Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 12, December 2010 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Kaperko A. F., Legostaev V. L. Software-hardware complex elements classification for strapdown inertial navigation


The paper presents the elements classification for strapdown inertial navigation systems. The hardware-software complex structure for strapdown inertial navigation and movement control system is overviewed. The description of main algorithms is given.

Keywords: strapdown inertial navigation system, movement control system, software-hardware complex, accelerometer, angular velocity sensor.



Ustuzhaninov V. N. The sensing elements based on bistable solid-state components for determination energy thresholds of the heavy charged particles in space


The theoretical estimations, principle functions and peculiarity technical realization sensing elements energy thresholds of heavy charged particles in space, caused LEU effects on spaceship electronics, are considered.

Keywords: heavy charged particles, single effects, sensing element.



Asadov H. H., Suleymanov N. M., Ibrahimov E. A. New method for synthesis of high accuracy three wavelength photometers for atmospheric researches


In the article the new method for synthesis of three-wavelength corrected photometers designated for atmospheric measurements have been suggested. It is shown, that the proper selection of correcting coefficients may lead to synthesis of photometers for measuring of various parameters of atmosphere.

Keywords: synthesis, photometer, atmosphere, aerosol, remote sensing.



Agamalov Y. R. Possibilities of descriptive and modular approaches application to multi-alternative electrical metering engineering systems design


The possibilities of descriptive and modular approaches application to design of electrical metering engineering systems with multyalternative structures are considered. The suggested complex approach permits to simplify the given system design and to reduce it to encoding of imposed to system requirements. On the purpose to formalization of procedures of its design the concept of an aim-function reflecting features of the design object alternates set and the concept of its structures choice criterions sets ensuring taking into account of imposed to it requirements are introduced.

Keywords: structures design, descriptive and modular approaches, aim-function, multi-alternative choice, choice criterions sets, data encoding.



Bobyljev D. A. Using polyharmonical test signal for increase of the speed of impedance meters / analysers


The opportunities of increase of the speed of a impedance meters/analysers by means of using a polyharmonical test signal are considered. The speed and interference protection of the same devices and traditional meters/analyzers with a harmonical test signal are compared. The results experiments are given.

Keywords: impedance measurements, phase-sensitive detection, polyharmonical test signal, frequency characteristic.



Vagin D. V., Kasatkin S.I., Polyakov P.A. Stripe magnetic field concentrators for magnetoresistive current sensors and Hall sensors


Results of theoretical analysis of an operability of new type magnetic field concentrators for magnetoresistive current sensors and Hall sensors in the shape of anisotropic ferromagnetic stripes above or under working conductors are presented. This analysis showed that the best results correspond to the case when easy magnetization axis of ferromagnetic film is directed along conductor's width.

Keywords: magnetoresistive sensors, magnetizations, magnetic field concentrators, amplification of magnetic field components.



Semenov V. S. Calculating thin film magnetic head parameters for digital writing


Parameter variation regions connecting magnetic layer and magnetic head characteristics are investigated. Thin film head calculation example for high-density hard magnetic disc is given.

Keywords: hard magnetic disc, thin film magnetic head, coercive force.



Murashko N. A., Murashko O.A. New method for broadband frequency measurement


New method for broadband frequency measurement based on simultaneous pulse counting of unknown (Fx) and counted (Fc) frequencies was studied. Expressions for calculations of frequency meters based on this method are presented.

Keywords: broadband frequency measurement, period duration, range.



Zharkov M. V. Multifunctional magnetostrictive transducer with robust data processing


Multifunctional magnetostrictive transducer, allowing to realize additional functional possibilities, is briefly considered.

Keywords: magnetostrictive transducer, robust data processing, mathematical model.



Babayev S. S. Methods of measuring of electrical power objects’ periodic non-sinusoidal electrical signals’ active value


Non-sinusoidal voltage variables’ active values measuring features are reviewed, new methods and measuring algorithms, using recommendations are given.

Keywords: electrical signal, effective value, higher harmonics, digital conversion, measurement.



Khmelev V. N., Abramenko D. S., Barsukov R. V., et al. The method of amplitude control of ultrasonic influence


The article is devoted to a problem of ultrasonic vibration amplitude control injected into technological environments. Vibrations amplitude defines effectiveness (quality and productiveness) of process realization. Possibility of vibrations amplitude measurement based on value of electric current in a “mechanical branch” of ultrasonic oscillatory system is shown. Results of experimental researches show effectiveness of presented method, possibility of influence amplitude stabilization and identification of using working tools.

Keywords: ultrasound, effective value, amplitude of ultrasonic vibrations, methods of measurements.



Vostrukhin A. V. The capacitor microcontroller sensor of rotation frequency


The microcontroller converter for the capacitor sensor of the rampart rotation frequency into frequency of rectangular pulses is considered.

Keywords: microcontroller, capacitive transducer, counter, RC-generator, rotation frequency, capacitance increment, conversion, code, sensitivity.



Andreev M. Ya., Bogolyubov B. N., Klyushin V. V., Rubanov I. L.  Low-frequency small-sized longitudinal flexural electroacoustical converter


Design description and results of measurements of main electroacoustical characteristics of developed low-frequency longitudinal flexural converter, applicative to the construction of flexible extended trailed emitting antenna, are presented.

Keywords: hydro-acoustic station (GAS) with flexible extended trailed antennae (FETA), low frequency projector.



Shilin A. N., Makartichyan S. V. The digital humidity control device of a parquet board in the course of its manufacture


It is considered digital dielectric humidity control device of a parquet board at its line production. The principle of device action is based on duple integration that allows to compensate a multiplicate measurement error.

Keywords: digital dielectric humidity meter, capacitive transducer.



Gromov V. S., Shestimerov S. M., Uvaisov S. U. Modern integrated semiconductor temperature sensors


The article provides an overview of integrated temperature sensors, based on the use of as the primary temperature converters into an electrical signal to the silicon resistors, diodes, transistors. Questions of construction of measuring systems using these transducers and the mechanisms of transformation temperature. Examples of practical implementation of silicon integrated temperature sensors domestic and foreign firms.

Keywords: temperature sensor, transistor sensor, thermocouple, an absolute thermometer silicon integrated sensor, a silicon resistor, a silicon diode, a silicon transistor, multiemitter transistor structure.

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