangqiang Wang, and Bangtun Zhao
Sensor Lett. 10, 43-51 (2012)


A Novel Multi-Peak Fluorescent Nanocrystals Film Sensors
Chengang Lü, Qiang Zou, and Jianguo Ma
Sensor Lett. 10, 52-54 (2012)


Sn Doped In2O3 Nanostructures on Glass Substrates: A New Approach Towards Room Temperature Gas Sensor
M. Seetha and D. Mangalaraj
Sensor Lett. 10, 55-59 (2012)


A Fiber-Optic Sensor Based on Attenuated-Total-Reflection Technique for Monitoring Turbid Media
F. B. Xiong, N. Djeu, and W. Z. Zhu
Sensor Lett. 10, 60-66 (2012)


Palladium Nanoparticles Film Based Concentration Specific Hydrogen Sensor
Sunil K. Arya, S. Krishnan, K. McGrath, F. Rinaldi, and S. Bhansali
Sensor Lett. 10, 67-72 (2012)


New Tripodal Naphthalene Derivative for Zn2+ and Albumin with High Selectivity and Sensitivity
J. L. Zhao, L. F. Zhang, S. F. Feng, Q. F. Yan, X. Zeng, L. Mu, and G. Wei
Sensor Lett. 10, 73-77 (2012)


Improved Hydrogen Sensing Characteristics of ZnO/p-Si Heterojunction by Functionalization of Sol-Gel Grown Nano ZnO Film
J. Kanungo, C. K. Sarkar, and S. Basu
Sensor Lett. 10, 78-85 (2012)


A Novel Selective Membrane Sensor for Detection of Fe3+
Feng Jia, Ya-Qin Chai, Ruo Yuan, Zhi-Fen Zou, and Chun-Li Yang
Sensor Lett. 10, 86-91 (2012)


Sensitive Determination of Dopamine by Its Fluorescence Enhancement on Terbium(III)-Dipicolinic Acid System
Saikh Mohammad Wabaidur, Zeid Abdullah Alothman, Sang Hak Lee, and Seikh Mafiz Alam
Sensor Lett. 10, 92-95 (2012)


A New Silver Ion-Selective Electrodes Based on Derivatized Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes as Neutral Carriers
Qiang Zhao, Yaqin Chai, Ruo Yuan, Ting Zhang, and Zhifen Zou
Sensor Lett. 10, 96-103 (2012)


Gas Detection Using Breakdown Voltage of a Cold Pressed Thick-Layer ZnO Varistor
Mohammad Orvatinia and Saeed Gandomkar
Sensor Lett. 10, 104-111 (2012)


Quantitative Monitoring of Thulium Ions by a New Thulium Selective Polymeric Membrane Sensor
Hassan Ali Zamani, Fatemeh Naghavi-Reyabbi, Majid Mohammadhosseini, Babak Feizyzadeh, Mohammad Reza Abedi, Farnoush Faridbod, and Mohammad Reza Ganjali
Sensor Lett. 10, 112-116 (2012)


A Disposable Electrochemical Sensor for the Direct Detection of Doxorubicin in Whole Blood
Shi Wang, Ziwei Huang, Min Liu, and Hong Ding
Sensor Lett. 10, 117-121 (2012)




Selected Peer-Reviewed Articles from the Smart Sensors in Modern Agriculture
Guest Editors: Li Daoliang and Chen Yingyi
Sensor Lett. 10, 122-123 (2012)




Psychometric Analysis of Validity of Trust Evaluating Indicators in C2C Online Markets: A Case Study of Taobao
Ge Qian
Sensor Lett. 10, 124-130 (2012)


Dynamic Buckling Analysis on Fluid-Solid Coupling of Large Liquid Storage Tank
Nietao Shi, Jinsan Ju, You Xiaochuan, and Ying Huang
Sensor Lett. 10, 131-137 (2012)


Research on Effective Organization and Scheduling of Massive 3D Building Models for Constructing Digital Rural
Jiping Liu, Hengfei Liu, Jing Shen, and Yong Wang
Sensor Lett. 10, 138-145 (2012)


Analysis on the Characteristics of Temperature Environment and Optimal Sensor Placement in Roof Solar Greenhouse Using Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation Methods
Yanzheng Liu, Guanghui Teng, Bo Zhou, Feipeng Xu, Yaoze Liu, and Yunkai Li
Sensor Lett. 10, 146-154 (2012)


The Spatial Simulation of Soil Volumetric Moisture Content in Different Growth Stages of Peanut
Yujian Yang, Shubo Wan, Jianhua Zhu, and Zhicheng Wang
Sensor Lett. 10, 155-161 (2012)


Study on the Influence of Outlier Elimination in the Quantitative Near-Infrared Models of Paprika Quality
Dong Wang, Zhihong Ma, Hongju He, Ligang Pan, Shungeng Min, and Jihua Wang
Sensor Lett. 10, 162-167 (2012)


Coupling of Rural Road Network's Spatial Pattern and Landform Morphological Factors by Multilayer Perception Neural Network
Shichao Zhang, Chaofu Wei, Hui Shang, and Jing'an Shao
Sensor Lett. 10, 168-176 (2012)


A Spherical Codebook in YUV Color Space for Moving Object Detection
Haibo Hu, Ling Xu, and Hong Zhao
Sensor Lett. 10, 177-189 (2012)


A Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Based Algorithm to Automatically Segment Fish Disease Visual Symptoms
Jing Hu, Daoliang Li, Qingling Duan, Yueqi Han, and Guifen Chen
Sensor Lett. 10, 190-197 (2012)


In-Situ Calibration of Relative Reflectance for Visible/Near-Infrared Imaging Spectrometer
Dongyan Zhang, Guijun Yang, Xiaoyu Song, Zhijie Wang, Dacheng Wang, Jinling Zhao, Linsheng Huang, and Wenjiang Huang
Sensor Lett. 10, 198-204 (2012)


Image Transmission Over ZigBee-Based Wireless Sensor Networks
Xu Liu, Lan Huang, Jun Li, Zhong-Yi Wang, Dong-Jie Zhao, and Miao-Miao Zhu
Sensor Lett. 10, 205-212 (2012)


The Quantificational Evaluation of a Sampling Unit Error Derived from Main Crop Area Monitorings at National Scale Based 3S in China
Quan Wu, Li Sun, Fei Wang, and Shaorong Jia
Sensor Lett. 10, 213-220 (2012)


Object-Based Classification of Airborne Light Detection and Ranging Point Clouds in Human Settlements
Jing Shen, Jiping Liu, Xiangguo Lin, and Rong Zhao
Sensor Lett. 10, 221-229 (2012)


Variable-Rate Fertilization Decision-Making System Based on Visualization Toolkit and Spatial Fuzzy Clustering
Guifen Chen, Wei Dong, Jian Jiang, and Guowei Wang
Sensor Lett. 10, 230-235 (2012)


A Hierarchical Object Oriented Method for Information Extraction of Sandy Land with ALOS Imagery
Jieqing Qu, Dongling Zhao, Jianyu Yang, Chao Zhang, Anzhi Yue, Jiabo Sun, Shunxi Liu, and Zhongwu Wang
Sensor Lett. 10, 236-244 (2012)


A Methodology for Diagnostic Reasoning of Herring's Disease Based on Ontology Construction
Lingzi Zhang, Qingling Duan, and Daoliang Li
Sensor Lett. 10, 245-251 (2012)


Research on Detection of Lime in Wheat Flour by NIR Micro-Imaging
Dong Wang, Zhihong Ma, Ping Han, Liu Zhao, Ligang Pan, Xiaoting Li, and Jihua Wang
Sensor Lett. 10, 252-257 (2012)


Research of the Certification Resource Sharing Service for Pollution-Free Agricultural Products
Lei Xi, Guang Zheng, Longlong Zhang, Qiang Wang, Jianhua Zhang, and Xinming Ma
Sensor Lett. 10, 258-264 (2012)


A Multi-Environmental Factor Monitoring System for Aquiculture Based on Wireless Sensor Networks
Haijiang Tai, Shuangyin Liu, Daoliang Li, Qisheng Ding, and Daokun Ma
Sensor Lett. 10, 265-270 (2012)


Agricultural Data Classification Based on Rough Set and Decision Tree Ensemble
Lei Shi, Xinming Ma, Qiguo Duan, Mei Weng, and Hongbo Qiao
Sensor Lett. 10, 271-278 (2012)


Knowledge-Based Object Oriented Land Use Classification Using WorldView-2 Images
Xiaoyun Wang, Chao Zhang, Jianyu Yang, Anzhi Yue, Dehai Zhu, Shunxi Liu, and Zhongwu Wang
Sensor Lett. 10, 279-284 (2012)


The Optimal Segmentation Scale Identification Using Multispectral WorldView-2 Images
Anzhi Yue, Jianyu Yang, Chao Zhang, Wei Su, Wenju Yun, Dehai Zhu, Shunxi Liu, and Zhongwu Wang
Sensor Lett. 10, 285-291 (2012)


Study on Key Technologies of Location-Based Service (LBS) for Forest Resource Management
Chunjiang Zhao, Yuansheng Wang, Jihua Wang, Xingyao Hao, Yun Liu, and Zhongke Feng
Sensor Lett. 10, 292-300 (2012)


TM and ETM Image Based Monitoring on Rocky Desertification in Region of the Return Farmland Pasture or Forest in Tiandong County Guangxi Province, China
Shiquan Zhong, Yuhong Li, Chaohui Wu, Weiping Lu, and Xin Yang
Sensor Lett. 10, 301-308 (2012)


Design and Implementation of Real-Time Monitoring and Intelligent Management System for Intensive Aquaculture
Zhenbo Li, Jun Yue, Lifeng Zhang, Daoliang Li, and Zetian Fu
Sensor Lett. 10, 309-316 (2012)


A Low-Cost Harvest Area Measurement System Based on Ultrasonic and Hall-Effect Sensors
Wenqian Huang, Liping Chen, Jishuai Ge, and Chi Zhang
Sensor Lett. 10, 317-323 (2012)


A New Normalized Difference Index for Estimating Leaf Area Index of Wheat Under Yellow Rust Stress
Jinbao Jiang, Yunhao Chen, Wenjiang Huang, and Yifan Li
Sensor Lett. 10, 324-329 (2012)


A Novel Label-Free Impedance Immunosensor Based on Sol-Gel for Determination of Carbofuran
Xia Sun, Shuyuan Du, Xiangyou Wang, and Bin Qi
Sensor Lett. 10, 330-334 (2012)


Individual Identification from 3D Captured Movement Data
Zhenbo Li, Jun Yue, Hua Li, Daoliang Li, and Zetian Fu
Sensor Lett. 10, 335-340 (2012)


Spatial Identification of Connected Arable Lands Using Geometric Network Model
Cong Wang, Lingling Sang, Jianyu Yang, Chao Zhang, Dehai Zhu, and Dongping Ming
Sensor Lett. 10, 341-348 (2012)


Geographical Analysis of Maize Rough Dwarf Disease in the North China Plain: A Comparison of Four Spatial Regression Models
Yang Yang, Changxiu Cheng, Jianyu Yang, Shaoming Li, Xiaodong Zhang, and Dehai Zhu
Sensor Lett. 10, 349-361 (2012)


An Approach for Areal Feature Matching in the Prime Farmland Survey
Yating Chen, Jianyu Yang, Dehai Zhu, and Yi Ye
Sensor Lett. 10, 362-368 (2012)


Strategies on the Chinese Agricultural Supply Chains Management Based on the SCOR-Model in the E-Commerce Environment
Lijuan Huang
Sensor Lett. 10, 369-378 (2012)


County-Level Flood Risk Level Assessment in China Using Geographic Information System
Xiaohui Su, Xiaodong Zhang, Siquan Yang, Sanchao Liu, Wei Su, Tailai Yan, Jianyu Yang, and Jianxi Huang
Sensor Lett. 10, 379-386 (2012)


Rehabilitation of Vegetation Mapping of ATB Opencast Coal-Mine Based on GIS and RS
Nisha Bao, Baoying Ye, and Zhongke Bai
Sensor Lett. 10, 387-393 (2012)


Research on the Quantitative Determination of Lime in Wheat Flour by Short-Wavelength Near-Infrared Spectroscopy
Dong Wang, Donghai Han, Zhihong Ma, Ligang Pan, Ping Han, Liu Zhao, and Jihua Wang
Sensor Lett. 10, 394-398 (2012)


The Identification of Single Soybean Seed Variety by Laser Light Backscattering Imaging
Dazhou Zhu, Yufei Li, Dacheng Wang, Qiong Wu, Dongyan Zhang, and Cheng Wang
Sensor Lett. 10, 399-404 (2012)


Evaluating the Effects of Climate Changes and LUCC on the Hydrological Processes Using Soil and Water Assessment Tool Models in Wangkuai Reservoir Watershed in China
Lingyan Wang, Yunkai Li, Hua Zheng, Tingwu Xu, Zhiyun Ouyang, Zhanfeng Wang, Zhiheng Ji, and Yaoze Liu
Sensor Lett. 10, 405-414 (2012)


A Comparison of Two Object-Oriented Methods for Land-Use/Cover Change Detection with SPOT 5 Imagery
Jie Liang, Jianyu Yang, Chao Zhang, Xuejiao Du, Anzhi Yue, Dongping Ming, Shunxi Liu, and Zhongwu Wang
Sensor Lett. 10, 415-424 (2012)


Research on the Current Situation of Nitrate Pollution of Groundwater in Shandong Province
D. Li, J. Liu, L. Wang, H. Deng, J. Zou, and J.Huang
Sensor Lett. 10, 425-432 (2012)


Image Recognition of Maize Diseases Based on Fuzzy Clustering and Support Vector Machine Algorithm
Guifen Chen, Jing Hu, Daoliang Li, and Xiuli Si
Sensor Lett. 10, 433-438 (2012)


The Current and Future Potential Geographic Range of Corynespora Leaf Fall Disease in China
Weiwei Qu, Zhihong Li, Guixiu Huang, Chunhua Lin, and Wenlong Ni
Sensor Lett. 10, 439-446 (2012)


Evaluation of the High-Frequency Capacitance Sensor for Measuring Soil Moisture
Chun Cao, Zhen Xing, Wengang Zheng, and Changjun Shen
Sensor Lett. 10, 447-452 (2012)


Study on Drought Index in Major Planting Area of Winter Wheat of China
Li Sun, Quan Wu, Zhiyuan Pei, Baoguo Li, and Xiwei Chen
Sensor Lett. 10, 453-458 (2012)


Design and Implementation of an Irrigation Decision Support System for Cotton in Xinjiang, China
Da-Chun Chen, Xiao-Yun Lei, Wei Cao, and Yan Li
Sensor Lett. 10, 459-464 (2012)


Photonic Crystal Fibers Bragg Grating Filled Magnetic Fluid for Magnetic Fields Sensing
Yong Zhao, Yuyan Zhang, Qi Wang, and Riqing Lv
Sensor Lett. 10, 465-470 (2012)


 Effect of Temperature and Water Quality on Migration of Total Organic Carbon from the High-Density Polyethylene Drip Irrigation Pipes
Jianwei Qu, Haiye Yu, Lei Zhang, Gang Zhang, and Jia Liu
Sensor Lett. 10, 471-474 (2012)


Diagnosing Cotton Farmland Quality Using Multi-Temporal Remotely Sensed Data
Junhua Bai, Jing Li, Qinhuo Liu, Xu Wang, and Shaokun Li
Sensor Lett. 10, 475-483 (2012)


Improving Tree-Ring Chronology Establishment Using Digital Radiography Image
Ping Xia, Jiawu Jiang, Xiaolong Zhang, Lili Huang, and Shengquan Liu
Sensor Lett. 10, 484-490 (2012)


Geospatial Based Assessment of Spatial Variation of Groundwater Nitrate Nitrogen in Shandong Intensive Farming Regions of China
J. Huang, J. Xu, X. Liu, J. Liu, Raaj Ramsankaran, L. Wang, and W. Su
Sensor Lett. 10, 491-500 (2012)


Use of Leaf Spectral Ratio Indices to Estimate Leaf Relative Water Content of Beetroot Under CO2 Leakage Stress
Jinbao Jiang, Michael D Steven, and Yunhao Chen
Sensor Lett. 10, 501-505 (2012)


Visible-NIR Spectroscopy and Least Square Support Vector Machines Regression for Determination of Vitamin C of Mandarin Fruit
Xudong Sun, Xiaoling Dong, Lijun Cai, Yong Hao, Aiguo Ouyang, and Yande Liu
Sensor Lett. 10, 506-510 (2012)


Rapid Determination of Peroxide Value in Simulated Waste Oil by Near Infrared Spectroscopy
Jingzhu Wu, Suxia Xing, Hongbin Xiao, Yun Xu, and Xiaochao Zhang
Sensor Lett. 10, 511-513 (2012)


An Intelligent Controlling System for Greenhouse Environment Based on the Architecture of the Internet of Things
Hao Luo, Peiling Yang, Yunkai Li, and Feipeng Xu
Sensor Lett. 10, 514-522 (2012)


Automatic Recognition of Village in Remote Sensing Images by Support Vector Machine Using Co-Occurrence Matrices
Li Li, Yingyi Chen, Hongju Gao, and Daoliang Li
Sensor Lett. 10, 523-528 (2012)


Weighted Least Square Fitting Based Abnormal Aquaculture Water Quality Perception Data Elimination
Zhenbo Li, Jun Yue, Liang Hu, Daoliang Li, and Zetian Fu
Sensor Lett. 10, 529-534 (2012)


Research on Probability Distribution of Extreme Wind Speed in Maize Growth Period
Chunqiao Mi, Dehai Zhu, Bernard A. Engel, Shaoming Li, Xiaodong Zhang, and Jianyu Yang
Sensor Lett. 10, 535-540 (2012)


A Study of Functional Planning of Groundwater Nitrate Content Using GIS and Fuzzy Clustering Analysis
J. Zou, Q. Zhou, J. Liu, L. Wang, D. Li, H. Deng, and J. Huang
Sensor Lett. 10, 541-549 (2012)


Study on the Environment Effects on the Tracers Fadeaway in Spraying Deposite Tests
Xue Yuan, Zhou Zhou, Ronghua Ji, Jianhua Zhang, Hui Li, Kaiqiong Hu, and Lijun Qi
Sensor Lett. 10, 550-554 (2012)


Fractal Dimension Features of Soil Aggregates Distribution with the Different Reclamation Years on Loess Plateau
Wenfeng Ding
Sensor Lett. 10, 555-561 (2012)


An Improved Ant Colony Algorithm for Agricultural Knowledge Storage Scheduling Under Grid Environment
Jun Yue, Zhenbo Li, Lu Liu, Daoliang Li, and Zetian Fu
Sensor Lett. 10, 562-569 (2012)


Measurement of Soluble Solids Content in Melon by Transmittance Spectroscopy
Haiqing Tian, Chunguang Wang, Haijun Zhang, Zhihong Yu, and Jiankang Li
Sensor Lett. 10, 570-573 (2012)


Internal Stress Analysis on Corn Grain During Vacuum Drying
Yaqiu Zhang, Hang Zhu, Wenfu Wu, Junxing Li, and Liyan Yin
Sensor Lett. 10, 574-579 (2012)


Evaluating Maize Grain Quality by Continuous Wavelet Analysis Under Normal and Lodging Circumstances
Jingcheng Zhang, Xiaohe Gu, Jihua Wang, Wenjiang Huang, Yingying Dong, Juhua Luo, Lin Yuan, and Yufei Li
Sensor Lett. 10, 580-585 (2012)


Using Decision Tools Suite to Estimate the Probability of the Introduction of Bactrocera correcta (Bezzi) Into China via Imported Host Fruit
Xingli Ma, Zhihong Li, Jiajiao Wu, Jun Ma, Ke Chen, and Yuliang Deng
Sensor Lett. 10, 586-591 (2012)


Rural Housing Land Consolidation in the Hilly Area of Chongqing: A Rural Household Perspective
Xin-Yue Yang, Chao-Fu Wei, Yong Liu, Yan Ouyang, and Long-Ran Chang
Sensor Lett. 10, 592-599 (2012)


Application of Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy for Determination of Insoluble Dietary Fiber Content in Moso Bamboo Shoot
Xinjie Yu, Kangsheng Liu, Xin Yu, Di Wu, and Yong He
Sensor Lett. 10, 600-607 (2012)


Discriminating Wheat Aphid Damage Degree Using 2-Dimensional Feature Space Derived from Landsat 5 TM
Juhua Luo, Chunjiang Zhao, Wenjiang Huang, Jingcheng Zhang, Jinling Zhao, Yingying Dong, Lin Yuan, and Shizhou Du
Sensor Lett. 10, 608-614 (2012)


Influence of Laser Energy and Accumulation Number on the Spectral Characteristics
Tianbing Chen, Mingyin Yao, Muhua Liu, Zejian Lei, Qiumei Peng, Yuan Xu, and Xu Zhang
Sensor Lett. 10, 615-618 (2012)


Analysis of Volatile Compounds in Different Parts of Panax Quinquefolius L. by Online Gel Permeation Chromatography-Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry System
Hua Ping, Jihua Wang, Zhihong Ma, Anxiang Lu, Xiuli Shu, and Ligang Pan
Sensor Lett. 10, 619-624 (2012)


Research on the Accuracy and Applicability of the Measurement Method of Tree Canopy Volume Based on Ultrasonic Sensors
Kaiqun Hu, Zetian Fu, Ronghua Ji, Jun Wang, and Lijun Qi
Sensor Lett. 10, 625-630 (2012)


A Feasibility Study on the Use of Visible Spectroscopy to Classify Different Brands of Vinegar
Haiyan Song and Gang Qin
Sensor Lett. 10, 631-634 (2012)


Rule-Based Agricultural Knowledge Fusion in Web Information Integration
Xie Nengfu, Wang Wensheng, Yang Xiaorong, and Jiang Lihua
Sensor Lett. 10, 635-638 (2012)


Spatial Influence of Topographical Factors on Habitat Selection of Chinese Torreya in East China
Xiaoming Wang, Ke Wang, and Nathan Moore
Sensor Lett. 10, 639-642 (2012)


Research on Cucumber Downy Mildew Images Classification Based on Fuzzy Pattern Recognition
Xiuli Si, Zhanwu Peng, Hongyin Yuan, and Guifen Chen
Sensor Lett. 10, 643-648 (2012)


HYDRUS-CLIMGEN Coupling Model and Its Applications in Analyzing Nitrogen Leaching Under Long-Term Piggery Wastewater Irrigation
Wei Zhao, Yunkai Li, Chunfa Zhou, Yaoze Liu, Jun Du, Peiling Yang, Keqiang Zhang, Feng Wang, and Zhiping Huang
Sensor Lett. 10, 649-659 (2012)


The Application of the Hartman Model in the Assessment of Agro-Forestry Operations' Income
Yan Qi and Baoguo Wu
Sensor Lett. 10, 660-665 (2012)


Research and Application of Non-Destructive Testing Diagnosis Technology of Tomato
Xinyan Wu, Jianhua Guo, Chunjiang Zhao, Liping Chen, Yigong Zhang, Zheng Fang, and Yue Ying Yang
Sensor Lett. 10, 666-669 (2012)


Effects of Phosphorus Supply on Copper Tolerance and Ascorbate-Glutathione Cycle in Maize (Zea Mays L.) Seedlings
Haiou Wang, Guoqing Shi, and Guangrong Zhong
Sensor Lett. 10, 670-677 (2012)

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