Bullet Sensor Review, Vol. 25, Issue 2, 2005


Sergey Y Yurish; Nikolay V Kirianaki; Ramon Pallаs-Areny, Universal frequency-to-digital converter for quasi-digital and smart sensors: specifications and applications, pp. 92-99
Keywords: Sensors; Signal Processing
Article Type: General Review

Christine Connolly, High-speed cameras and laser Doppler vibrometers, pp. 100-104
Keywords: Sensors; Tests and Testing; Vibration Measurement
Article Type: Technical Paper

Robert Bogue, LIBS range extended through the use of a transportable terawatt laser system, pp. 105-108
Keywords: Lasers; Sensors
Article Type: Technical Paper

Robert Bogue, Structural integrity monitoring with fibre Bragg grating sensors, pp.109-113
Keywords: Condition Monitoring; Fibre Optic Sensors; Sensors
Article Type: Technical Paper

Stephan Wegerich, Similarity-based modeling of vibration features for fault detection and identification, pp.114-122
Keywords: Condition Monitoring; Vibration Analysis
Article Type: General Review

Robert Bogue, Chance discovery of terahertz waveguides by US research group, pp.123-124
Keywords: Electromagnetic Radiation; Waveforms; Image Processing
Article Type: Technical Paper

S.D. Urwin-Wright; D.A. Sanders; G.E. Tewkesbury, Computer screen pointer using intelligent colour sensing systems, pp. 125-133
Keywords: Colour; Computer Peripheral Equipment; Sensors; Neural Nets
Article Type: General Review

Joseph A Paradiso; Che King Leo, Tracking and characterizing knocks atop large interactive displays, pp.134-143
Keywords: Acoustic Measurement; Glass; Transducers; Vibration
Article Type: Research Paper

T. Yan; B.E. Jones; R.T. Rakowski; M.J. Tudor; S.P. Beeby; N.M. White, Metallic resonant strain gauges with high overload, 
pp. 144-147
Keywords: Transducers; Strain Measurement
Article Type: Research Paper

Ajmal Saeed Mian; Mohammed Bennamoun; Robyn Owens, 3D model-based free-form object recognition - a review, 
pp. 148-154
Keywords: Modelling; Pattern Recognition Equipment; Optimization Techniques
Article Type: Research Paper

Eric R Marsh; Byron R Knapp, On the design and implementation of an instrumented grinding testbed, pp.155-161
Keywords: Grinding; Condition Monitoring
Article Type: Research Paper





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