Bullet Sensor Review, Vol. 25, Issue 4, 2005


A review of medical microscopy techniques

Christine Connolly (pp. 252-258)
Keywords: Image processing, Medical equipment
ArticleType:Technical paper

A further step beyond wireless capsule endoscopy

Yoshihiro Kusuda (pp. 259-260)
Keywords: Endoscopic instruments, Research and development
ArticleType:Technical paper

A vision system for patient positioning in radiation therapy

Salil Shukla, Colin Bradley, Wayne Beckham, Derek Wells (pp. 261-270)
Keywords: Image sensors, Medical equipment, Medical facilities, Occupational therapy, Sensors
ArticleType:Research paper

A polyimide based resistive humidity sensor

Muthukumaran Packirisamy, Ion Stiharu, Xing Li, Gino Rinaldi (pp. 271-276)
Keywords: Humidity, Polymers, Sensors
ArticleType:Research paper

Review of the potential of a wireless MEMS microsystem for biomedical applications

A. Arshak, K. Arshak, G. Lyons, D. Waldron, D. Morris, O. Korostynska, E. Jafer (pp. 277-286)
Keywords: Medical equipment, Sensors
ArticleType:General review

Heterogeneous embedded system with “microcontroller-CPLD” based shared memory interface for sensor applications

Jivan Shrikrishna Parab, Rupesh Sadanand Paliekar Porob, Kottanal Roy Francis Joseph, Kunal Vishwanath Naik, Rajanish K. Kamat, Gourish M. Naik (pp. 287-291)
Keywords: Program processors, Sensors
ArticleType:Research paper

Automation in biotechnology – active ingredient analysis on brain tissue

Justus Hortig, Torsten Boehme, Torsten Felsch, Norbert Elkmann (pp. 292-294)
Keywords: Automation, Biotechnology, Robotics
ArticleType:Research paper





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