Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 1, January 2012 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Gerasimenko T. N., Polyakov P. A., Kasatkin S. I., Amelichev V. V. New method of control of magnetic nano-granules in magneto-resistive biosensor


Magneto-resistive biosensor with new method of motion control of magnetic nano-granule with using of evaporated planar nano-magnet was presented. Points of stable and unstable equilibrium of nano-granule in a cuvette with a liquid were found. Proposed method of magnetic nano-granules control allows to increase manyfold magnetic nano-granules concentration in sensitive element region and to simplify a technology of its manufacturing.

Keywords: magnetic nano-granule, magneto-resistive biosensor, nano-magnet.



Urazaev A. E., Yasoveev V. Kh. Method of component-specific flow rate of oil-water-gas mixtures


Contactless method of flow-rate determination of a flow of multiphase mixture consisted of two non-mixing liquids and also a gas is described. The principle of operation of a system realizing this method is based on the determination of water content and gas content by damping value of acoustic signal at two different frequencies in combination with velocity measurement of gas inclusions by Doppler shift of received signal frequency. Mathematical model, structural diagram of a sensor and transformation circuit and also results of working process simulation are presented.

Keywords: multiphase flow, Doppler frequency shift, flow mode, flow profile.



Vasil'ev V. A., Gromkov N. V. Measuring frequency transducers for pressure gauges resistant to exposures to temperature


New circuit and constructive solutions are described which allow to decrease temperature errors of pressure gauges based on nano- and micro-electromechanical systems (N&MEMS) and frequency integrating scanning transducers (FIST) are described. It was shown that a combination of functions of N&MEMS and FIST elements ensures an increase of transformation accuracy in broad temperature range.

Keywords: measuring frequency transducers, pressure gauges, nano- and micro-electromechanical systems, temperature errors.



Dmitriev V. F. Surface acoustic wave temperature sensor with radio frequency identification


The surface acoustic wave wireless temperature sensor with the identification and based on correlation method handling data is presented. The sensor sensitive element is performed with the using of nanotechnologies. The physicist-mathematical sensor model is described. The results of modeling and measurements are presented.

Keywords: temperature sensor, identification, correlation handling, com-equation.



Mulev Yu. V., Mulev M. Yu., Zayats T. A. Calibration characteristic of capacitance sensors of polar thermal and energy carriers density


Calibration characteristics (dependences of dielectric constant from ρ/T ratio) of capacitance density sensors for number of thermal and energy carriers (water, ammonia, ethanol, methanol) are presented.

Keywords: dielectric constant, water, ammonia, ethanol, methanol, dependences from density/temperature ratio.



Lurje M. S., Lurje O. M. Error submersible vortex flow meters and methods of reducing them


The paper deals with the measurement error submersible vortex flow meters based on conductometric receiver-transmitter vortex oscillations. Shows the influence of various factors: the precision of the flow around the body and mounting the device on the pipeline, the pipeline inner surface roughness and temperature on the magnitude of error. The recommendations for reducing measurement error.

Keywords: vortex flow meter measurement error: error mounting the device; reducing errors, temperature errors.



Pronin S. P., Zryumov E. A., Zryumov P. A. Optical method of measurement of swing and frequency of harmonic vibrations with using of multi-element photodetector


New variant of optical method of measurement of swing and frequency of harmonic vibration with using of multi-element photodetector is proposed. Design equations for the estimation of relative errors of measurement of swing and frequency of vibration were obtained. Results of experimental testing of proposed variant of a method are presented.

Keywords: harmonic vibration, measurement, optoelectronic system, spectral analysis.



Voskov L. S, Komarov M. M Positioning as energy saving method


In this work we propose to use positioning as energy saving method for wireless sensor networks. Different positioning methods were implemented and experimental results showed that it is correct possible to use positioning for saving energy in WSNs during transmission and receiving data.

Keywords: positioning of sensor, wireless sensor networks, fingerprinting, saving energy.



Bezmenov V. S., Efremov V. A., Dudar' A. S. Pneumatic systems for automation dosing of paint-and-lacquer materials for small-scale production


Critical analysis of marketed industrial devices for paint-and-lacquer materials (PLM) dosing was carried out and pneumatic systems for automation dosing of PLM for small- and medium-sized commercial enterprises developed in the laboratory of gas- and hydro-dynamical automation devices of RAS Institute of Control Sciences are proposed.

Keywords: paint-and-lacquer materials (PLM), system for automation dosing of liquids, small-scale PLM production, mini-plants for PLM production, pneumatic automation.



Sinitsyn V. P., Pashchenko F. F., Kruglova T. K. Automatic control of hydrogen content in a coolant in NPP primary coolant circuit with VVER type reactors


The description of automatic device for hydrogen content control in a coolant in NPP primary coolant circuit with VVER. Long-term operation of the device confirmed the reliability of its functioning and the trustworthiness of obtained measurement results.

Keywords: VVER reactor, primary coolant circuit, water-chemical regime, coolant quality factor, water supply control, nuclear safety.



Shilin A. N., Litvin I. I. Radio-electronic system of ice dams on the wires of overhead transmission lines


The article shows a block diagram of electronic control ice dams on the wires of overhead transmission lines (HVPL). The system works based on the detection of differential speed transmission of electromagnetic harmonic signal controlled section of the line and air. The speed of the signal on the line depends on the thickness of ice on wires clutch line. Velocity difference is recorded and converted into the phase detector signal processor in a controlled amount. Information about the thickness of the icy clutches on the radio channel at the control point.

Keywords: wires of overhead transmission lines, emergency regimes, glaciation, reflectometer, the phase velocity in the line control ice on the wires.



Vas'kovsky S. V., Osipov A. B. Structure and adjustment of distributed microprocessor complexes with using of multiplex channel


The realization of distributed microprocessor complexes with using of multiplex channel is considered. Assets allowing non-interference observations and sample registration of transmitted through channel information are described.

Keywords: multiplex channel, distributed microprocessor complexes.



Sidorin Yu. S. About security systems


This article contains information for the protection of objects with a minimum amount of general information.

Keywords: system, security system, electronic security complex, the block diagram, classification, mode of operation.



Babayan R. R. Precision amplifier of currents difference


Wideband amplifier of direct currents difference, realized on discrete elements and intended for realization as microassembly, is described.

Keywords: amplifier of currents difference, accuracy, response speed.



Yurin A. I., Filimonov V. V., Kartsev E. A. Thin films thickness control


This article considered application and the basic methods of nano- covering and measuring apparatuses of a thickness of thin films. The special attention is given for questions of measurement of thickness of nano- range coverings and a comparative estimation of resolution and uncertainty of various methods of their measurement.

Keywords: measurement of a nano-covering thickness, nano-covering, methods of measurements, estimation of errors.



Pershenkov V. S., Podlepetsky B. I. Rules of the preparation and the formatting of scientific papers


Some recommendations and general rules of the preparation and the formatting of scientific papers are presented.

Keywords: scientific paper, volume, structure, typical errors, requirements of editorial staff, recommendations.

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