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Date: September/December 2007



MEMS Capacitive Accelerometers
Karabi Biswas, Siddhartha Sen, and Pranab Kumar Dutta
Sensor Lett. 5, 471–484 (2007)
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Zeolite Membrane Based Selective Gas Sensors for Monitoring and Control of Gas Emissions
Yeong Yin Fong, Ahmad Zuhairi Abdullah, Abdul Latif Ahmad, and Subhash Bhatia
Sensor Lett. 5, 485–499 (2007)
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Acoustic-to-Seismic Waves Coupling Techniques for Landmine Detection
Maki K. Habib
Sensor Lett. 5, 500–515 (2007)
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Cr(III) Ion-Selective Membrane Sensor Based on 1,3-Diamino-2-Hydroxypropane-N,N,N´,N´-Tetraacetic Acid
Mohammad Reza Abedi, Hassan Ali Zamani, Mohammad Reza Ganjali, and Parviz Norouzi
Sensor Lett. 5, 516–521 (2007)
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Cobalt(II) Ion Detection in Electroplating Wastewater by a New Cobalt Ion-Selective Electrode Based on

Hassan Ali Zamani, Mohammad Reza Ganjali, Parviz Norouzi, and Mahdi Adib
Sensor Lett. 5, 522–527 (2007)
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Enhanced Sensitivity of Polyphenylacetylene and Poly[Phenylacetylene-(Co-2-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate)]
Nanobeads to Humidity

Iole Venditti, A. Bearzotti, A. Macagnano, and M. V. Russo
Sensor Lett. 5, 528–532 (2007)
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Self Assembled Thin Films of Poly(Methyl Methacrylate) for Gas Sensing
I. Çapan, Ç. Tarimci, and T. Tanrisever
Sensor Lett. 5, 533–537 (2007)
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Simulation of Dynamics of a Nematic Liquid Crystal for a Biosensor Application
Rajendran Mohanraj and Huangli Wu
Sensor Lett. 5, 538–551 (2007)
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Fabrication and Characterization of Millimeter-Size Dielectric Membranes Prepared by RF Sputtering and
Bulk Micromachining Techniques

Preeti Sharma, Shiban K. Koul, and Sudhir Chandra
Sensor Lett. 5, 552–558 (2007)
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Fabrication of Cu(OH)2 One Dimensional Nanostructures: Application to Humidity Sensing
Zhenjing Zhuang, Xiaodong Su, Baozhan Zheng, Hongyan Yuan, Qun Sun, and Dan Xiao
Sensor Lett. 5, 559–564 (2007)
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A New Chemically Modified Carbon Paste Electrode for Determination of Copper Based on
N,N´-Disalicylidenehexameythylenediaminate Copper(II) Complex

Hazem M. Abu-Shawish and Salman M. Saadeh
Sensor Lett. 5, 565–571 (2007)
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Preparation of Bismuth Film-Modified Gold Electrodes for the Determination of Trace Level of
Heavy Metals in Vegetables

Xiaoyan Du, Weilei Gong, Yuxue Zhang, Maoqing Wang, Shuran Wang, and Jun-ichi Anzai
Sensor Lett. 5, 572–577 (2007)
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Electrogenerated Chemiluminescence Sensing Platform Based on Tris(2,2´-bipyridyl)ruthenium(II)
Immobilized in Alumina-Perfluorosulfonated Ionomer Composite Films

Xiaodong Su, Zhenjing Zhuang, Baoqiang Lv, and Dan Xiao
Sensor Lett. 5, 578–583 (2007)
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Fabrication and Interface Characterization of a Microchannel System Using a Simple Alignment Technique
K. Srinivasan, P. M. V. Subbarao, S. R. Kale, and S. Chandra
Sensor Lett. 5, 584–591 (2007)
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Electro-Thermal Actuator for On-Chip Nanoscale Tensile Tests: Analytical Modelling and Multi-Physics Simulations
Alberto Corigliano, Livio Domenella, Horacio D. Espinosa, and Yong Zhu
Sensor Lett. 5, 592–607 (2007)
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Ultrasensitive Voltammetric Detection of IL-10, a Lung Cancer Biomarker, in Serum Using SiO2 Nanowires Template
Niranjan S. Ramgir, Praveen K. Sekhar, Aleksandra Zajac, Latasha Lee, Tatyana Zhukov, and Shekhar Bhansali
Sensor Lett. 5, 608–611 (2007)
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Photometer Circuit Based on Positive and Negative Feedback Compensations
W. Hernandez
Sensor Lett. 5, 612–614 (2007)
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A Wide-Area, Wireless, Passive Dosimeter for Tracking Mercury Vapor Exposure
Ranyuan Shao, Ee Lim Tan, Craig A. Grimes, and Keat Ghee Ong
Sensor Lett. 5, 615–620 (2007)
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Crosslinkers Modify Affinity of Immobilized Carbohydrates for Cholera Toxin
Miriam M. Ngundi, Chris R. Taitt, and Frances S. Ligler
Sensor Lett. 5, 621–624 (2007)
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Ferrocene-Based Copolymer for the Sensing and Discrimination of Low-Molecular-Weight Alcohols
Michelle S. Meruvia, Ivo A. Hümmelgen, Camila S. Gonçalves, Adriano R. V. Benvenho, and Jonas Gruber
Sensor Lett. 5, 625–628 (2007)
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Rapid-Response Atmospheric Oxygen Sensor Based on Adsorption of Dimethyl(Octyl)(4-(Pyren-4-yl)Butoxy)Silane
Yong Lin, Liusheng Chen, Yi Shi, and Xigao Jin
Sensor Lett. 5, 629–633 (2007)
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