Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 1, January 2005 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Balakin S.V., Dyvak A.N., Filin V.M. A phase method of fuel level measuring in liquid-propellant rockets


The paper examines the problem of level meter development for fuel consumption control system. The meter must operate efficiently in the conditions of fuel level changes in a wide rocket velocity range. A method for precise bridge circuit impedance measurement based on measuring the carrier frequency phase of the bridge circuit signal with a tight inductive coupling is developed in the S.P.Korolyov Energy Rocket and Space Corporation of Russia. A variant of the level meterís functional design is included.



Velít I.D., Mikhailova Yu.V. Magnetic field formation for a flow structure inavriant electromagnetic flowmeter

The paper solves an analytical problem of forming a magnetic field in the flowmeter channel that ensures readings invariance on flow structure changes.



Tatmyshevsky K.V. Mechanoluminescent sensing element: a mathematical model and key performance attributes

The paper offers a mathematical model of optical radiation generation by a thin-film mechanoluminescent sensing element (MSE) operating on the principle of direct transformation of mechanical energy of elastoplastic deformation into optical radiation energy. The dynamic characterisitcs of MSE effected by pressure impulses with various parameters are examined.



Lyalin V.E., Lutfullin R.R., Milovzorov D.G. On matrix theory application in the modelling of inclinometric systems with ternary accelerometric sensors


The problems of matrix theory application in the mathematical modeling of inclinometric systems (IS) is discussed. The paper shows that the direction cosine matrix that describes individual planar rotations of the fundamental basis enables to obtain generalized statistical IS models that allow for small deflection angles of accelerometersí sensitivity axes from the basis axes of the downhole instrument body.



Venediktov A.Z., Palíchik O.V. Measuring the geometrics of compound cylinder objects


The paper discusses the topical industrial problem of objects geometrics measurements, in particular, for cylindric component parts. With the example of railway maintenance plant practice, it undertakes comparative analysis of the most popular non-contacts optical measurements. Based on the analysis results, it makes recommendations on triangulation principle application in a geometrics measuring system for freight car springs and discusses the methodology of acquired data reprocessing for improving the measuring systemís quality.



Popov V.S. Two approaches to relative error estimation


The paper shows that relative error of measuring instruments and measurement results should be expressed as a ratio of absolute error to the measurement result.



Nefediev D.I. Measurement assurance of dimensionless quantity sensors


The measurement assurance problems of dimensionless quantity sensors and the ways to solve them are discussed. The necessity of creating and applying standard instruments for dimensionless quantity sensors calibration with the opportunity of stand-alone traceability maintenance during the operational process is shown.



Soborover E I., Zyablov V.L. Element on a surface acoustic waves without sensing layer as a gas and gas mixture sensor. Part 1 Ė Individual gases and air


Investigation results of air and eleven gases pressure affect in vacuum on the resonance frequency of a solid-state device which is a delay circuit on surface acoustic waves (SAW) made from AT-cut quartz crystal with the base frequency 170 MHz. For all gases except superlight hydrogen and helium, the frequency profile vs. absolute pressure can be approximated with linear functions where the sensitivity of the calibration curve depends on gas parameters such as molar weight, density, viscosity, etc. For some hydrocarbons, such as methane, ethane, propane and isobutane the relationships between the sensitivity and hydrocarbon with parameters are established. It is also identified that SAW sensor sensitivity in air, which is a mix of individual gases, appears in the correlation equations together with other gases. Based on this observation, it is suggested to use SAW sensing element for analyzing binary gas mixtures.



Korenman Ya.I., Kiselyov A.A., Kadantsev A.V. Quartz generator effect on accuracy characteristics of mass-sensitive sensors


A new scheme of oscillation generation for mass-sensitive sensors is developed. The application of Schmitt triggers enables to diminish the oscillator frequency jitter. This results in the short-term instability decrease that reduces detection limits and improves the analysis precision.



Esipov V.N., Esipov A.V. Metrological performance of hydroacoustic non-horizontality sensors


The paper analyzes precision factors of hydroacoustic non-horizontality sensors and provides their experimental steady-state and dynamic characteristics. It shows the advantage of hydroacoustic sensors as against the conventional instrument for railway non-horizontality measurement.



Abrosimov Yu.G., Baranov Yu.V., Zverev V.M., Korneev S.A. PRC-02 Vibration densitometer for liquid media


Operation principle, the schematic diagram, and design features of a vibration densitometer for liquid media are presented as well as various types of its process device mounting. The advantages of the densitometer of such type are discussed, such as versatility, high reliability in harsh environments and the self-diagnostics of normal operation. The instrumentís performance attributes, potential application areas, and the prospect for commercial manufacturing are also discussed.



Vaskovsky S. V., Zaytsev A. A., Shchenekov V. N.,Butaev V. B. Business telecommunication network power supply


Key performance attributes of business telecommunication network power supply are discussed. The improvement and modernization of units included of sensors, which are accommodated to control and monitoring systems are offers.



Kargapoltsev V.P. A spill unit for after-sales service of commercial and industrial liquid flowmeters


A brief description and performance attributes of UP-30 volumetric/mass lightweight automated unit designed by Hydrodynamica Experimental Design Office (Kirov, Russia) are presented. The unit is intended for maintenance and calibration of process flowmeters in plant laboratories and instrumentation departments.



Balestrieri E., Daponte P., Rapuano S. Digital-to-analog converters: a metrological overview


In the last years, the technology improvement of digital-to-analog converters (DACs) has extended the use of digital techniques in a multitude of applications. Consequently, there is an increasing attention to DAC topics, from researchers and manufacturers. The paper is aimed at providing a metrological overview and the leading trends of the research in the field of DACs.











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