Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 1, January 2011 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Sapozhnikov E. A., Glazkov M. A., Maslennikov V. V., Sysoev D. A. Architecture of hardware-software complex for high-speed measuring railcar CNII-4(MD)


Existing structure of hardware-software complex for measuring railcar CNII-4(MD) and paths of its further development. Special attention was paid to an application of signal processors of TMS320 family in the capacity of the main computation tool for gathering and preliminary treatment of measurements data.

Keywords: safety of rolling stock turnover, diagnostics of road equipment parameters, VPI measuring railcar CNII-4(MD), architecture of hardware complex.



Zhelamskij M. V. The first Russian domestic magnetic tracker for helmet application


The results of development are described of magnetic tracking domestic technology. The composition given and the scientific layout described for the magnetic tracker that implements the new native method of magnetic positioning. The results of a physical run is showing. The current progress in the helmet-mounted magnetic tracker application is given. The pictures of most important parts of tracker are presented. The samples of application are shown. Both technical and commercial advantages of the new technology as compared with the foreign analogues are marked. Current specification options reached at trial sample are presented also.

Key words: magnetic, tracking, helmet, coordinates, field generator, moving receiver, line of sight, calibration.



Gerasimenko T. N., Polyakov P. A., Kasatkin S. I. Gradient magnetic field for the control of magnetic micro- and nano-granules in viscous media


Results of theoretical analysis of the control of the movement of magnetic micro- and nano-granules in viscous media are presented. This problem has significant practical importance for the development of magnetoresistive biological sensor.

Key words: magnetic micro- and nano-granule, magnetoresistive biological sensor, gradient magnetic field.



Gusev O. K., Svistun A. I., Shadurskaya L. I., Yarjembitskaya N. V. Design and control of metrological characteristics of photoelectric semiconductor converters with the multiple-charge impurities


Initial data for the design of metrological characteristics of photoelectric semiconductor converters with the deep multiple-charge impurities are obtained. Ranges of energy response conformity with linear law are investigated. It was found that photoelectric semiconductor converters with prefixed bandpass, improved signal-to-noise ratio and higher operation temperature can be designed by selection of deep multiple-charge impurity type. It was shown that the technique of photoelectric semiconductor converters spectral response control can be realized by combination control and measurement optical channels in a single photodetector.

Keywords: photoelectric transducer, multiple charged impurity, metrological performance.



Soborover E. I., Bessonov S. G., Abashkin A. Yu., Orlov E.S. Element on surface acoustical waves without sensitive coating as gases and gaseous mixtures analyzer. Part 8. Results obtained on double delay line for binary gaseous mixtures


Results of the study of gaseous load effect in a presence of various binary gaseous mixtures in vacuum and in gas dynamic mode were presented. Dependencies of differential surface acoustical wave frequency from vacuum pressure of nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon oxide, carbon dioxide and binary mixtures were obtained. The comparison of calculated values of surface acoustical wave sensor sensitivity with experimental data shows its good convergence.

Keywords: surface acoustical wave, double delay line, binary gas, sensor sensitivity, pressure of gases.



Murashev V. N., Legotin S. A., Yurchuk S. Yu. Coordinate semiconductor X-ray detector based on pixel arrays


Known variants of technical solutions of X-ray panels realization for medical purposes based on quantum and digital coordinate detectors.

Keywords. X-ray panel, pixel array, quantum detector, integrated circuit.



Kozlov V. L. Increase of accuracy of Doppler velocity measuring systems on the basis of two-wavelength laser


The method of accuracy increase of Doppler velocity measuring systems on the basis of two-wavelength semiconductor laser diode as a source of probing radiation is offered.

Keywords. Two-wavelength semiconductor laser, Doppler effect, optical heterodyning.



Vostrukhin A. V. The microcontroller converter measuring the parameters by the capacitor sensor


The process of measurement of capacitive and active resistance of the capacitor sensor operated by the microcontroller is considered.

Keywords: measurement transducer, capacitive transducer, AVR microcontroller, ADC, time constant, analog comparator.



Gulin A. I. Structure and output characteristics of digital-to-analog transducers research


Methodís application of transfer function has been viewed for research of digital-to-analog transducers output characteristics, which have chain structure and allow to determine the value of divergence spread parameters of digital-to-analog converter elements using the required transformation error.

Keywords: digital-to-analog converter, transformation function, chain structures, inaccuracy.

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