Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 1, January 2006 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Kobyakov I.B., Malyutin D.V., Speransky A.A. Vector vibrometering – a 21st century technology


A vector vibration transducer with a single sensing element is presented. This domestic product addresses the problem of reliable space monitoring of vibration destructible objects. 



Kolomiets L.N. Fiber-optic sensors in information-measuring systems


The paper overviews the current state and problems of fiber-optic sensors development and application. It discusses the sensors classification and various types of fiber-optic circuits for various physical quantity sensors. Application features fiber-optic sensors are analyzed, and the problems of their implementation in information-measuring systems for building structures monitoring are addressed.



Bogdanov V.V., Drozdov S.M., Kazansky R.A. The development of multi-component balances with improved dynamic response for short-time-of-action wind tunnels


The problems of response improvement for strain gauge balances for loads measurement in short-time-of-action wind tunnels are investigated. Structure and procedures of a digital corrector tuning are proposed that enable to reduce the balances response time. Experimental results confirming corrector’s operation efficiency are presented.



Mel’nikov V.I., Labutin S.A., Sharonov D.A. The analysis of ultrasonic pulse methods for petroleum moisture measurement

The paper analyzes three ultrasonic methods of petroleum moisture measurement and shows that the minimum measurement error can be obtained by combining the advantages of the first and the second methods in the moisture sensor’s circuit. The relative error of such sensor would not exceed 2%. The paper describes the sensor design and the results of experimental investigation of the dependencies of ultrasonic wave’s velocity in water vs. water salinity and temperature and its velocity in petroleum vs. petroleum temperature.



Klistorin I.F., Kirianov V.P., Kirianov A.V. Potential accuracy estimate for angular displacement sensors with the limbs manufactured using circular scan techniques

The design concept of lightweight high-precision photoelectrical angular displacement sensors is discussed. The basic idea enabling the improvement of key performance attributes such as accuracy, size, and weight, is the application of circular scanning techniques for creating high-precision limbs.



Bazhenov M.S., Pan’ko S.P. System approach to batch communication

A batch communication system type is examined that ensures higher information rate as against the conventional systems with complete data packet repeat in case of error detection at first transmission.



Pekler V.V., Mamontov G.M. State of the art and development prospect of hygrometers and their measurement assurance

The paper overviews the most prevalent methods of humidity measurement as well as the hygrometers based on those methods and discerns key advantages of each method. Basic performance data of reference equipment for hygrometers measurement assurance are presented. Recommendations are made for further improvement of hygrometers and their reference equipment.



Gareev M.M., Gazin D.I., Kratirov V.A., et al. Free gas content measurement in oil-gas mixes with radionuclide isotopic method

The problem of free gas content measurement in oil-gas mixes and the available measuring tools based on radionuclide isotopic techniques are examined. The paper notes that the application efficiency of the techniques considerably increases owing to wide dissemination of signal processing techniques based on neuron networks and wavelet analysis.



Timofeev B.P., Svitkin M.M., Gebel I.D., Mlokosevich S.Yu. A new generation of laid-on roundness meters.

The paper describes main phases of multistage laid-on roundness measurement meters development.



Burtsev Yu.A., Kiriakov V.Kh., Lyubimov V.V. QUARTZ-4 magnetic variational station

The paper describes QUARTZ-4 magnetic variational station intended for continuous measuring and digital recording of long-period variations of terrestrial magnetic field vector components in magnetic observatories network located over the territory of Russia. Operation principle, structural diagram, and performance attributes of the device are presented.



Tsybizov P.N., Mikhailov P.G., Mikhailov A.P. Microelectronic sensor inverters

The design of inverters for microelectronic sensors with feedbacks at the sensing element level are considered. The control techniques for electrophysical parameters of sensor elements and structures are described.



Kozlov A.G., Udod A.N. Comparative analysis of metrological performance of gas sensors based on solid-state electrolytes

The classical types of solid-state electrolyte gas sensors including potentiometric, amperometric, coulometric and resistive sensors, are overviewed. The basic parameters of these sensors are determined and their comparative analysis is performed. The comparison of reduced sensitivity and reduced temperature error of output signal for given sensor types is presented. The operating speed of the sensors is analyzed subject to two parameters: readiness time and the response time to gas concentration change.








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