Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 10, October 2011 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Frolova M. V., Malanin V. P. Development of parallel work with smart sensor algorithm


The algorithm of parallel work with smart sensor based on remote management of sensor parameter is suggested. The main possibilities of adjustment process to reduce time and labor intensiveness of sensor adjustment are considered. The software for sensor adjustement development is developed, operating modes, commands, the communications protocol are described.


Keywords: microprocessor processing, smart digital sensor, software, communications protocol, parameters adjustment.



Dzhashitov V. E., Pankratov V. M. The superminiature micromechanical sensor of angular rate with the set frequency properties of the elastic support


Mathematical models for calculation and the analysis of frequencies own fluctuations of the distributed system "elastic support – sensitive element" a superminiature micromechanical gyroscope are constructed and researched. Supporting algorithmic and the software are developed. The automated choice, on the basis of definition of frequencies own fluctuations, geometrical parameters elastic support, providing performance of a condition of resonant adjustment of the sensor is carried out. Estimations of influence on frequency of its own fluctuations of technological tolerances on geometrical and other parameters of elastic support are received.


Keywords: superminiature micromechanical sensor of angular rate, elastic support, own and forced frequencies of oscillations, geometrical parameters, mathematical models.



Soborover  E. I., Bessonov S. G., Abashkin A. Yu., Orlov E. S. Element on surface-acoustic waves without sensitive coating as gas and gas mixtures analyzer. P. 9. Results obtained on double delay line for pseudobinary gas mixtures of dangerously explosive hydrocarbons of methane row with air


Results of studies are presented for gas load effect on surface acoustic wave (SAW) on SAW-sensor in design “double delay line on SAW without sensitive coating” in a presence of pseudobinary gas mixtures of dangerously explosive hydrocarbons: methane and propane-butane mixtures with air in gas dynamic mode. It was ascertained that values of lower concentration limits of propane and butane explosiveness formed propane-butane mixture and also for methane in air are fitted into linearity region of calibration characteristic of SAW-sensor.


Keywords: gas load effect, surface acoustic wave, sensor, double delay line on SAW without sensitive coating, pseudobinary gas mixture, air, methane, propane-butane mixture, calibration characteristic, lower concentration limits of hydrocarbon explosiveness in air.



Mikhailov, P. G., Mitrokhin, A. S. Synthesis and analysis of models of quality sensor for monitoring the status of human health


The technique of synthesis of complex single and integrated sensors for monitoring the quality criteria for human health (DMZCH) used to measure and control the various parameters of the human body for diagnosis, treatment and postlechebnom period. In the synthesis of quality models proposed to use methods DMZCH qualimetry. Noted the need for the use of distributed information management techniques for analyzing the hardware and diagnostics


Keywords: monitoring, medical, criteria, integral, unit, sensor, quality, model, weight factors.



Samotaev N. N., Podlepetsky B. I., Voronov Yu. A., et al. Platforms for gas sensors based on the zirconium oxide membrane


In the given work are present the new approach to manufacturing of the MEMS membranes used as the carrier for various types of sensor for control concentration and a gas stream. Originality of the approach consists in application thin membrane from zirconium oxide in the thickness 10 microns mounted on a ceramic substrate with holes based on zirconium oxide material. Low heat conductivity the membrane allows obtaining devices working at high temperature with small power consumption. Such ceramic chips are very simple and inexpensive alternative of the traditional microelectronic technology based on silicon material.


Keywords: gas sensor, membrane, zirconium oxide.



Chernykh S. V. The limiting opportunities of magnetic field sensors based on high-temperature superconductors


The estimating method of minimum achievable noise level of magnetic field sensors on the basis of YBa2Cu3O7-x superconducting ceramics are presented. The gained results of an estimation compare with experimental data for samples of the various sizes.


Keywords: high-temperature superconductors, magnetic field sensor, sensitivity of the sensor, noise level, Josephson junction.



Tarasov N. E. Probabilistic approach to noise asymmetric filtration in intelligent sensors


The new method of statistical data processing based on the Bayesian approach is proposed. The main difference of method being discussed consist of using variable parameter “scale of distribution function”, and provides a high robustness to asymmetrical noises.


Keywords: measurement, sensor, probability, scale.



Andreev M. Ya., Kozlovsky S. V., Rubanov I. L. Integrated system of underwater observation for security ensuring of civilian ships


The composition and structure of integrated system of underwater observation for ships, including civilian ones, were described. The system is intended for emergencies in water areas and navigation threats.


Keywords: system of underwater observation, emergency, navigation threat.



Volkov P. V., Goryunov A. V., Luk’yanov A. Yu., et al. Fiber optics temperature sensor


Possibility to design of fiber-optical temperature sensor based on low coherence tandem interferometry was shown. Plane-parallel plate from fused silica with thickness 500 μm was used as sensing element. Range of measuring temperatures was 40…90 °С due to thickness of the plate. Resolution in the center of the range was 0,03 °С RMS and decreased to 0,1 °С RMS at edges of the range. Reproducibility of data of measurements was better than 0,2 °С.


Keywords: fiber optics sensor, temperature sensor, optical interferometry.



Zyubin I. A. Some questions of the inaccuracy of jet flowmeters


The general questions of functioning of jet primary converters of flowmeters and quantity counters are considered. Sources of an inaccuracy of measurements and results of practical researches of jet converters on various liquids are analyzed. The idea of the further improvement of similar devices is formulated.


Keywords: jet flowmeter-counter, flow measurement, volume flow measurement, mass flow measurement, stream of a viscous liquid, frequency of fluctuations.



Klimenkov Yu. S., Legaev V. P. Automatic control system of gas static spindle support


A design and main working principles of gas static spindle support are presented, functional scheme of position control system of  rotating support element is proposed. A construction of mathematical model of control system is considered, formulae and programs for  transfer constants and time constants are proposed, simulation results in Matlab-Simulink system are presented.


Keywords: gas static support, sliding support, shaft position control system, bearing capacity of gas layer, microcontroller system, differential equations of continuous-flow chambers.



Belousov O. A., Ivanov S. V. Management system of the gas boiler-house on the basis of the virtual sensor


The control problems by gas boiler-houses with usage of the virtual sensor considering course of thermal processes in object. Control algorithms on the basis of fuzzy logic and neural networks which provide qualitative regulation in various operation modes of a boiler-house are offered.


Keywords: virtual sensor, automatic control, information technologies, control of the boiler, gas boiler-house, thermal process, management system.



Babayan R. R. Sensor of low flow rate


Low flow rate meter is described with output value in pulse frequency.


Keywords: flow rate meter, thermoresistors, heating, voltage to frequency conversion.



Novikov V. F., Muratov K. R., Radchenko A. V., et al. Cordless tubal strength measuring transduser


We created combined-cordless-tubal-magnetoelastic transducer for determination of deformation strength or tension of ground and rock. Our transducer can determine deformation in analog and data recording modes. Intratubular cordless transducer can date information of magnetic field, that may reduce the measurement error, because influence of external magnetic and electromagnetic field has been decreased.


Keywords: transducer, strength, deformation, tension, magnetoelastic.



Russkikh D. V., Chuykov A. M., Plaksitsliy A. B., Kalach A. V. Sensors for highly inflammable liquids in air monitoring. P. I. Estimation of gas sensitivity of semiconductor sensors


Results of an estimation of gas sensitivity of semiconductor sensors for small concentrations of ethanol and isopropyl alcohol are presented.


Keywords: sensors, highly inflammable liquids, monitoring.



Chuykova L. V. Modern storage systems – quality guarantee of electronic components


Brief description of domestic manufacture dry storage cabinet with temperature and humidity control is given.


Keywords: dry storage cabinet, temperature and humidity control, precision temperature and humidity sensor.



Volpian O. D., Kuzmichev A. I. Nanoelectron-photonic devices on the base of plasmonic effects: technology and applications


Principal directions of realization of devices based on surface plasmon polaritons and localized plasmons, technological aspects of plasmon nanophotonics and its applications are considered. New highly effective nanoelectron-photonic sensors, detectors and devices may be created on the base of plasmonic effects.


Keywords: nanoelectronics, nanophotonics, plasmonics, plasmon, surface plasmon polariton, nanolaser, plasmon waveguide, lithography.

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