Bullet Sensor Review, Vol. 26, Issue 3, 2006



A process to fabricate micro-membrane of Si3N4 and SiO2 using front-side lateral etching technology
P.A. Alvi, B.D. Lourembam, V.P. Deshwal, B.C. Joshi, J. Akhtar (pp. 179-185)
Keywords: Membranes, Microenvironments, Silicon

Article Type: Research paper


Design and microfabrication of a hybrid piezoelectric-capacitive tactile sensor
Javad Dargahi, Nakka Purushotham Rao, Saeed Sokhanvar (pp. 186-192)
Keywords: Design, Finite element analysis, Medical equipment, Sensors
Article Type: Research paper


Radio frequency identification technology: applications, technical challenges and strategies
Suhong Li, John K. Visich, Basheer M. Khumawala, Chen Zhang (pp. 193-202)
Keywords: Identification, Radio frequencies, Technology led strategy
Article Type: Literature review


Micromachined high sensitivity thermal inclinometer
Courteaud Johann, Combette Philippe, Giani Alain (pp. 203-208)
Keywords: Measurement, Silicon, Thermal measurement
Article Type: Research paper


Interferometric measurement of workpiece flatness in ultra-precision flycutting
Eric Marsh, David Arneson, Matthew Van Doren, Scott Blystone (pp. 209-217)
Keywords: Inspection, Manufacturing systems, Optimization techniques
Article Type: Research paper


Investigation into the packaging and operation of an electronic tongue sensor for industrial applications
Karen Twomey, Killan Murphy (pp. 218-226)
Keywords: Electrochemistry, Electrodes, Sensors
Article Type: Research paper


Taguchi or classical design of experiments: a perspective from a practitioner
Jiju Antony (pp. 227-230)
Keywords: Design, Optimization techniques, Quality, Taguchi methods
Article Type: Technical paper


Safety concerns drive the automotive sensor markets
Robert Bogue (pp. 231-235)
Keywords: Automotive industry, Sensors
Article Type: Technical paper


Fibre-optic-based sensors bring new capabilities to structural monitoring
Christine Connolly (pp. 236-243)
Keywords: Buildings, Fibre-optic sensors, Inspection, Sensors
Article Type: Technical paper

The triple S test for sensor applications
Vol : 26 Issue: 3
Author: Clive Loughlin







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