Bullet Sensor Review, Vol. 24, Issue 4, 2004


Adil Shafi, Machine vision in automotive manufacturing, pp.337-342
Keywords: Visual Perception; Robotics; Order Picking; Inspection
Article Type: Theoretical with Application in Practice

Christine Connolly, New instrument aims to measure appearance, pp.343-346
Keywords: Light Emission; Colour; Visual Perception
Article Type: Wholly Theoretical

Christine Connolly, Optical inspection tools for the automotive industry, pp.347-352
Keywords: Colour; Measurement; Optical Measurement; Automotive Industry
Article Type: Wholly Theoretical

Robert W. Bogue, Boom time for LIBS technology, pp.353-357
Keywords: Lasers; Sensors
Article Type: Wholly Theoretical

Robert W. Bogue, New on-vehicle performance and emission monitoring system, pp. 358-360
Keywords: Pollution; Road Vehicles; Sensors; Performance Monitoring
Article Type: Theoretical with Application in Practice

John Billingsley and Kerry Withers, Measuring the density of dingo teeth with machine vision, pp.361-363
Keywords: Body Systems and Organs; Ageing (Biology); Optical Instruments; Sensors
Article Type: Wholly Theoretical

Jinu Paul, Zhao Liping, Bryan Ngoi and Fang Zhong Ping, Bragg grating temperature sensors: modeling the effect of adhesion of polymeric coatings, pp.364-369
Keywords: Sensors; Temperature; Simulation; Coatings Technology
Article Type: Wholly Theoretical

Xiaochun Li, Wenliang Tang and Anastasios Golnas, Embedding and characterization of fiber-optic and thin-film sensors in metallic structures, pp.370-377
Keywords: Fibre Optic Sensors; Thin Films; Structures; Metals
Article Type: Wholly Theoretical

Clive Kerr and Paul Ivey, Optical pyrometry for gas turbine aeroengines, pp.378-386
Keywords: Temperature; Measurement; Turbines
Article Type: Wholly Theoretical





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