Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 10, October 2008 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Pivovarov V. V. Measuring and information system for functional diagnostics of nervous regulation of blood circulation. Part 1. The development


The paper discusses the design concepts of the specialized measurement and information system enabling to calculate the parameters of nervous regulation of blood circulation unavailable for direct measurements. The calculation is based on solving the inverse problem. A methodology of diagnostic decision-making for the evaluation of functional sufficiency of regulatory conditions is described.



Zotov A. A., Kotov V. N., Lubkov A. A., Lylov S. A. Automatic control of solar telescope


The architecture of a modernized control system for the horizontal solar telescope of Sayanskaya Solar Observatory is discussed. The modernized control system extends the capabilities of solar observations at light cloudiness, reduce the errors of measuring equipment aiming to specified points (areas) on the Sun surface’s image, and keep the existing recording system and user interface.



Andreev M. Ya., Klyushin V. V., Makarov N. A., et al. On the integration of information systems of underwater searching of a surface ship


Some aspects of the integration of information systems of underwater searching on a surface ship on the basis of an integrated computational platform are discussed.



Pogodaev A. K., Kachanovsky Yu. P., Yavtukhovich A. G. Distributed hard-/software system for number plate recognition


This paper describes a pattern recognition technique used for determining the presence of vehicle’s number plate in a video frame of standard video camera. The video image is digitized at a remote point where the camera is located.



Dreyzin V. E., Ryzhikov S. S. The advantages of low-frequency range in the acoustic liquid and gas flow metering technique


The drawbacks of applying ultrasonic wave range in acoustic liquid and gas flowmeters are demonstrated. The advantages of using low-frequency acoustic wave range in flowmetering are described.



Lourier M. S., Lourier O. M. Bluffbodies of vortex flowmeters


The problem of selecting the optimal cross-section form of vortex flowmeter’s bluffbody is discussed. The results of numerical modeling and experimental research of several bluffbody types most frequently used in domestic products are presented. Their comparative analysis is undertaken and design recommendations are made.



Khitrovo A. A. Comparative characteristics of low velocity gas meters


Performance data of basic meters for low gas velocities are presented. Possible errors of thermoanemometric and ultrasonic measurement techniques are discussed.



Zhedunov R. R. Early accident recognizing system using the equipment failure probabilities


The paper discusses the design of an early accident recognizing system. It proposes to improve the existing fuzzy-logic-based early accident recognition technique with additional data about possible standard equipment failures. A model exemplifying the application of the improved techniques is formulated. A numerical model is built for evaluating early accident recognizing system’s response speed. The results obtained can be useful for anti-wreck system design.



Ignatieva E. V., Mikhailov Yu. A. On the sensitivity factor of silicon pressure strain transducers


A concept of sensitivity factor for a structure is introduced and a procedure for calculating the membrane thickness of various type pressure strain transducers is expounded.



Gromkov N. V. Improving the sensitivity of integrating frequency transducers


The paper discusses the application of a correcting channel introduced between transducer’s output and integrator’s input for decreasing the sensitivity threshold of integrated voltage-to-frequency transducers.



Amirov S. F., Sulliev A. Kh. Biparametric resonant transducers with distributed parameters


A method for retaining the resonant mode in biparametric circuits with distributed parameters are discussed. The effect of parameter circuit and power source changes on resonant mode is investigated.



Voronov A. Yu., Simakov A. B. Thermal conditions of thermal-electric elements for ionizing radiation detectors


The paper examines analytical models of thermal processes in film thermal-electric elements used as high voltage thin-film fuse boxes. The analysis covers various phases of their operation and various relationships with design parameters.



Bocharov Yu. I., Gumenyuk A. S., Lapshinsky V. A., Osipov D. L., Simakov A. B. The architecture of a specialized LSI for multi-channel sensor signal pickup


The variants of a specialized LSI for analog preprocessing and analog-to-digital conversion of multi-channel particle detector’s signals are considered. The advantage of the architecture with analog memory modules in each channel is demonstrated. An example of high-speed micropower ADC implementation is included.



Gherasimova L. A., Yasoveev V. Kh. Improving the accuracy of ultrasonic magnetostrictive level meters


The methods for improving the accuracy and response speed of an ultrasonic magnetostrictive level meter including the application of microprocessor are discussed.



Kuznetsov E. N. Methods and instruments for precision resistance measurement


The paper overviews and analyzes the methods and instruments for precision resistance measurements. It shows that the highest accuracy combined with automation opportunities can be attained if differential technique is used paired with diverse comparison (substitution) method based on bridge, potentiometer and compensation bridge circuits. The cases of highest accuracy automated equipment application for resistance and temperature resistance coefficient measurements are studied.


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