Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 11, November 06 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Khranilov V. P. A mathematical model of computing resources for intelligent sensor system


A mathematical model of an automated intelligent sensor system is described. The model is intended for the interactive design of specific system modules on the basis of computing resources distribution process. The modules states are described by fuzzy sets. A model type for various design tasks is determined.



Ivanov E. L., Smaghin M. S. Image fusion in a multi-channel territory observation system


The algorithms for processing and combining the information from several images for building a single more informative image are discussed. A functional principle of a system for image fusion at the region level is presented.



Goryachev V. Ya., Volchikhin V. I. Phase angular displacement and torque transducers with traveling magnetic field


The design of phase angular displacement and torque transducers with traveling magnetic field operating under changing shaft rotation speed is described. The paper proposes to apply an electromagnetic reduction system for improving transducers’ resolution and dynamic performance.



Barulina M. A., Jashitov V. E., Pankratov V. M. Mathematic models of rotary and cardan-type micromechanical gyroscopes


Mathematical models of rotary and cardan micromechanical gyroscopes operating under specified time-varying angular and linear motion of the base subject to temperature and process errors. The software for transients simulation in the gyroscopes is developed. The estimates of the effect of base motion parameters on the gyroscopes’ output signals are derived.



Arbuzov V. P. Quasi-balanced measuring circuits design for the sensors with complex equivalent circuit


The design technique for quasi-balanced measuring circuits of capacitance and inductive sensors with equivalent circuit is described. The technique allows to automate the synthesis of functional schemes of measuring circuits according to the spec. The design is performed through generalized parameters, while the transition to the specific parameters is done at the final phase.



Zaharenko V. A., Valke A. A., Kozlov A. V. System termographic the control of industrial purpose


The hardware-software complex realizing a method infra-red termographic for problems of the control of technological processes and not destroying control is described. Examples of industrial application developed infra-red termographic systems in various industries are submitted.



Chaplyghin E. I., Goryunov V. A., Diachkov E. A. A device for pneumatic signal propagation delay


Design concepts of the devices for pneumatic signal propagation delay are discussed, their merits and drawbacks are analyzed; a circuit enabling the problem solution with high precision and accuracy is offered.



Zhurbin I. V., Korovin A. S. Quasi-conformal distortion filtering in shallow electrical exploration


The approaches to the interpretation of shallow electrical exploration results are discussed. A method for eliminating spatial quasi-conformal distortions in soil resistivity measurements is offered.



Shilov V. V., Pekar’ S. V. The experience of reflex-radar dust level meters application in dust bunkers


The results of the trial operation of VM 100i reflex-radar dust level meter for dust bunkers of IRKUTSKENERGO Power Plant # 9 are discussed.



Fyodorov V. K. Stand-alone sprinklers with enhanced functionality


Comparative performance of stand-alone fire extinguishing systems and plants is discussed. The solutions for their performance enhancement are offered. Preliminary testing data are included.



Khurtsilava A. C., Japaridze T. D., Darsadze N. S., Maisashvili M. V. The instrument for on-stream automatic butter humidity measurement and control


The paper describes an instrument for measuring and automatic control of butter humidity in process of its continuous manufacture and a capacitance butter humidity sensor.



Kuznetsov E. N. An automated equipment for high precision resistors’ TCR measurement


Performance data of a precision ЕСК meter are adduced. The instrument employs a double bridge as a metering circuit and a V2-39 voltmeter as an offset meter. The development prospect for the relative resistance measurement equipment with the standard deviation and noneliminated systematic error about 3×10–8 is discussed.



Shakhov E. K. S∆-ADC: oversampling, quantization noise shaping, and subsampling


The paper overviews the design concepts and the background of key signal conversion processes in last generation integrating ADCs named S∆-ADCs.







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