Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 10, October 2004 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Urazbakhtin R. N. Criteria and methods for performance estimation of information system operation


The problem of estimating information system (IS) operation performance is considered. An integral IS performance index is introduced and represented in multiplicative form by quantifying its operation objectives. Application aspects of the integral index are discussed for comparing alternative projects and establishing realistic requirements to IS performance.



Kulida E. L., Lebedev V. G. Information interchange in a hazardous objectís simulator


The training simulator software structure for hazardous objects is offered. The structure features the absence of direct information interchange between process models and the users managing the process. The information interchange is realized through databases of the simulatorís information kernel.



Kornev E. A., Lelyukhin A. S. Investigation of hard X-rays detectorís spatial characteristics


The paper describes a methodology for calculating spatial characteristics of an X-ray detector with a complementary radiation converter. It presents the detectorís contrast transfer functions calculated for various converterís parameters and X-ray quantum energy values.



Prasov M. T. Standard information processing system structures for X-ray spectrum analysis


The paper offers generalized structures that can be used to develop various digital systems of spectral information acquisition and processing and to improve analysis reliability. The spectral information comes from proportional and scincillation X-ray quantum detectors.



Mikhailov P. G., Mikhailov A. P. Ensuring time and parametric stability of microelectronic sensors Ė a system approach


The problems of ensuring time and parametric stability of microelectronic sensors (MS) are discussed. The paper offers the principles of feedback organization in view of MS performance guaranty and shows their interrelation with the performance concept expounded in ISO 9000.



Farsane E. N. A system for liquid flow parameters measurement


A system of on-line liquid streamís flowrate, density and viscosity measurements without using any automatic analytical sensors is offered.



Semenov A. D. The conditions of stable limit cycles appearance in A/D starers


The conditions of stable limit cycles appearance caused by time and amplitude quantization in A/D starers are examined.



Vasiliev A. A. Micropower semiconductor sensors with thin dielectric membranes


Various technologies to manufacture semiconductor and catalytic thermal sensors for inflammable and toxic gases with minimum power consumption are considered. These include: a merely thin-film technology, thin dielectric membranes manufacturing based on aluminum oxide (TAF), and a combined technology including silicon micromachining with thick-film deposit of gas-sensitive layers. The two latter techniques enable sensors applicable for hand-held and stand-alone instruments.



Zverev V. M., Korneev S. A., Kulaghin A. V. The status and development prospect of instruments for commercial reactors monitoring


The paper overviews the development and manufacturing by Mayak Production Association of commercial reactor monitoring sensors. It discusses design features and application results of ionization chamber assembly for control and protection system, neutron-flux density control sensor for energy release monitoring system, thermometric channel for monitoring the fuel rating of fuel element modes, ionization gamma chambers, and other devices. High reliability of sensors, which ensure long-standing accident-free operation of power units is emphasized. The possibility of developing and manufacturing of detectors and sensors for A-plants at Mayak PA is demonstrated.



Iofin A. A., Ponomarev L. I., Maleníkikh A. M., Guníko A. A. Level meters, crack detectors and communication equipment from Detail Ural Design Office


The results of development and application of radar and ultrasonic level sensors, crack detectors for nondestructive inspection and industrial loud-speaking two-way communication equipment manufactured by Detail Ural Design Office are presented.



Kiriakov V. Kh., Lyubimov V. V. MAGIC MF-03-R small-size intelligent digital recording flux-gate magnetometer


MAGIC MF-03-R portable intelligent small-size instrument based on advanced electronics is considered. The instrument enables to solve a wide range of research tasks in geophysics, healthcare and magnetobiology; it can be applied for electromagnetic environmental indoor monitoring and for educational purposes.



Alexeev A. E., Bogdanov D. A., Dunaev V. F. A video system for detecting timber flaws and board lumber processing defects


An automated system for board lumber defects detection, which is important for woodwork processes improvement is considered. The growing wood cost requires the modernization of wood processing techniques, because the wood cost makes about 70% of board lumber cost.



Shalobaev E. V., Monakhov Yu. S. Application of laser technologies in microactuators


The paper discusses the principles of making small displacements with the help of thermal deformations controlled by laser emission. It overviews the structures of microactuators and laser-controlled optomechanical positioners.



Petrova I. Yu., Temralieva A. Ya. An automated data processing system for curriculi generation and their conversion into ECTS


The paper considers a subsystem for curriculum generation in Astrakhan State University and their conversion into European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Two expert judgments techniques were applied for converting into credits: ranging and direct estimates. A table with comparative results of different conversion ways is included.



Grebenyuk G. G., Kryghin A. A. The algirithmization of the problem of heating system emergency control


The paper sets the problem of heating systems reconfiguration in a large city which consists in finding the most effective heat supply scheme when the emergency section is disconnected. The solution algorithms are offered.



Finkelstein L. Measurement in soft systems


The paper reviews the problem of widely defined measurement in soft systems. It defines soft systems as those incorporating human activity or describable by fuzzy logic. It considers examples from measurements in sociology, economics and psychology. A framework for considering measurement in soft systems is offered for discussion.










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