Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 12, November 2009 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Dayev Zh. A. Flowmeter of variable differential pressure with extending device


It is suggested to use symmetrical sudden expansion of stream channel as a device for a creation of differential pressure in the pipeline for flow measurement. Theoretical basis for measuring method are presented.

Keywords: flowmeter, differential pressure, flow expansion.



Kulak S. M., Novikov V. F., Kostryukova N. K., et al. Magnetoelastic memory method for an evaluation of pipeline deformations in geodynamical zones


Contact magnetometric diagnostic method of stressed condition of underground pipelines in geodynamical zones is proposed which is based on magnetoelastic properties of metals. Prospects of contactless realization of this method are considered.

Keywords: pipelines, deformation, geodynamical zones, stress, magnetoelastic memory.



Mammadov U. Q. The combined devise for determination of density and viscosity of oil in stream


The methods of determination of the basic physical parameters of oil (density and viscosity) by single combined device directly in a stream are considered. A new method based on measurement of a fluid velocity in a tube for pendent condition of a ball and force acting on it is considered. Schemes realizing the considered method, and also the block diagram of the combined device used for determination of density and viscosity of oil are presented. The suggested scheme distinguishes by simple realization and reliability.

Keywords: density, viscosity, oil, ball, measuring tube, velocity, force.



Zatuliveter Yu. S., Toporischev A. V., Fischenko E. A., Khodakovskiy I. A. Principles of implementation of models improving reliability of the distributed calculations to programming system PARSEQ


A conceptual framework for the realization of improving the reliability of model calculations in the public resource of local and global networks is developed. Proposed realization of the model improving the reliability of distributed calculations is carried out on the stages of translation and layout of applications, by automatically including computational redundancy in the executable code. The required level of redundancy is determined with the use of estimates of reliability, functionally linking the parameters of the distributed processes and network resources. Used assessment are obtained during mathematical model validation improving software reliability computation methods.

Keywords: models, reliability enhancement, distributed computing, local and global networks, computing redundancy, translation and assembling, programming system PARSEQ.



Kaplun D. I. New approach to multi-channel digital filters design


The structure for implementation of multi-channel digital filtering – bank of digital filters with arbitrary number of channels on field-programmable gate arrays (FRGA) suggested.

Keywords: digital filters, digital filters bank, FIR filter, bandpass filter, field-programmable gate array, weighting window, spectrum, discrete Fourier transform.



Babayan R. R., Morozov V. P. Temperature fields calculation in hybrid integrated circuits


Mathematical model of thermal processes in hybrid integrated circuits is considered which allows decrease calculating time during design stage.

Keywords: hybrid integrated circuit, thermal processes, model, iteration method.



Makarov V. V., Volodin S. M. Adaptive converter of harmonic wave frequency to code


Block diagram of adaptive wideband converter of alternate harmonic voltages frequency to binary code is suggested. Adaptation algorithm is considered. Results of analysis of accuracy, conversion time, and time of initial adaptation are presented.

Keywords: converter “frequency – code”, automation, automation and control system, microcontrollers.



Vostrukhin A. V. Capacitance to PWM signal converter on AVR microcontroller


The description of measuring converter of capacitance to PWM signal designed on the base of AVR microcontroller is considered. The method of measurement of time constant of a RC-circuit is realized.

Keywords: microcontroller, measuring converter, capacitive sensor, comparator, binary code.



Blokin-Mechtalin Y. K. Digital strain-gauge converters and systems


Several types of precision, broadband digital strain-gauge converters and the measuring system based on VME standard are described. The measuring system allows study physical processes in a wide frequency range, in particular in experimental aerodynamics.

Keywords: strain-gauge converters, measurement limits, frequency range, fundamental error, measuring system, VME standard.



Timoshenkov S. P., Anchutin S. A, Morozova E. S., Shalimov A. S. Study of micromechanical accelerometer with capacity-to-voltage converter “xxxxChM2T”


Micromechanical accelerometer of capacitive type based on capacity-to-voltage converter “xxxxChM2T” developed by “Angstrom” public corporation is considered. Test results are presented.

Keywords: micromechanical accelerometer, converter “capacity-to-voltage”.


Kozlov V. L., Stecik V. M. Doppler measuring system of amplitude and frequency of vibrations based on semiconductor laser


Doppler measuring system of amplitude and frequency of vibration based on semiconductor laser and optical system of transmitter-receiver path for its realization are presented.

Keywords: semiconductor laser, Doppler effect, amplitude and frequency of vibration, optical heterodyning



Arkhipov A. V., Makarov Yu. N., Serebryakov D. I., Murashkina T. I. Multichannel fiber-optic level gauge and its manufacturing method


New multichannel fiber-optic level gauge (MCFOLG) designed on base of fiber-optic indicator of liquid level, intended for discrete measurement of liquid level in custom points of measurement range, having simple design and high reliability is considered. MCFOLG manufacturing method is developed.

Keywords: multichannel fiber-optic level gauge, liquid level, medium interface, fiber optic, optical bar with ball segment



Solodimov I. A. Wide range intelligent vacuum gauge


Methods of transformation of low pressure values to electric signal are considered. Design method of the vacuum gauge, combining thermal and ionization transformation methods is suggested. Elements of secondary circuit are integrated into sensor case, allowing a conversion of analog signal to digital code, linearization of conversion function, and also automatic error compensation.

Keywords: vacuum measurement methods, low pressure sensor, electronics block.



Ponomarev A. A., Skril J. V., Slobodyan M. S., Slobodyan S. M. Facility for study of high power laser effect to polymer structures

Facility intended for study of laser radiation effects and control of parameters of local laser action to polymer structures of different phase composition and spatial orientation is described. Obtained information allows evaluate physical, mechanical, and functional properties of structures. Short summary of facility technical characteristics is presented.

Keywords: high-speed laser-induced heating, polymer, automatic control.



Lara V., Petrov I., Tuzov A. Recommendations on Endevco accelerometers selection. Pt. 2


Application-oriented recommendations on Endevco accelerometers selection are made.

Keywords: vibration accelerometer, vibration parameters measurement.



Aleksandrov V. S., Taymanov R. E., Chunovkina A. G. Problems of metrological support of computerized measuring means


Problems arising in metrological support of computerized measuring means on development, manufacturing and operation stages are considered. Ways for solution of these problems are outlined taking into account the experience of D. I. Mendeleev All-Russian metrology research institute.

Keywords: interval between calibrations, self-control, software for measuring means.



Kirpichnikov A. P. Eye as intelligent sensor


Vision phenomenon and subset of image processing algorithms intrinsic to human eye are described in this paper. The conclusion on fundamental role of retina as video processor is made, new determination of eye’s micromotion role (as reflection of “algorithmic” retina topology) is proposed. The assumption about the direction of the evolution of human eye is expressed.

Keywords: video sensor, retina, video processor, vision, eye’s micromotion, tremor, microsaccades, retina topology, evolution.

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