Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 12, December 2005 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Kasimov A.M., Mamedli E.M., Chernyavsky L.T., et al. Circuitry solutions for a backup channel hardware of a command device set in an aircraft control system


The paper discusses circuitry solutions for a backup channel of a combined aircraft control system. The channel provides the processing and correction of the data from fluidic apparent velocity sensors according to the specified algorithm.



Balakin S.V., Sterligov D.V. Modeling of dynamic errors of a liquid-propellant rockets fuel level meter


The paper describes the methodology of analytical modeling of dynamic components of fuel tank level measuring error at capacitance sensor measurements with liquid fuel build-up on the surfaces of incremental level transducers. The algorithm and a variant of a dynamic errors simulation program are presented.



Papko A.A. On realizability postulates of specific dynamic behavior and vibrostability of precision low-frequency accelerometers


The problems of providing the desired dynamic behavior and the vibrostability of balancing transform accelerometers are discussed. The paper proves that accelerometer’s dynamic behavior depends not so much on how the correcting link is connected as on whether the link belongs to direct or inverse transformation circuits. The results of synthesizing the correcting devices that enable dynamic behavior adjustment for the accelerometers with deep negative feedback are included. It is shown that the ways of dynamic behavior optimization based on the estimates of the output signal compliance with specific requirements do not ensure positive results in real-life devices where components operation is limited by the finite values of displacements, supply voltages, power, etc.



Raspopov V.Ya., Dmitriev A.V. The design of a single-rotor optoelectronic gyrocoordinator


An integrated approach to the design of a single-rotor optoelectronic gyrocoordinator is described. An analytical overview of possible target coordinator design techniques is presented. Calculation and design factor selection procedure for a single-rotor gyroccodinator is expounded.



Pogorelov V.A. A stochastic model of correctable platformless navigation system


The paper offers a solution to the problem of noise-immune platformless navigation system correction. The system’s measuring complex includes 3 accelerometers, 3 laser angular velocity sensors and 2 Doppler speed sensors.



Ivakhnenko D.L., Badian I.I., Podust D.P. Unified display and recording facilities for electric locomotive diagnostics


A unified microprocessor-based display, recording, and diagnosis system for ac and dc locomotives is presented.



Vanyushev B.V., Yemelianov E.L., Potashnikov A.K., Frolov V.A. An automated system for current collectors diagnosis in rolling-stock


The results of an automated system development for rolling-stock current collectors diagnosis are presented. A control algorithm for lifting mechanism control is proposed that allows for its dynamics and resonant characteristics. System’s operation algorithms and performance attributes are included.



Balashov K.E., Donis E.O. The improvement of calibration techniques for piezoelectric quick-changing pressure sensors


A method for piezoelectric quick-changing pressure sensors calibration is discussed. The method allows to simplify the calibration procedure and improve the accuracy and the productivity of evaluation tests for piezoelectric quick-changing pressure sensors.



Afonin S.M., Afonin P.S. Steady-state and dynamic characteristics of sectional nanodisplacement piezoactuators


Steady-state and dynamic characteristics of sectional piezoactuators are examined under longitudinal and transverse piezoelectric effects. The characteristics of both simple and sectional piezoactuators are modeled.



Lupey A.G. Some problems of modern heat meter-building


Metrological and economic consequences of poor quality instruments application for commercial heat accounting are outlined.



Anisimov D.L. Wide application experience of heat meters


The experience of massive application of heat meters is discussed as well as their usage in energy conservation programs, choice criteria, and exploiting features.



Lichko A.A., Nesterenko B.N., Suslov V.Ya., Gaptrakhmanov R.R. Temperature effect accounting in household gas meters


A method for accounting the influence of temperature on the readings of household gas meters without temperature compensation is expounded. A technique taking into account the heat exchange through building’s exterior wall at the section between the wall and the sensor is offered. The calculation results meet satisfactorily the experimental data.



Burdunin M.N., Varghin A.A., Osipov Yu.N. On durability estimation techniques for protection sleeves of heat meters’ temperature transducers


The recommendations are made on creating the environment minimizing the losses caused by sleeves disintegration factors such as forced resonance oscillations and hydraulic shocks.



Murashov V.M. Aerotest-R – a high pressure pneumatic rotameter


The paper describes Aerotest-R – a domestic high-precision pneumatic length meter of rotameter type. Its operation schemes in rotameter mode, performance characteristics, and the limits of its measuring system’s basic relative error in various measurement ranges are presented.



Delsing J., Lindgren P. Sensor communication technology towards ambient intelligence


The reviews the development of sensors and sensor data communication. A brief historical introduction is given followed by a discussion of sensor network architectures. Further, realistic specifications of sensor devices suitable for ambient intelligence and ubiquitous computing are given. Based on these specifications, the status and current front line development are discussed. In total, it is shown that future technology for ambient intelligence based on sensor and actuator devices using standard Internet communication is within range of possibilities within five years.








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