Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 11, November 2004 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Oleshchuk V. A. An approach to specification, modeling and verification of spontaneous sensor networks


The problems of applying finite models verification technique for developing reliable and well-operating distributed sensor systems are discussed and analyzed. The paper demonstrates the application of the Spin system for specification, modeling and analysis of spontaneous sensor networks behavior.



Vinetsky V., Knyziak T. New development prospect for distributed measuring systems using mobile phones with JavaTM 2 Micro Edition platform


The paper discusses the new prospect for distributed measuring systems (DMS) introduced by the Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) programming technology embedded in portable information devices such as mobile phones. A brief comparison with existing solutions is presented, a concept of a J2ME-based wireless DMS is proposed and preliminary research results are included. Good fitness of the J2ME technology for measurement purposes is manifested as a conclusion.



Strakhov A. F., Shevchenko V. F. Monitoring, diagnostics and maintenance of repairable complex radioelectronic systems


The paper discusses the concept of maintenance and recovery of complex radioelectronic systems. The role of monitoring and diagnosis tools in ensuring the availability and survivability of complex radioelectronic systems is demonstrated.



Knyazev I. A., Kostyukevich O. N., Trufanova G. V. Energy independent SAW sensors for nuclear fuel transportation and storage monitoring


Тhe paper discusses the problems of organizing identification and monitoring in nuclear fuel transportation and storage using wireless passive SAW sensors. It presents a new class of sensors with combined functions of physical values identifier and converter. The application of such sensors allows to carry out remote wireless reading of the coded information about exceeding threshold values in emergencies, as well as about the object’s physical state in real time.



Nikulin S. M., Trufanova G. V. External load’s effect on the output signal amplitude in SAW-based devices


Тhe paper examines the effect of load in SAW-based devices on the electric signal parameters for developing the new class sensors.



Chaplyghin E. I., Diachkov E. A., Goryunov V. A. Advanced jet on-off process controllers


The circuits of various type on-off controllers for maintaining process variables in a specified range are analyzed. An advanced circuit for a two-sided on-off controller based on VOLGA jet components set is offered. The circuit ensures reliability, fast response, easy adjustment, and narrow deadband.



Vlasov G. S. Thin-film thermo-compensated strain-gage transducers


The paper discuses a way to create microelectronic resistive-strain sensors based on thin-film technology. It shows that by using the compositions of at least two thin-film structures made of different materials and adjusting their resistances one can obtain a temperature-compensated strain-gage transducer with the given properties.



Lourier M. S., Elizaryeva M. Yu. Conductive vortex flowmeters


A new type of vortex flowmeters and water counters based on a conductive receiver-converter of vortical fluctuations is considered. The opportunity of implementing the instrument as a submersible device is shown. This considerably cuts the implementation cost, simplifies the design and makes the device suitable for flowrate measurements in big-diameter pipes and open channels.



Andreev M. Ya., Mikhailov A. V., Rubanov I. L. Investigation of operation conditions influence on the inaccuracy of pipe length measurements with the resonance method


The paper discusses the results of experimental investigation of operation conditions effect on the inaccuracy of pipe length measurements by resonant frequencies of pipe body’s axial vibrations.



Topunov A. V., Zhmylev A. B., Krym A. E. Application problems of ultrasonic level meters


The paper describes two ultrasonic level meters: MultiRanger100 with a thermal sensor that compensates for the ultrasound propagation speed dependency on temperature fluctuations and a level meter furnished with a reverberator that compensates for the effect of external factors on the measurement accuracy. Some calculations and performance attributes are included.



Zverev V. M., Korneev S. A., Nezamaev Yu. P., Smolyghin V. M. A vibrating liquid level switch


Operation principle, block diagram and design features of a level switch are presented as well as the ways of its mounting on process equipment. The advantages of this level switch type are indicated. These include wide applications, high reliability in harsh environments, and self‑diagnosis functions. The key performance attributes, possible application area and commercial manufacturing outlook are also discussed.



Buryachenko A.G., Voloshina N.P., Ranchenko G.S. Application experience of Kulite pressure transducers 


This paper discusses the selection criteria for pressure transducers integrated into automated measurement and control systems. Application results of Kulite pressure transducers in pressure measurement systems for air-engines and in automated control systems of gas turbine engines used at gas transfer stations are presented.



Dorri M. Kh., Roshchin A. A. Simulation of flows distribution in heat-hydraulic networks


The paper describes the software that enables to specify various heat network and control system structures from computer’s screen, calculate them automatically, change control system parameters interactively and watch the changes of variables. It allows also to make experiments in flows redistribution and define flow paths and their characteristics. Some examples illustrating software capabilities in various tasks are adduced.



Taimanov R. E., Sapozhnikov K. V. The problems of creating new generation intelligent sensors


The paper is a version of the authors’ contribution to the 10th IMEKO TC7 International Symposium “Advances of Measurement Science” (June–July 2004, St. Petersburg). It indicates that the industry needs nonelectrical quantities sensors with high integrity of measurement information, improved metrological reliability and increased lifecycle without maintenance. The paper shows that new generation intelligent sensors meet these requirements. Key development trends of such sensors are discussed.









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