Bullet Sensor Review, Vol. 30, Issue 3, 2010





A Review of Data Logging Systems, Software and Applications
Dr. Christine Connolly

A new method for automatically identifying the shaft orbit moving direction of hydroelectric generating set
Dr. Zhimeng Luo, Prof. J.Z. Zhou, Dr. XQ Xiang, Dr. YY He, Miss Shan Peng

An implementation of a novel vision-based robotic tracking system
Mr. M.Fatih TALU, Dr. Servet SOYGUDER, Mr. Ömür AYDOGMUS

An Automatic Occlusion Handling Method in Augmented Reality
Mr. tao guan, Dr. Yuan Tian, Cheng Wang

Determination of tissue properties using microfabricated piezoelectric tactile sensor during minimally invasive surgery
Dr. Ali Bonakdar, Mr. Nagarajan Babu Narayanan

Assessment of Particle Filter and Kalman Filter for estimating velocity Using Odometery System
Dr. Ahmad Mirabadi, Ms. ALi Khodadadi, Dr. B Moshiri

A Fairly Balanced Clustering Algorithm for Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
Mr. Ouadoudi Zytoune, Prof. Youssef fakhri, Prof. Driss Aboutajdine

A New Fast Converging Kalman Filter for Sensor Fault Detection and Isolation
Dr. Sanjay Jayaram

Powering tomorrow’s sensor: a review of technologies. Part 1.
Mr. Robert Bogue

Sensor Innovations at the Combined Manufacturing Related Shows
Mr. Richard Bloss






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