Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 11, November 2007 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Yarushkina N. G., Makeev A. S., Stetsko A. A. Telecommunications traffic simulation system based on measurements and qualitative assessments


A system for corporate network traffic simulation using qualitative assessments is considered. The systemís objective is the correction of standard routing protocols.



Gracheva N. O., Kiselev S. K. Measurement assurance of strain measurement system


Destination, components and generic operation algorithm of a strain measurement system are described. Based on existing regulations, the metrological characteristics of systemís measuring channels are selected and their determination techniques are proposed.



Shishkin V. V., Ulybin V. V. The design of multi-task real-time operating systems for aircraft instrumentation systems


The paper proposes an approach to the development of hard real-time operating systems for aircraft instrumentation complexes based on two kernel architecture and double planning. The approach ensures rigid time requirements at minimum development costs.



Semyonov A. V., Yefimov I. P. Computer modeling of feathered helicopter velocity sensor


The investigation results of a pressure-tube meter for helicopterís velocity vector are presented.The meter is a feathered receiver of total and static pressure. The means to generate aerodynamic corrections in the air signal systemís calculator are offered.



Yershov A. M., Maslov A. A., Sovlukov A. S., Fateev V. Y., Yatsenko V. V. Radiofrequency concentration measurement of technological water solutions


Radiofrequency resonant TEM transmission line-based devices for concentration measurement of technological water solutions are proposed and studied. Their sensors are screened TEM line sections with U-type inner conductors. The two-channel scheme of a radiofrequency measuring device is considered. Experimental results for some water solutions are included.



Myasnikov V. I., Smirnov A. V. A model of oil wellís annuity acoustics


An electrical model of oil producerís annuity acoustics is developed as a bandwidth filter with the 3 Hz resonant frequency. The results of experiments at oil wells are presented.



Volchikhin V. I., Goryachev V. Ya., Shatova Yu. A. Reducing angular displacement sensors with traveling magnetic field


The paper describes the design and the operation principle of phase sensors with electromagnetic reduction and traveling magnetic field ensuring high resolution and improved reliability. A procedure for evaluating sensorís electrical parameters that allows to obtain its transfer function is discussed.



Kosinsky A. V., Rezyan A. D. Calculating the errors of transformer-type angular displacement sensor


The partial errors of transformer-type angular position sensor with pulsating field and two fixed coils are investigated. The comparison with similar errors of a sensor with a single fixed coil is undertaken.



Dudkin V. A., Ivantsov D. S., Dudkin S. V. Complex frequency response of electrodynamic seismic sensors


The paper discusses a methodology for calculating frequency response of geophone-type seismic sensors with vertical sensitivity axis using electrical equivalent circuit. The methodology allows for sensorís actual electrical parameters.



Raspopov V. Ya. Microelectromechanical systems


Lecture 13. Gyroscopes: design concepts, architecture, characteristics



Riazanov A. V., Dokichev A. N. Sensing elements based on cast microware


Cast microware-based sensing elements for gas composition sensors are described. They demonstrate low power consumption and high sensitivity.



Serebryakov D. I., Krivulin N. P. Simulation of luminous flux distribution in an optical system including an interface of media with different refraction factors


Simulation results of a luminous flux distribution in the space of a fiber-optic liquid level transducer are presented. The relationship between the output signal intensity and the design factor of an optical sensing element is established.



Nikonenko V. A., Nedelíko A. Yu., Kropachev D. Yu. Optical fiber in an optical pyrometer system


Basic principles of fiber-optic technology, features and opportunities of its application in analog measuring system design are discussed. The designs of optical pyrometer systems with optical fiber are described.


Domrachev V. G., Isaev V. M. The evolution of secondary power supply for special-purpose equipment


State of the art in secondary power supply systems for special-purpose electronics is considered and some development issues of electronic power supply modules and their components are formulated.



Levin V. I. Claude Elwood Shannon. Part 2. Work style and  contribution to science and technology


The creation story and the content of C.E. Shannonís works in the field of cryptography, probability methods, artificial intelligence, reliability, etc. are overviewed. Shannon is characterized as a scientist and individual, the impact of his works is evaluated.







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