Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 12, December 2004 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Kirianaki N.V., Yurish S.Yu. An information-measuring system for frequency sensor data acquisition and processing


The paper describes a multifunctional information-measuring system for acquisition and processing of time-and-frequency parameters of electric signals based on new high-precision techniques of frequency-, period-, frequency ratio-, phase shift- and duty cycle-to-code conversion. The system’s performance attributes and the simulation results are presented.



Dikmarova L.P., Nichoga V.A., Dub P.B. On the possibility of non-contact evaluation of buried pipelines corrosion


The problems of determining such pipe corrosion-related parameters as superposed polarization current density and polarization conductivity are considered. The paper shows that the non-contact measurement of underground pipeline current distribution allows to draw a conclusion about the possibility of corrosion processes in insulation fault places.



Sergheev V.A. Thermistor error estimation in VHF power measurements with substitution technique


The paper examines methodical error evaluation under VHF power measurement by substitution technique due to inhomogeneous heat dissipation inside a thermistor. For the body-of-rotation-type meters the method of the engineering evaluation of the error in accordance with the measurement of average specific conductivity of the thermistor material is offered. The formulae for error under various approximations are given. The level of power under measurement, up to which the error–power relationship can be considered as practically linear is also determined.



Len’kov S.V. Sine-wave acceleration signal amplitude measurement in a vibration diagnosis system with the help of FFT and signature spectral analysis


The measurement error at metrology tests of machinery vibration diagnosis systems is analyzed. The methodical error of sine-wave signal amplitude definition a with the help of a FFT and method of its elimination is considered. The effect of the charge amplifier noise and of ADC quantization noise on the error is examined. The equations for selecting the ADC capacity and the duration of signal realization are derived.



Lukashevich M.F., Orobey I.O., Kuz’mitsky I.F. A measuring device for polymers permittivity and dielectric losses


A circuit of a measuring device for polymers permittivity is offered. The device’s mathematical model and a formula for permittivity computation are derived.



Zyubin V.E., Kotov V.N., Kotov N.V., Kurochkin A.V., Lubkov A.A., Lylov S.A., Okunishnikov S.V., Petukhov A.D. A control module for silicon crystal growing unit


The paper discusses the implementation of a base module of a digital control system of a silicon crystal growing unit. The unit enables to grow the crystals up to 250 mm by withdrawing from the melt. Key design concepts and engineering solutions implemented in the control system’s hard- and software are expounded.



Bevzov A.N. Design patterns application in the development of an automated silicon crystals growing unit


Software design for an automated silicon crystals growing unit is described. The evolution of design patterns application at different stages of the unified design process is considered.



Bezsteinov I.I., Budnikov K.I., Okunishnikov S.V. Operation engineer’s software for a silicon crystals growing unit


The paper describes the functionality and structure of a software system for an operation engineer of silicon crystals growing units.



Bevzov A.N., Kurochkin A.V., Okunishnikov S.V. Process operator’s software for a silicon crystals growing unit


The paper describes the functionality, structure and basic design concepts of a software system for a process operator of silicon crystals growing units.



Tatmyshevsky K.V. Classification and application features of mechano-luminescence pressure sensors


The classification of mechano-luminescence pressure sensors and the specificity of their output optical signals are discussed.



Bartenev V.G. Digital temperature sensors and their application


The paper overviews digital temperature sensors – a new class of integrated circuits. It adduces the examples of digital sensors applications in energy conservation, medicine, and temperature monitoring of distributed plants.



Barinov I.N. Semi-conductor sensing element based on silicon-on-insulator structure for high-temperature pressure transducer


The construction and layout of a pressure transducer’s sensing element based on SOI structure are examined. The advantages of silicon direct bonding method as against the recrystallization, SIMOX, and Smart-Cut SOI methods are demonstrated. The SOI structure-based technology of sensing element production with direct bonding is offered.



Tikhonov R.D. The investigation of bipolar magnetotransistors with base in well


Voltage-current characteristics are measured on a series of test lateral bipolar magnetotransistors, formed in diffusion base located in a diffusion well (BMTBW) on a silicon wafer. It is shown that when choosing the BMTBW with certain structure parameters and joining the contacts of base and well, the transistor demonstrates an operation threshold. This depends on base and well doping level, as well as on the geometry of transistor elements. Relative BMTBW sensitivity with respect to current depends on magnetic induction, and increases in weak magnetic fields. With the change of the emitter current, the sign of relative magnetic sensitivity with respect to current changes. The maximum magnetosensitivity of BMTBW with respect to current at low magnetic field is 2´103 Т–1.



Khadjy P.I., Koroway A.V., Markov D.A. Thin semi-conductor film as a basic element of a device generating ultrashort pulses of laser laser emission


The possibility of using thin semi-conductor films as a basic element for a device, which generates single ultrashort pulses of laser radiation in the case of two incident short pulses is considered. The possibility of controlling the parameters of generated pulses through the incident pulses parameters is proved.



Stetsyura G.G. A way of high-power output signals formation by micropower sources


A way of data transmission from their sources to a remote data acquisition center through an optical channel without generating high-power output signals is offered.



Koptev V.S., Sychev G.I. Mean value theorem in energy accounting


The paper discusses how to allow for possible dynamic errors in the design of transducers and measuring systems for energy accounting and their testing for the compliance with the normalized dynamic behavior.



Van Biesen L., Kemény T., Röske D. Non-governmental cooperation in measurement and instrumentation


The paper presents IMEKO objectives, informs on its structure and financial background, publications and the activities of its 20 Technical Committees. It discusses the future World Congresses, different scientific services, membership development, events and co-sponsorships.










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