Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 10, October 2005 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Marinina L.A., Mikhailov P G., Mikhailov A.P. Sensing elements of gas sensors


The paper describes the design of sensing element for various type gas sensors. Original designs of gas-sensing elements are offered as well as the manufacturing technologies.



Mikhailov P G., Mikhailov A.P. Тechnological methods for controlling electrophysical characteristics of microelectronic sensor elements and structures


The paper discusses the control techniques for electrophysical characteristics of strain-sensitive elements and structures. Technological methods to stabilize sensor performance are described.


Tsybizov P.N., Mikhailov P G., Mikhailov A.P. Methods and tools for functional diagnostics of microelectronic sensor elements and structures

Methods of functional diagnostics of microelectronic sensor elements and structures are presented. Diagnosis tools designed for monitoring electrophysical characteristics of sensor elements and structures are offered.


Badeev A.V., Murashkina T.I. Output characteristics linearization for reflexometric displacement transducers

The paper offers a linearization technique for the output characteristic of a reflexometric displacement transducer based on reducing light losses at the end of the measurement range and increasing them at the beginning.

Serebryakov D.I., Karasev N.Ya. Fiber-optic liquid level relay

The paper suggests to optimize the earlier design of a liquid level relay by selecting some design parameters of the conversion function. This will improve the relayís sensitivity.

Ignatov S.A., Tsybizov P.N. Laser measuring systems with space-time deflection of interference fringe

The paper describes a method for measuring the phase shift of light waves by round-robin scanning of interference fringe with a narrow diffraction slot.

Bazykin S.N., Bazykina N.A. Space reference points in heterodyne laser interferometes

A measuring circuit for linear displacements with space reference points in the measurement route is considered. The distance between the points is calculated as a function of the laser wavelength.

Balakin S.V., Sterligov D.V. Computer-based simulation of fuel level sensorís condition in liquid-propellant rockets

An advanced level sensor for the fuel consumption system of liquid-propellant rockets was developed in S.P.Korolev Energia Rocket and Space Corporation. The sensor operates in a wide range of fuel level velocities in the missile tanks. The paper discusses the criteria of the sensorís state, offers its mathematical model, and presents an algorithm and software implementation for investigating the criteria.

Khitrovo A.A. The jet phase method for measuring low velocities and differential pressures of gases

The capabilities of an original jet phase method for measuring low velocities and differential pressures of gases are discussed; the transducer scheme is offered.

Bondarí D.N., Mikhailov N.N., Obidin Yu.V. An automatic monitoring system for growth defects distribution on silicon wafers

Description, characteristics, algorithms and operation results of an automatic monitoring system for growth defects distribution over the surface of mercury-cadmium-tellurium (MCT) heteroepitaxial structures (HES) grown by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) are discussed.

Emelin E.V., Nikolaev I.N., Sokolov A.V. MIS sensors sensitivity to various gases air content

The sensitivity of Pd-Ta2O5-SiO2-Si MIS sensors to the air content of various gases is measured. The paper shows that MIS sensors demonstrate the highest sensitivity to H2S, NO2, C2H5SH, H2, D2, and NH3. It suggests that sensors sensitivity is determined by the presence of electric dipole moments in the analyte molecules.

Tselikovsky S.O., Tselikovsky O.I., Sapelínikov V.M. Advanced stalagmometer for interfacial surface tension

The possibility of improving the accuracy of material concentration measurement in water is shown. The procedure of interfacial surface tension measurement is described; the measuring system diagram investigation results are presented. The method can be used in hydrocarbon, tanning and fur industries and in municipal engineering.

Savosin S.I. New opportunities in timber-based material moisture control

The paper briefly analyses modern measurement techniques and instrumentation for capillary-porous materials moisture monitoring. It justifies the effectiveness of applying a new conductivity moisture meter with a planar sensor for timber-based material moisture control.

Kiriakov V.Kh., Lyubimov V.V. Magnetometric data recorders for scientific research

The paper presents a series of magnetometric data recorders developed by IMPEDANCE Scientific and Production Company. Their application areas include geophysics, natural and artificial magnetic fields measurement, and magnetobiological research in medicine. 

Andreev I.P. Development and testing order for in-line energy accounting and conservation systems

The order and conditions of the assembly and testing of in-line energy accounting and conservation systems are proposed.

Dozortsev V.M., Kneller D.V. APC Ė Advanced Process Control

Advanced Process Control (APC) is a highly profitable and, hence, a thriving area of process control and optimization. Thousands of APC applications are successfully operating in oil refining chemical, pulp-and-paper, metallurgical, power, and other industries worldwide. The paper discusses APC phenomenon from economical and technical viewpoint and outlines an APC project implementation. Some examples of APC products are also included.








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