Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 11, November 2011 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Funtikov V. A., Nadeev D. N., Ivanov A. I. The set of gauges entropy estimation taking into consideration their data correlation


It is shown that the account of potential possibilities of the neuronet processing of the set of gauges controlling some complicated multidimensional process, can be estimated using an estimation of their overall entropy. For this purpose it is necessary to estimate average entropy of a considered field of gauges and also average value of the module of pair correlation coefficient of data from gauges outputs. There is the interrelation nomographic chart of the set of gauges entropy value as a function of gauges amount and average value of their pair correlation modules.

Keywords: biometry, biometry-code converter, dependent data entropy, Hemming distances distribution entropy.



Larionov V. A. Approximation methods for inverse functions of smart sensors


Comparative analysis of approximation methods for inverse transformation functions of smart sensors for technology-intensive production was carried out. The advantage of uniform approximation method is shown. Proportional approximation method is proposed.

Keywords: smart sensors, approximation.



Arbuzov V. P., Larkin S. Ye., Mishina M. A. The converter of capacitive sensor informative parameter to voltage


The measuring circuit with phase division of the cannels, providing transforming of any informative parameter both differential and quasidifferential capacitive sensors to voltage, is considered. Basis functions systems for transforming of each informative parameter are offered.

Keywords: differential capacitor the gage, transforming error, correction of error, measuring circuit, temporary division channels.



Olejnik A. I. Synthesis of model of air pressure in any points of the field of pressure of the plane


Questions of construction of mathematical model of air pressure on an exit of gages of pressure of the plane are considered. The model is based on the theory of a flow of a body of the known geometrical form by an ideal liquid (gas). Thus it is supposed that pressure gages can settle down in any place on a plane fuselage.

Keywords: air pressure, mathematical model, pressure gages, field of pressure.



Bessonov A. S. Use of simulation by software development of the computer-based control system of the ring laser resonators


Features of use of simulation are considered by software development of the computer-based control system of the ring laser resonators which are base of angular velocity transducers.

Keywords: simulation model, computer-based control system, software development, ring laser resonator.



Remontov A.P., Chuvykin B.V., Ter-Arakelyan R.G. Spline-wavelet filtration algorithms realization based on closed type continuous-discrete structures


This article tells about the use questions of the filters spline-wavelet ADC for the wavelet algorithms realization. They show the common calculation formulas and the example of the analog-digital filter synthesis, which makes Haar’s wavelet algorithm.

Keywords: spline, wavelet, analog-digital filter, Haar.



Afonin S. M. Absolute stability automatic control system for deformation electroelastic actuator


Problems of using criteria absolute stability of automatic control systems for deformation electroelastic actuator for nano- and microdisplacements are discussed. Main features and principles of absolute stability of these systems are given.

Keywords: electroelastic actuator, piezoactuator, control systems for deformation, principles of absolute stability, nano- and microdisplacements.



Nikolaev Yu. N., Pinigin M. A., Pavlovsky I. V., Samoylenko P. V., Laws of organic alcohols adsorption on semiconductor surfaces


Basic laws of alcohol signal variation dependence from its molecular structure (molecular weight, space isomerism, number of atoms in particular alcohol molecule, double bond or aromatic ring) for the purpose of subsequent extrapolation of these laws to high-molecular organic compounds (enzymes, vitamins, etc.) were considered for the first time. All experiments were carried out on multisensory gas analyzer GANK-4RBN with eight sensors: two semiconductor ones, one thermochemical, and five targeted electrochemical ones oriented to measurements of particular substances: NO, SO2, CO, formaldehyde, and NO2.

Keywords: adsorption, laws of influence, alcohols, semiconductor surfaces.



Odintsov M. V., Nepomnyashchy O.V. Nondestructive control problems in aluminum ingots casting


Methods and facilities of nondestructive control of aluminum ingots in continuous casting process were considered. Problems of high temperature nondestructive control were revealed. Conclusions on the use of modern methods, trends and facilities of nondestructive acoustic control of high temperature processes were formulated.

Keywords: crystallizer, ultrasound sensor.



Mukhamadiev A. A., Farrakhov R. G. The static characteristic, sensitivity and resolution of acoustooptic a pyrometer


The circuit diagram acoustooptic a pyrometer is resulted and the principle of its action is described. The static characteristic, sensitivity and resolution acoustooptic a pyrometer is considered. Mathematical dependences of the given characteristics are received and on their basis schedules are constructed.

Keywords: acoustooptic a pyrometer, the static characteristic, sensitivity, resolution.



Viktorov R. V., Kolmogorov V. S., Krechetov D. G., et al. Adaptive filtration of the signal at registration of pass of the underwater swimmer


Possibility of use of an adaptive filtration in volume gauges of movement of security systems of water area of interference type at detection of the underwater swimmer is considered. Results of experiments in sea conditions on allocation of a signal from pass of the underwater swimmer with use of the adaptive filter are resulted (shown).

Keywords: the adaptive filter, field of interference, underwater swimmer detection.



GolyaevYu. D., Zapotilko N. R., Nedzvetskaya A. A. et al. Laser gyros with the increased time of the continuous operation


This report is devoted to the Zeeman laser gyros with the long operation without interrupts in the output information. It is required while the Zeeman laser gyros are applied in the inertial navigation systems working in a wide temperature range on the vehicles with a high dynamic range. The goal of our investigations was to make stable the laser gyro resonator perimeter.

Keywords: ring laser, laser gyro, perimeter control system.



Poltavskiy A. V., Maklakov V. V., Borodulya V. M., et al. Monitoring of coordinates for modules of unrigged phased antenna array


Coherent method for realizing of the device for modules-units start monitoring of phased antenna array is suggested. Application area of the coherent method includes radar systems with improved special selectivity within systems for the detection of poorly-observable objects and for monitoring at the environment of advanced multi-functional pilotless flying apparatuses. Device of selective detection of poorly-obsevvable objects in radar systems of on-board control set at pilotness flying apparatuses is considered.

Keywords: antenna, radar system, phased antenna array.



Novikov S. G., Korneev I. V., Gurin N. T., et al. Photoelectric transducer of angular parameters


Photoelectric angle transducer based on silicon position-sensitive photodetector of arc shape was developed. Basic transducer characteristics were studied: output signal dependence from rotation angle and also from light intensity. Features of transducer functioning in positive temperature range from 25 to 60 °C were determined.

Keywords: angular phototransducer, position-sensitive photodetector, arc shape.



Morozov V. P. Sensor of the weak-signal unsymmetry in semiconductive structures


The sensor of the unsymmetrical conductivity in semiconductive structures influenced by weak bipolar signals is described. Sensor is built on the base of analog integrator timed synchronously with alternate testing signal.

Keywords: semiconductive structures, weak currents, analog integration.



Ishmatov A. N., Akhmadeev I. R., Vorozhtsov B. I., et al. Laser measurement unit for studies of high concentration liquid-drop aerosols


The problem of influence of multiple scattering of light on measurements results in dispersion study of high concentration liquid-drop aerosols by small angle scattering method with laser measurement unit was solved by optical path shortening what ensures the decrease of registration beginning time from 30 to 8 milliseconds.

Keywords: laser measurement unit, dispersion measurement, multiple scattering of light, high concentration liquid-drop aerosol.



Kneller V. Yu., Fayans A. M. General methods of quantities tranformation: revealing and systematization


A regular approach to the revealing and systematization of possible general methods of transformation physical quantities - the base for the construction of sensors, instruments and systems is considered. It allows to submit collection of revealed methods as a logical and transparent in their structure, and the procedure of constructing a hierarchical classification system that reflects the origins, relationships, characteristics and capabilities of these methods. Approach is also applicable for revealing and systematization of implementation methods of other purposeful processes.

Keywords: purposeful processes, quantities transformation, methods of transformation, systematization

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