Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 12, December 2008 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Bulkin D. D., Sokolov G. A. Contactless thermal flowmeter for gas-liquid flow measurement


The structure of a thermal flowmeter for gas-liquid flows is presented, its operation principles and algorithms are described. Experimental investigations results and approximations for flow calculation equations are included. Metrological performance is estimated for the flow measurements of various fractions.



Kuznetsov A. A., Konopasov N. G. Probe sensor and a system of probe measurements of meteotron flame


A double movable probe is used for investigating meteotronís large-scale naked flame. The characteristics of a probe sensor and probe measurement system in meteotron flame are substantiated, chosen and presented. The constraints imposed by aggressive flame medium on experiment technique are  examined and allowed for. Probe current graphs are included.



Kozlov V. L. Wavelength measurement system for dual-line laserís radiation


A wavelength measurement system for dual-line laserís radiation is described. The system is based on optoelectronic recirculation at 2 optical wavelengths with fiber-optic lightguide as a dispersion element.



Pashchenko F. F., Torshin V. V. A multifunctional transducer of physical parameters


A versatile sensor based on a new method of omnipresent electrical potential generation in a conductor placed in spiral magnetic field is examined. The circuits for practical implementation of the proposed method are developed. Some experimental relationships describing the technique of output electrical potential generation are demonstrated. Recommendations on sensor design for various physical quantities are made.



Kalinin A. P., Troshin K. Ya., Orlov A. G., Rodionov A. I. Hyperspectrometer as a monitoring and investigation system for nurning and explosion processes


A laboratory-made hyperspectrometer intended for remote sensing of reflected, scattered, and emitted light at 3 m distance is outlined. The paper shows that the developed hyperspectrometer can be effectively used for monitoring and investigation of burning and explosion processes as well as for measuring the time dependence of fluorescence during burning or explosion.



Kryshtal R. G. The analysis of volatiles with a thermoelectric cooler and SAW gas sensors without selective coatings


A simples device for component analysis of volatile chemical compounds is offered. The device is based on a ribbed structure cooled by thermoelectric cooler on the basis of Peltier element combined with a SAW gas sensor without selective coating. The design of sensor mock-up and of the measurement system with SAW sensor based on waveguide delay circuit with operating frequency 486 MHz is presented. Experimental results demonstrating the deviceís operational integrity are included.



Djezhora A. A., Rubanik V. V., Savchuk V. K., Kuzminich A. V. Capacitive sensors for electroconductive liquid level


The methods for capacitive sensor accuracy improvement are outlined.



Shatunovsky O. V. Pressure sensors for the systems with self-contained power supply


The ways to decrease power consumption of piezoresistive pressure sensors are discussed.



Amirov S. F., Sattarov Kh. A. Induction sensor for angular accelerations


The paper examines the design and the operation principle of a new induction seismic sensor for angular accelerations as well as its static and characteristics.



Polyansky M. A. Application features of RTD and thermoelectric transducers


The features of temperature measurements with temperature transducers are examined subject to their manufacture, assembly, on-site installation and application.



Khamov A. A. Application of Smart Wireless solutions for process monitoring


The paper discusses the features of planning and implementation of wireless sensor networks at industrial enterprise and makes recommendations on the application of Smart Wireless solutions for process monitoring.



Ryzhov S. N. On web sites of sensor vendors


The structure of technical information on some  sensor types at web sites of several domestic and foreign vendors is discussed.



Nikolaev I. N., Kalinina L. N., Litvinov A. V. MIS sensors for hydrogen content measurements in 10Ė4Ö102 vol. % range


New types of MIS sensors which enable direct measurements of hydrogen concentration in a wider range (up to 10 vol. %) are developed. Their application combined with specialized sampling techniques allows to measure hydrogen concentrations up to 100 vol. %. Based on these MIS sensors, a new class of hydrogen analyzers can be developed for various applications in hydrogen power engineering.


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