Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 11, November 2005 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Shokhin A.V. Key development trends of electromagnetic flowmetering technology and tools

The paper outlines electromagnetic folwmetering philosophy and technology trends based on user demands analysis.

Pokras S.I., Pokras A.I., Grishanova I.A. Ultrasonic flowmetering exemplified in SVTU-10M heat/water counter: opinions and facts

The paper justifies the choice of ultrasonic flowmeters as an energy accounting tool for various heat supply and consumption plants and, based on theoretical issues and actual facts, attempts to dispel the opinion about their drawbacks.

Lupey A.G. Estimation of flowmeter calibration curve nonlinearity

An analytical method for flowmeter calibration curve nonlinearity estimation at thermal energy accounting points based on hour measurement statistics of three-channel heat meters is discussed. The sequence of action items needed to reveal the negative error of heat carrier flow measurement at the initial part of measurement range in open heat supply systems is shown. The results of such actual flow measurement error estimation enable timely detection of defective flowmeters and justify the necessity in additional metrological service.

Ovchinnikov A.P. Magnetic circuit analysis for electromagnetic flowmeter

The paper presents the results of electromagnetic flowmeter’s magnetic circuit described in terms of its reluctances. It offers a monitoring and measurement method for transducer’s magnetic circuit transfer ratio. Its application enables the development of an electromagnetic flowmeter for the media containing ferromagnetic particles.

Virbalis Yu.A., Katutis R., Simeliunas R. Identification of magnetic admixtures or sediments appearance during electromagnetic flowmeter operation

The paper offers a structural diagram of a device that allows to detect the appearance of magnetic admixtures or sediments in electromagnetic flowmeter’s channel without measurement process interruption by measuring the total inductivity of inductor coils. An analytical equation for relative inductance change is derived; an algorithm enabling inductance change monitoring in process of flowmeter operation is also included.

Ivanov I.A., Lourier M.S., Volynkin V.N. Conductometric vortex flowmeters operation at high flow rates

Dynamic behavior of conductometric vortex flowmetering systems is examined. An equation for calculating the critical vortex formation frequency in the measuring chamber is offered, and the recommendations are made on choosing flow receiver parameters’ values to ensure the reliable measuring device operation.

Vaghin D.V., Polyakov P.A., Kasatkin S.I. Operational integrity analysis for a ring-shaped magnetic field sensor

The paper presents theoretical study results for the operational integrity of a magnetic field sensor based on thin-film single-layer non-isotropic magnetoresistive ring-shaped microelement. It offers a model to underlie the analytical calculation of sensor magnetization distribution. A set of equations is derived to determine the magnetization vector deviation, and the analytical equations are given to calculate the magnetoresistance. The element’s I/O and torque-angle curves are obtained. The model simplicity that enables computation time savings allows to set an optimization problem that would be difficult with the micromagnetic equation-based approach.

Soborover E.I., Bessonov S.G., Abashkin A.Yu., Prusakova I.I. SAW Element without sensing layer as a gas and gas mixture sensor. Part 5. Freon-134a leak detection sensor. results, obtained with a single delay line

The paper provides the investigations results of surface acoustic wave (SAW) sensor in a delay line structure without sensing layer as a pseudobinary freon134a and air mix analyzer. The prospect of SAW device application as a leak detector is shown. The conclusion is made that the differential sensor system with two delay lines should be used to improve the sensor’s sensitivity.

Demidovich A.A., Nikonenko V.A. Thermoelectric transducers and RTDs

Various purpose thermoelectric transducers and RTDs manufactured by Etalon Scientific and Production Company with different design, performance and operation properties are presented.

Shevelev Yu.V. The equipment for contact temperature meters calibration

Metrological equipment manufactured by Etalon Open JSC (Omsk, Russia) for industrial temperature meters checking and calibration in the whole contact thermometry range is reviewed.

Khairetdinov V.U., Paderov M.M., Lyashenko V.V., et al. Sensors and systems for pre-commissioning tests of the primary-coolant system of water-moderated reactors

Featured properties and performance attributes of sensors and systems for pre-commissioning tests of vibrodynamic, thermohydraulic, and thermomechanical equipment parameters of primary-coolant system of A-plant water-moderated reactors are discussed.

Mikhaylov P.G., Mikhaylov А.Р. Еlements and structures of microelectronic sensors, methods and means of functional diagnostics

Methods of functional diagnostics of microelectronic sensor elements and structures are presented. Means of diagnostics designed for monitoring electrophysical characteristics of sensor elements and structures are proposed.

Kalach A.V., Volkov А.V., Sannikov D.V., Zhelezny S.V. Piezoresonance sensors application for gunpowder identification based on its traces on a shell

A method for gunpowder identification based on its traces on a shell is offered. The methos uses a piezoresonance sensor system and consists in visual comparisons of gunpowder images. For the first time, a valid model of smell intensity vs. time passed after the shot is built.

Shivrinsky V.N. Capacitance- diode sensor’s measuring circuit

A diode measuring circuit is offered for a capacitance sensor of angular and linear displacement, fuel level and quality. Laboratory test data are included.

Stetsyura G.G. Intelligent sensor and actuator networks

The paper reviews the design concepts of the 2 recently appeared peripheral network types – sensor and actuator networks with wireless communication. It discusses the investigation lines topical for future peripheral networks development, broadband signals application in wireless networks, data transmission right management, network operability assurance methods, power saving issues, and the techniques of computation in process of data transmission.








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