Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 1, January 2007 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Lesnov V. V., Gladchenko V. M., Lesnov I. V., et. al. Smart sensor system for industrial object control


The paper discusses the philosophy and basic implementation principles of industrial smart mechanical parameters’ sensors invariant to the controlled objects.



Lunkin B. V., Kriksunova N. A. Layered media interface evaluation with the help of RF sensors


The opportunities of layered media interface measurement using RF techniques are discussed. The principles of sensitive elements formation on the basis of profiled and spatially configured segment of a long line are outlined. Sensing elements are developed and measurement algorithms invariant to fuel properties are investigated for gas/oil/water- and air/fuel/water-type media.



Welt I. D., Mikhailova Yu. V. Methods and tools for calibration study of electromagnetic flowmeters


The paper discusses the methods and tools for a calibration study of electromagnetic flowmeters based on the representation of normalized liquid flow with the help of a spilling flowmetering unit and on the instrument simulation. Comparative evaluation of capabilities and characteristics of both variants is undertaken.



Ukraintsev E. V., Kiselev G. A., Bagrov D. V., et. al. Atomic balance: new opportunities of molecules interaction research


Application of an atomic force microscope-based sensor enabling the investigation of biopolymer molecules interaction is demonstrated. The method is based on the measurement of a surface tension force arising in the monolayer protein film coated on the atomic force microscope’s cantilever. Experimental data on the aggregation of lysozyme coated on cantilever’s gold or silicon surface are presented. The interaction force of two lysozyme molecules fixed on the surface is evaluated.



Kebadze B. V., Lagutin А. А., Opanasenko А. N., et. al. Correlation measurement of coolant velocity in emergency aftercooling system simulation


A correlation measuring system for coolant velocity has been developed and applied in the waste heat removal process investigation using a water model and testing equipment such as micro thermocouples, amplifiers, converters and software for statistical data processing. Low velocities of heat carrier in the 1.5…6 cm/sec. range under natural circulation were measured.



Ivanov Yu. V., Orlov V. А., Alaluev R. V., Matveev V. V. Investigation of steady-state characteristics of inertial module’s micromechanical sensors


A navigation system’s inertial module based on micromechanical sensors is considered. Steady-state characteristics of the errors of the module’s sensing elements (angular velocity sensors and accelerometers) are presented.



Nikonenko V. A., Serebrennikov I. S. Heat-transfer measuring devices from Etalon Scientific and Production Enterprise


Calorimetric equipment for measuring thermal conductance of construction materials, heat resistance of structural components and heat transfer of buildings and structures is presented.



Shelepin N. A., Danilova N. L., Pankov V. V., Sukhanov V. S. Pressure transducers – 1191, 1192 Series microcircuits


The paper overviews a series of absolute and excessive pressure transducer microcircuits and discusses their design features, basic parameters, reliability and stability test results.



Osipov A. B., Skiba A. O., Sherstyuk A. V. A control system for the thermal cover of carrier rocket’s head cowling


A device for automatic temperature control under the head cowling of Soyuz-2 carrier rocket is described.



Barinov I. N. High-temperature sensing elements of pressure transducers with silicon-on-insulator structure


The design and research results of high-temperature semiconductor sensing elements of pressure transducers with silicon-on-insulator structure is considered.



Alasheev V. V., Zalyaliev F. V., Pirogov A. V. MIDA-GP-501 pressure pulsation damper


The paper describes the design and presents the performance data of MIDA-GP-501 pressure pulsation damper developed and manufactured by Microelectronic Sensors Industrial Group for pressure gages protection against hydraulic shocks and pressure pulsations in control systems of hydraulic and pneumatic units.



Vazhenin Yu. I., Muratov K. R., Novikov V. F., Bakharev M. S. Mechanically loaded deformation corrosion indicator


A corrosion indicator for soil aggressivity monitoring around a pipeline is described. Operation principle, design, lab test results, and performance data are included.



Vakhromeev O. S., Dudnikov A. S., Nadeev A. I. An integrated quality criterion for automatic diagnosis systems


A procedure for integrated quality criterion generation on the basis of Harrington’s desirability function for equipment vibration data processing is described. Key advantages of the method’s application and basic development lines are discussed.



Shakhov E. K., Ashanin V. N. S∆ ADC: Structures with a multilevel quantizer and multistage structures


The third paper in the series dedicated to S∆ ADC – last generation integrating ADCs, reviews the structures with a multilevel quantizer and multistage S∆ ADC structures.








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