Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 2, February 2005 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Balakin S.V., Dyvak A.N., Sterligov D.V., Filin V.M. Static error modelling in fuel level measurements for liquid-propellant rockets


The problem of level meter development for fuel consumption control system is addressed. The meter must operate efficiently in a wide range of fuel level change rates. The paper presents key error components incident to the phase method of liquid level measuring based on the analysis of the carrier frequency phase of the bridge circuit signal. It offers the criteria that describe the level meter’s performance and accuracy. A procedural approach to analytical study of the level meter’s mathematical model is also included.



Gorin V.I., Raspopov V.Ya., Belobraghin V.N. Aircraft’s angular data meters based on gyroscopes with rotary pendant


The development results of angular velocity and longitudinal axis rotation angle meters for an aircraft with bank rotation are considered. The meters are based on a 3-D gyroscope whose principal axis is directed along the aircraft’s longitudinal axis.



Starkov E. F. Wavelet-analysis of electrophysiological signals


The paper discusses an approach to electrophysiological signal analysis using wavelet transformations. The ways to increase the wavelet analysis rate are demonstrated.



Soborover E I., Zyablov V.L. A SAW-based element without sensing layer as a gas and gas mixture sensor. Part 2 – Binary and pseudo-binary gas mixtures


The paper investigates the relationship between the composition of binary/pseudo-binary gas mixtures in vacuum and the pressure sensitivity of a SAW-based element implemented as a delay circuit on an AT-cut quartz crystal without sensitive coating. With the examples of methane/air and propane/air mixtures it shows that a SAW-element can be used as a gas mixture composition analyzer. This means that a new express method for measuring physical parameters such as averaged molecular weight, density, and viscosity of binary gas mixtures is actually offered.



Vorobiov V.V., Gordik N.M., Zelenin Yu.M., et al. Automated humidity monitoring of uranium dioxide pellets


The development results of an automated unit for water and total hydrogen content monitoring in uranium dioxide pellets are presented. The measurements are made by a coulometric method under high-temperature (1800°C) monitoring. Laboratory test results are included.



Kalach A.V., Ryzhkov V.V., Sitnikov A.I. Active oscillators for piezoelectric microweighing in liquid media


Active oscillators for piezoelectric resonators which allows performing microweighing in liquid media are considered. The paper offers a modified active oscillator circuit that enables a piezosensor to operate in a wide range of sorbent masses (up to 50 μg).



Gorgo Yu.P., Ragulskaya M.V., Lyubimov V.V., et al. Instrumental electromagnetic monitoring of working and living rooms with a case study of Academician Vernadsky Antarctic Station


The paper undertakes a detailed analysis of the problem of electromagnetic fields’ biological effect on human organism, discusses the problems of electromagnetic safety at work and at home, and considers new standards for providing environmental safety of people. It also presents the results of the study undertaken with the help of the original MAEP-01 electric sensor. Finally, the paper analyses electromagnetic environment at the Academician Vernadsky Antarctic Station rooms where the winterers live and work.



Bartenev V.G., Bartenev M.V. SINTAL-TELETHERM Energy-saving modular process control system for distributed objects


A new type process control system with the wireless control of heating modes in distributed plants is described.



Kargapoltsev V.P. Industrial electric motors protection


In the most of world countries, modern requirements to electric motor reliability specify the need in protection and monitoring of equipment and machinery with induction motor electric drives. The paper informs about the development of an electric current monitor for motor overload protection.



Belyaev M.M., Khitrovo A.A. Electropneumatic and pneumoelectric transformation of discrete signals


The problems of developing electropneumatic and pneumoelectric transducers for new generation fast-response low-power fluid systems suitable for harsh environments are considered. The paper classifies direct and reverse transformation types and provides an analytical review of transducers’ implementation principles.









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