Bullet Sensor Review, Vol. 26, Issue 2, 2006



Spectroscopic and Analytical Developments Ltd fingerprints brand spirits with ultraviolet spectrophotometry
Christine Connolly (pp. 94-97)
Keywords: Brand identity, Photoelectric devices, Quality control, Spectra, Tests and testing, Ultraviolet radiation
ArticleType:Technical paper

Mobile LIDAR system detects air pollution hot spots
Robert Bogue (pp. 98-100)
Keywords: Aerosols, Air pollution, Lasers, Particulate air pollutants
ArticleType:Technical paper

An overview of EPC technology
Frederic Thiesse, Florian Michahelles (pp. 101-105)
Keywords: Electronic equipment and components, Protocols, Radio frequencies
ArticleType:General review

Design of combined voltage reference and temperature sensor for RFID applications
Han-Pang Huang, Chih-Peng Liu (pp. 106-107)
Keywords: Radio frequencies, Temperature measurement, Voltage
ArticleType:Research paper

A vision-based system for inspecting painted slates
Ovidiu Ghita, Tim Carew, Paul Whelan (pp. 108-115)
Keywords: Conveyors, Illuminance, Image processing, Slate, Visual perception
ArticleType:Research paper

Error measurement and analysis for a 3D face surface matching system
George Stockman, Jayson Payne, Jermil Sadler, Dirk Colbry (pp. 116-121)
Keywords: Biodata, Error analysis, Pattern recognition, Sensors
ArticleType:Case study

Querying non-uniform image databases for biometrics-related identification applications
Zhongfei (Mark) Zhang (pp. 122-126)
Keywords: Databases, Identification, Image processing
ArticleType:Research paper

Consolidated data acquisition and management for first responders
Dragan Vidacic, Pavlo Meinyk, Kriste Krstovski, Richard A. Messner, Frank C. Hludik, Andrew L. Kun (pp. 127-136)
Keywords: Data handling, Interactive devices, Speech recognition
ArticleType:Research paper

Characterization of anomaly detection in hyperspectral imagery
Chein-I Chang, Mingkai Hsueh (pp. 137-146)
Keywords: Correlation analysis, Differential geometry, Image processing
ArticleType:Research paper

A hybrid randomized protocol for RFID tag identification
David Simplot-Ryl, Ivan Stojmenovic, Aleksandar Micic, Amiya Nayak (pp. 147-154)
Keywords: Identification, Radio frequencies, Wireless
ArticleType:Research paper



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