Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 10, September 2009 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Sidel’nikov S. I. A complex solution to environment pollution management problem at chemical plants


Design concepts of hierarchical distributed systems for disposal and emission control at industrial plants are discussed. At the bottom level of the hierarchy, local process control tasks are executed based on environmental-economical objective function. A situational decision-making support system for environmental security management operates at the second level, while the enterprise effluent control task is solved at the top level.

Keywords: decision-making support system, environmental security, fuzzy model, fuzzy control, regression analysis


Volkov V. Yu. Intelligent system for evaluating industrial plants impact on pollutants content in atmospheric air


The components and structure of an intelligent system for evaluating the impact of industrial plants on pollutants concentration in atmospheric air are offered. The process of impact evaluation for carbon oxide is demonstrated.

Keywords: measurement, degree of effect, atmospheric air, ecology, pollutants concentration, intelligent system, expert system.



Belyaev Yu. I., Gerber Yu. V. A monitoring system for the distribution of gaseous substances in megapolis atmosphere


The paper offers a short-term prediction algorithm for evaluating the forecasts oа airflows movement. This allows to observe the distribution of a gas cloud which may appear at any point of investigated area, and to simulate airflows movement over a city district.

Keywords: forecasting, algorithm, airflows movement, megapolis, atmosphere, gas cloud, environmental monitoring, reference points, orthographic movement diagrams, experimental surveys.



Volkov V. Yu., Samorodova I. I. Optimization of a monitoring system for pollutants concentration in industrial cluster air


A computerized system for monitoring the concentrations of five pollutants in the air of Novomoskovsk city is considered. The paper proposes to optimize the system structure for improving the reliability and accuracy of measurements.

Keywords: measurement, air, pollutants concentration, automated system, industrial cluster.



Bogatikov V. N., Soboleva Yu. V., Prorokov А. Е. Diagnostics of the basic equipment and control systems conditions of industrial processes on the basis of a safety index


A concept of safety index is introduced, and its application for condition diagnostics of process equipment and controls are discussed with a case study of evaporation process in caustic production.

Keywords: safety index, diagnostics, membership function, linguistic variable, fuzzy relation, control system.



Sobolev A. V., Vent D. P. Energy-saving controllers: tasks and structure


An approach to the synthesis of energy-saving regulatory control systems and their structure are discussed, optimal system operation criterion is formulated which ensures both energy conservation and the desirable control performance. The primary design tasks for such systems are outlined.

Keywords: energy saving, optimization, chemical-engineering system, regulatory control system, tuning, non-stationary behavior, optimality criterion.



Ivankov V. I., Ivankova L. V., Vent D. P. Practical issues of neutral object parameters calculation


The existing lag calculation procedure for neutral objects is discussed with the introduced “ramp time” concept. A methodology for evaluating the lag of neutral objects per valid input data according to standard calculation procedure is offered.

Keywords: neutral object, ramp time, reset time.



Belyaev Yu. I., Grinyuk A. V., Vnukov A. V. Computer-based thermal conductivity meter for 20…700 C temperature range


The existing measuring techniques and devices for thermal conductivity are overviewed. A computer-based thermal conductivity meter for solids operating in 20…700°С temperature range is considered.

Keywords: thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity meters, heat-transfer monitoring, fire-resistant materials.



Belyaev Yu. I., Vent D. P., Veprentseva O. N. Thermal control of solid samples of various geometry


The paper overviews the techniques and the market of devices for thermal control of solid materials. The key issues of thermal conductivity measurement for the samples with any geometryare formulated, the measurement technique is presented.

Keywords: thermal conductivity measurement, thermal capacity measurement, nondestructive thermal control, evaluation of thermal properties of disk-, plate-, or ball-shaped samples.



Аziма Yu. I. Solving of non-stationary heat conductivity problems with a case study of a measuring system of a heat flow


An approach to solving interior and boundary inverse heat conductivity problems based on the integrated form of non-stationary heat conduction equation is offered. The possibility of calculating the double integral w. r. t. co-ordinate per temperature measurements in specific points is shown.

Keywords: differential equation, integrated form, temperature pattern, error, heat flow, heat meter, measuring system, model.



Аziма Yu. I. Non-stationary measuring of a thermal conductivity of highly heat-conducting thin samples


A non-stationary method for measuring thermal conductivity of highly heat-conducting thin samples based on the integrated form of Fourier equation is described. Design equations for rectangular plate- and disk-shape samples are derived. The influence of various factors on thermal conductivity measurement error is investigated.

Keywords: differential equation, integrated form, temperature pattern, error, heat flow, heat meter, measuring system, model.



Glagolev A. E. Ultrasonic induction parametric piezotransducers


Operation principle and design of new type ultrasonic induction piezotransducers with the parametric signal multiplication are described. The possibility of applying such transducers in ultrasonic monitoring of the media with high signal attenuation is demonstrated.

Keywords: ultrasonic induction transducer, defectoscope sensitivity improvement.



Danilova N. L., Pankov V. V., Sukhanov V. S. Microelectronic absolute pressure transducer


The designs of microelectronic absolute pressure sensors based on membrane-type silicon piezoresistive pressure transducer are discussed. The design ensuring microelectronic transducer protection against environmental exposures is presented.

Keywords: absolute pressure transducer, connecting glass, small-size piezomodule, pressure sensor.



Besedina K. N., Bulygina E. V., Sidorova S. A. The technology of thin-film gas sensor manufacture based on artificial opal arrays


The investigation results of the topology of thin films formed on artificial opal substrates are presented. The possibility of using these structures for gas sensors manufacturing is shown. Gas sensor manufacture technology based on opal arrays is shown.

Keywords: artificial opal array, gas sensing element, thin-film coating.



Khvalin A. L., Ovchinnikov S. V., Sotov L. S., Samoldanov V. N. The primary converter on a basis YIG - generator for measurement of strong magnetic fields


In paper are considered questions of creation of primary converters of a magnetic field on a basis магнитоуправляемых YIG - generators in the environment of EDA. The results of theoretical calculations confirming possibility of working out on this basis of gauges of strong magnetic fields are presented.

Keywords: generators, tuning of magnetic field; a ferromagnetic resonance; the magnetic field gauge; the field transistor with a shutter of Shottki; system of the automated designing (CAD).



Lara V., Petrov I., Tuzov A. Recommendations on Endevco accelerometers selection. Pt. 1


Application-oriented recommendations on Endevco accelerometers selection are made.

Keywords: vibration accelerometer, vibration parameters measurement.



Murashov V. M. KSAR-22 new generation pneumoelectronic sorting machine


Operation principle and design of KSAR-22 pneumoelectronic sorting machine are described. The machine is intended for automatic measurement of the length and diameter of frictionless bearing’s rollers and their further sorting.

Keywords: linear dimensions measurement, pneumatic method, automatic control, KSAR-22 sorting system.



Knorring V. G. The first graduation of Russian electric measurement engineers is 80


In 1929, the first Soviet electric measurement engineers graduated from the Leningrad Technical University. From then on, the team of the Chair of Electric Measurements (now the Chair of Measuring Information Technologies) has educated many renowned engineers.



Labutin S. A. An overview of contributions to measurement conferences (Nizhni Novgorod; December 2008 –June 2009)


The paper overviews the papers on measurements contributed to live and web conferences organized by "Dialogue" Scientific and Information Center and the Institute of R. E. Alexeev Radio Electronics and Information Technologies of Nizhni Novgorod State Technical University.

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