Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 12, December 2007 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Agamalov Yu. R. Features and design opportunities of multifunctional measuring subject to verifiability criterion


Design features of complex multifunctional measuring devices are examined subject to verifiability criterion as a way to simplify the calibration procedure and facilitate its automation. Implementation opportunities are evaluated with a case study of multifunctional immitance meters.



Bobylev D. A. Phase-sensitive transformations invariant to additive noise represented by a finite-degree polynomial


The paper discusses the synthesis of lattice and piecewise constant reference signals for phase-sensitive transformation ensuring its invariance to a disturbance represented by finite-degree polynomial. The analysis of its selective properties is undertaken with the case study of exponential transients and power disturbance rejection in impedance parameter meters. The ways to apply the obtained results for solving wider selective problems are also included.



Golídin D. A., Chesnokov A. M. Application of artificial intelligence methods in informating-controlling computer complexes of stand-alone technical systems


Structural and functional features of stand-alone informating-controlling systems are examined. New properties and qualities which such systems should have are identified. The ways to support the operation of such systems with human operator are considered. The problems of intelligent user interface are discussed.



Gusev V. G., Demin A. Yu., Mirina T. V. Electrical modes for estimating biophysical objects' state


The paper suggests to use electrical mode in impedance metering where electrical energy of fixed power is introduced into the object under investigation. This opens up new opportunities for estimating the state of biophysical and technical objects.



Timoshenkov S. P., Kalugin V. V., Zotov S. A. The development of micromechanical accelerometer technology


The paper discusses a technology for manufacturing a micromechanical accelerometer (MMA) with capacitor system of signals determination intended for measuring linear accelerations of mobile objects. The developed basic process modes of ММА formation are presented.


Mokrov E. A., Tikhonov A. I., Shamrakov A. L., Gherasimov O. N. Force-sensor washer


With the case of a force-sensor washer the paper discusses a practically realizable variant of transverse strain effect application.



Golub V. S. Microcircuit temperature sensors


Design concepts of semiconductor temperature sensors implemented as integrated circuit with embedded and external sensing elements and analog or digital output. The sensors from Analog Devices are described as well as new circuitry for sensors.



Grishin A. A. High temperature properties of platinum RTD


The results of platinum RTD testing undertaken for determining maximum allowable working temperature and other design data are considered.



Larin K. V., Shishkin V. V., Yelíkin S. I. Design automation of integrated electronic indication and signaling systems for aircraft


The paper describes the design technology for aircraft integrated electronic indication and signaling systems and the underlying toolkits. The application of this technology enables the implementation of many projects by the limited number of engineers.



Shishkin V. V., Cherkashin S. V. An automated design system for diagnostic insurance of integrated electronic indication and signaling systems of aircraft


The paper outlines an automated design system for diagnostic insurance of integrated electronic indication and signaling systems of aircraft. The system is used in automated ground systems of aircraft equipment inspection.



Semenov A. V. A mathematical model for generating helicopterís airspeed vector components


The paper describes the algorithms for calculating airspeed vector components based on the readings of free-oriented airspeed head placed in the helicopterís inductive main rotor stream subject to inductive streamís model and on-board sensors location.



Yarushkina N. G., Afanasieva T. V. Fuzzy time series as a tool for process dynamics evaluation and measurements


The paper discusses the formulation and the solution scheme of process dynamics interpretation problem where the process states at fixed time points are specified by single parameterís values forming a time series. An approach to the problemís solution for various process classes based on fuzzy time series is possible and expedient, and demonstrates structural and functional generality.



Kneller V. Yu. Physical values transformation: specificity, relationships with other processes, and the methods for basic problems solution


Generic knowledge systematization problems for physical quantities transformation (PQT) process are discussed. The transformation process is understood as a process of physical realization of desirable causal relationship between the quantities. Event transformation process is the essence of purposeful action comprising, in particular, PQT, measurement, control, monitoring, and other processes. Based on its analysis, the paper reveals intrinsic relationships of these processes and generic methods for their implementation. At the structural level not related with specific physical nature of the quantities involved, it identifies the methods for solving primary PQT tasks such as establishing the desirable casual relationship between quantities and reducing the effect of undesirable factors on this relationship. The upper levels of deductive classifications of such methods are proposed, and the recommendations for their enhancement are made. The paperís important feature is an attempt of deductive, logically transparent inference and systematization of knowledge under consideration based on the knowledge from higher levels of consideration.







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