Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 11, November 2010 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Andrienko A. Ya., Chadaev A. I. Principles action of control system by passive returning to the Earth of space vehicles


With reference to a problem of increase of safety of orbital flights control principles by passive returning to the Earth space objects - on the basis terminal control of a flexible (cable) sheaf are analyzed. The offered algorithm of control of a sheaf is based on the minimum information on a current condition of a sheaf (from gauges of force of a tension and length of the part of a cable winded from the coil) and allows to deliver space object to the Earth at comprehensible to weight of a cable and duration of operation of returning.

Keywords: terminal control, safety of orbital flights, passive returning to the Earth, cable connections.



Arbuzov V. P., Larkin S. E., Lukjanovez O. A., Mishina M. A. Measurings chains of capacity sensors with the temporal division of channels


In clause the reasons of occurrence of an error in measuring circuits of capacitor gauges with switching channels are analysed. It is offered to provide an invariance of factors of a negative feedback for indemnification of an error as from nonideality used for transformation of capacity of the gauge to a pressure of the operational amplifier, and presence of capacity of a cable of communication. The calculated value of an error from nonideality the used scheme of comparison in all dynamic range of change of controllable physical parameter has not exceeded 0,045 %.

Keywords: transforming error, correction of error, measuring circuit, temporary division channels.



Abanin V. A., Abanina E. A., Privalov G. A. Improvement on methods and mean of measurement the force parameters in the field of testing technique


This paper is presented the results of research aimed to improve the method of measurement the force parameters in the field of testing technique by means of creating the single-and-multi component force strain gauges increased precision and great potentialities.

Keywords: force strain gauge, physics model, imitative modelling, experimental research, metrology support.



Babayev S. S. Indirect and compensating measuring of parameters of electric power objects’ electrical signals


Indirect and compensating measuring of amplitude and frequency of energy objects’ signals questions are reviewed, new methods and algorithms of measuring are offered, comparative analysis is done, recommendation for usage are given.

Keywords: electrical signal, sinusoidal voltage, measurement, amplitude, frequency.



Gromov V. S., Shestimerov S. M., Uvaisov S. U. High-precision transistor temperature sensor


The high-precision transistor sensor of temperature, structurally executed as the monolithic integrated circuit with a forward-biased p-n-junctions, is considered in the article. In a first, implemented in the sensor circuit solutions that gives an increas-shennuyu sensitivity to temperature. The article deals with the metrological and operational characteristics of the transistor temperature sensor in comparison with the characteristics of foreign similar sensors.

Key words: temperature, the primary converter, transistor sensor, the measuring system.



Farrakhov R. G., Mukhamadiev A. A. A universal pyrometer for measuring high temperatures in the industry


Describes a universal fiber-optic pyrometer for measuring high temperatures (1000-3000 K) in the industry, combining the functions of monochromatic pyrometer and pyrometer the spectral ratio. As a selective filter is used acoustooptic tunable filter.

Keywords: universal pyrometer, acoustooptic tunable filter, monochromatic, spectral ratio.



Polyakov A. V. Measurement of oxygen concentration by fiber-optical recirculation sensor


The design of the quasi-distributed measuring device intended for determine of oxygen concentration is offered. Sensitive elements are section of the optical fiber, rigidly connected with ferromagnetic strips. The measurement principle is based on magnetostriction effect, leading change of length and a refraction index of a fiber, and consequently, to change of recirculation frequency. The control of concentration is carried out in several space points on various wavelengths. The measurement error of concentration amounts units of percent.

Key words: quasi-distributed fiber-optical sensor, oxygen concentration, recirculation frequency, magnetostrictive effect.



Yusupbekov N. R. Gulyamov Sh. M., Bandenok E. Yu., et al. Gas diffusion water-repelling electrodes for determination of carbon oxide concentration in gas mixtures


The offered way of the determination to concentrations of the oxides of carbon in gas mixture, founded on electro chemical method of the gas analysis allowing provide the required metrological features a gas analyzer.

Key words: gas analysis, electrochemical measuring method, determination of carbon oxide concentration, electrochemical cell.



Baranov A. M., Ivanov M. A., Savkin A. V., et al. An autonomous wireless sensor node for monitoring of combustible gas leakages


In the first time we have investigated the capability development of the methane sensor node equipped ZigBee wireless transceiver and had the long–term of autonomous work. The gas detection is based on the catalytic bead sensor that worked in the periodic mode. On the based of obtained experimental results the estimations of portable battery life were given in the various modes of operation.

Keywords: wireless methane sensor node, periodic mode, autonomous power supply, power consumption estimation.



Kazachkov Yu. P. Fiber optical light generation distributed sensor of optical radiation


The theory of fiber optical light generation distributed sensor of optical radiation is proposed. Basic formulae for its design supported by experimental results are presented.

Keywords: fiber optical sensor, fiber light guide, detection of optical radiation.



Kapgapoltsev V. P. Requirements to flow devices for water counters and flow meters


Main requirements to flow verifying devices are presented. The design of service flow device UPSZh-50 is considered as an example.

Keywords: recording of volume flow rate of liquids, verifying devices, metrological base.



Volkov V. Yu., Batyshkina V. V., Bashir S. A. Virtual system of atmospheric air condition monitoring of Novomoskovsk city (Tula region)


A virtual automated system of environmental monitoring of Novomoskovsk city (Tula region) is suggested to be used in order to improve information reliability related to air polution collected in real time.

Keywords: measuring system, sensors, system, virtual system, data transmission, air, the concentration of pollutants.

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