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     ISSN 1546-198X  Vol./Iss.: 4, 2



Date: June 2006



Carbon Materials for Chemical Sensors: A Review
Jerzy P. Lukaszewicz
Sensor Lett. 4, 53–98 (2006)

Boron-Doped Diamond-Based Sensors: A Review
Orawon Chailapakul, Weena Siangproh, and Donald A. Tryk
Sensor Lett. 4, 99–119 (2006)


A Transcutaneous Hydrogen Sensor: From Design to Application
Oomman K. Varghese, Xiping Yang, James Kendig, Maggie Paulose, Kefeng Zeng,
Charles Palmer, Keat Ghee Ong, and Craig A. Grimes

Sensor Lett. 4, 120–128 (2006)

Sensorial System to Detect Chloroform in Water
Eduarda R. Carvalho, Nelson Consolin Filho, Alessandra Firmino, O. N. Oliveira, Jr.,
Luiz Henrique C. Mattoso, and Ladislau Martin-Neto

Sensor Lett. 4, 129–134 (2006)

Comparison of ZnO/64° LiNbO3 and ZnO/36° LiTaO3 Surface Acoustic Wave Devices for Sensing Applications
K. Kalantar-Zadeh, D. A. Powell, A. Z. Sadek, W. Wlodarski, Q. B. Yang, and Y. X. Li
Sensor Lett. 4, 135–138 (2006)

Fluorescence Behavior of Pyrene-1-Butylic Acid Chemisorption Layer onto Nano-Porous Anodic Oxidized Aluminum with Myristic Acid Layer for Optical Oxygen Sensing
Yuki Fujiwara and Yutaka Amao
Sensor Lett. 4, 139–143 (2006)

Superoxide Sensors
Takehiro Miyasaka, Kosuke Endo, Seiichi Mochizuki, and Kiyotaka Sakai
Sensor Lett. 4, 144–154 (2006)

Efficient Taste Sensors Made of Bare Metal Electrodes
Carlos E. Borato, Fábio L. Leite, Osvaldo N. Oliveira, Jr., and Luiz H. C. Mattoso
Sensor Lett. 4, 155–159 (2006)

Kinetic Assay of Trypsin with a Wireless Magnetoelastic Sensor
Shihui Wu, Qingyun Cai, and Craig A. Grimes
Sensor Lett. 4, 160–164 (2006)

Selected Peer-Reviewed Papers from International Conference of Thermal, Mechanical, and Multiphysics Simulation and Experiments in Microelectronics and Microsystems (EUROSIME’2005)
Dr. Santiago Marco, Guest Editor
Sensor Lett. 4, Foreward (2006)


Parametric Model Reduction for Fast Simulation of Cyclic Voltammograms
Lihong Feng, Darius Koziol, Evgenii B. Rudnyi, and Jan G. Korvink
Sensor Lett. 4, 165–173 (2006)

Computer Assisted Design Study of a Non-Silicon Capacitive Pressure Sensor System
M. H. H. Meuwissen, E. P. Veninga, M. W. W. J. Tijdink, and M. G. H. Meijerink
Sensor Lett. 4, 174–183 (2006)

Out of Plane Flexural Behaviour of Thin Polysilicon Films: Mechanical Characterization and Application of the Weibull Approach
Fabrizio Cacchione, Alberto Corigliano, Biagio De Masi, and Marco Ferrera
Sensor Lett. 4, 184–190 (2006)

Multiphysics for Structural Topology Optimization
Zhenyu Liu, Jan G. Korvink, and Michael L. Reed
Sensor Lett. 4, 191–199 (2006)

Spring Constant Models for Analysis and Design of MEMS Plates on Straight or Meander Tethers
Maryna Lishchynska, Nicolas Cordero, Orla Slattery, and Conor O’Mahony
Sensor Lett. 4, 200–205 (2006)

Coupled Electro-Mechanics Simulation Methodology of the Dynamic Pull-in in Micro-Systems
V. Rochus, D. J. Rixen, and J. C. Golinval
Sensor Lett. 4, 206–213 (2006)






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