Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 1, January 2010 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Podlepetsky B. I., Kovalenko A. V., Nikiforova M. Yu. Inaccuracy estimation of integral hydrogen sensors based on MIS-transistor sensing elements


Stochastic and systematic inaccuracies of integral hydrogen sensors based on MIS-transistor sensing elements (MISSE) are considered. Recommendations on decreasing of resulting inaccuracies of integral sensors based on MISSE are presented.

Keywords: static stochastic and systematic inaccuracies, integral hydrogen sensor, MIS-transistor sensing element, influencing factors.



Agafonov V. M., Antonov A. N., Zaitsev D. L. Intrinsic noise and nonlinearity of diminutive angular molecular-electronics transducers


Accuracy characteristics of the angular motion sensors based on molecular electronics technology were studied. The value of short term bias stability in terms of Allan variance and power spectral density was established experimentally for angular acceleration and velocity sensors. The augmentation of harmonic distortions due to input exposure amplitude increasing was measured.

Keywords: molecular electronics, angular acceleration transducer, angular velocity transducer, Allan variance, power spectral density.



Medved A. V., Kryshtal R. G., Zapadinsky B. I., et al. Application of polymer films with nano-dimensional molecular traps for the increase of chemical selectivity in gas SAW sensors sensitive element


The description of sensing element (SE) design of gas sensor on surface acoustic Rayleigh waves based on molecularly imprinted polymer film (MIP), specially synthesized for its sensitivity increase to molecules of morpholyne – highly toxic substance belonging to the second class of danger. Results on such a sensitive element responses measurements at action of morpholyne and some other analytes including those similar to morpholyne by contents and molecular structure are given. These findings show exclusive selectivity of SE to morpholyne whose molecules were used as template at molecularly imprinted polymer (MIP) syntheses.

Keywords: sensor, surface acoustic waves, piezoelectric, delay line, molecularly imprinted polymer, selectivity, morpholyne.



Chernykh S. V. Magnetometers based on nonlinear properties of high temperature superconductors


Experimental investigations of interaction of variable and constant magnetic fields with YBa2Cu3O7-x superconducting ceramics are presented. The opportunity of the further increase of sensitivity of magnetometers based on nonlinear properties of high-temperature superconductors is discussed.

Keywords: high-temperature superconductors, nonlinear susceptibility, second harmonic, hysteresis, magnetometer.



Bogush M. V., Pikalev E. M. Design of piezoelectric pressure sensor with compensation of vibration and deformation sensitivity


The design methods based on mathematical finite-element model of pressure sensor resistant to vibration and deformation interference are described. The possibility of choosing the size of its structural elements, allowing to minimize its sensitivity to both axial vibration and radial deformation, is showed.

Keywords: pressure sensor, piezoelectric, vibration sensitivity, deformation sensitivity, finite elements method.



Simonov V. N. New technological possibilities as design tool of new generation of quartz resonant pressure sensors


The problems connected with a goal of creation of new generation of precision quartz resonant pressure sensors are analyzed. It is shown that the basic source of an inaccuracy of sensors is mechanical pressure in glass soldering. Areas of localization of this pressure are revealed. On the basis of these findings possible ways of decrease in this influence with use of new modern technologies are presented: machining, micromachining methods and their combined use.

Keywords: sensors, crystalline quartz, resonators, pressure, glass seal, mechanical stresses, micromachine methods, chemical etching, plasmachemical etching.



Latyshev L. N., Dayev Zh. A. Methods for improvement of accuracy of measurement for gas flowrate


The gas flow measurement system which is designed on the basis of test methods for improvement of accuracy of measurement. An analysis of measurement inaccuracies was carried out.



Asadov H. H., Chobanzadeh I. G. On the possibility of calibration of solar photometers on absorption lines of water vapors


The method for solar photometers calibration is proposed which allows analytic calculation of photometer signal value corresponding to output signal of these devices, which would occurred if they were placed at the upper border of atmosphere is suggested. The analytical formula for implementation of the suggested method is derived.

Keywords: solar photometer, accurate calibration method, analytic expression.



Ustyijzaninov V. N. Structure optimization of diode sensors in temperature transducers


The theoretical estimations of an influence of electrical regimes and temperatures, topological and electrophysical features of semiconductors measuring diodes on metrological characteristics of the temperature transducers were made.

Keywords: temperature sensor, measuring diode, metrological characteristics, influence of temperature, regime and topology factors.



Mel’nick O. V., Mikheev A. A., Nechaev G. I. Spectrum transformation of sensor signals in measuring systems


Spectrum transformation of sensor signals at a representation of their discrete samples by complex form pulse signals (CFPS) for matching of signal spectrum in group tract of the measuring system with bandwidth is described, The conditions of the suppression of chosen spectral zones are derived.

Keywords: spectra transformation, complex form pulse signals, suppression of spectral zones, matching of sensor signals spectra with amplitude-frequency characteristic of transmission tract.



Bityukov V. K., Tihomirov S. G., Haustov I. A., Ashkov A. G. Software-technical complex for measuring of average molecular mass of polymers in solution


Components of software-technical complex for measuring of average molecular mass of polymers in solution are considered. The structure of installation implementing thermophysical method of measuring of average molecular mass is presented. The software module implementing functions of the process of collection and processing of the measured data and database management control is also examined.

Keywords: thermophysical method of measurement, average molecular mass, software-technical.



Belov A. A., Kalinin A. P., Krisuk I. V., et al. Ultra violet monophoton sensor “Scorpion”


The developed universal monophoton sensor “Scorpion” in the UF-S range of wavelength is described. The used range of wavelength provides the sensor ability to work in solar blind manner that significantly extends the potential of its application in the various fields of science and engineering. The principal distinction of the sensor from existing analogs is the possibility to conduct time-amplitude analysis of detected signal. It gives to the sensor innovative feature - the opportunity to determine the type of registered UV source.

Keywords: radiation sensor, ultraviolet range, solar-blind mode, time and coordinate sensitive detector, amplitude-time characteristics, remote diagnostics of transmission lines.



Feshchenko V. S., Altukhov A. A., Mityagin A. Y., et al. Matrix photodetector for image registration in ultra-violet spectral range


The new multielement photodetecting device 128х128 of pixels format, where semi-conductor diamond is used as a sensitive element is considered. The device has a working range from 180 nm to 270 nm with a maximum around 214 nm. Experimental ultra-violet image 128х128 pixels registration data are presented.

Keywords: diamond, image registration, photodetecting device, ultra-violet.



Farzane N. G., Farzane E. N. Measuring method for gas flow density in working condtitons


The measuring method of gas density, which can find its application in gas density gauge design for industrial sectors where gas density measurement is necessary and especially in gas flow-measuring, is proposed. The measuring system for gas flow density in automatic mode is considered.

Keywords: carrier gas, density, dispenser, neutral column, gas compressibility coefficient.



Anisimov A. V. Two-channel sensor of NMR-relaxometer-diffusionmeter for intact plants studies


Two-channel sensor of spin-echo-NMR-relaxometer-diffusionmeter for simultaneous studies of two samples (test and control) of intact plants, in particular for study of hydrodynamic regulation factors of water transport. The sensor is equipped with life support elements for test subjects, it allows taking into account age-specific samples changes during long-term experiments, to simplify calibration procedure of impulse magnetic field gradient, and to two times increase experiment productivity.

Keywords: NMR-relaxometer-diffusionmeter, two channel sensor.



Alexeev A. G., Alexeev G. A. Diode current sensors in control and protection devices


Use of power diodes as threshold detectors of load current and light-emitting diodes as indicators in electric equipment.

Key words: diode current sensor, light-emitting diode indicator, optocoupler, light information on control element.

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