Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 2, February 2007 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Vavilov V. D., Vavilov I. V., Dolgov A. N. Capacitive displacement transducer for integrated sensors


The paper presents the results of capacitive transducer development for integrated sensors such as accelerometers, angular velocity sensors, pressure gages, etc. The transducer’s featured property is the local negative feedback with respect to alternating voltage feeding the capacitive measuring bridge.



Kleev I. V. Dynamic temperature errors in six-component strain-gage aerodynamic balance


The sources of dynamic temperature errors and their investigation and categorization techniques are discussed.



Zelentsov Y. A., Zelentsov V. Y. On the efficiency of passive temperature compensation circuits in unbalanced bridge circuits


The paper examines the efficiency of existing passive circuits for the temperature compensation of initial offset drift in bridge circuits and their possible application in metal-film sensors. The variants of temperature compensation circuits for metal-film sensors compatible in manufacture technology with the ICs of thin-film resistive-strain sensors are described.



Semyonov V. S. The writing field of a single-pole thin-film magnetic head


The opportunity of applying high-density magnetic recording on a platter with Winchester-type longitudinal recording of a single-pole thin-film magnetic head. A simple expression for a single-pole writing field is obtained that can be used for synthesizing the writing field of a two-pole thin-film magnetic head with various magnetic and geometrical parameters independently for each pole.



Kudryavtsev O. B. Eddy-current-based detection of low conductive objects


The paper offers a method for low conductive objects detection in dielectrical and low conductive environments using eddy current technique. The method is applicable also against the background of motionless and moving metal objects. A non-contact induction doorway monitor for access control systems is described.



Kolomiets L. N. Transformation function of a fiber-optic reflection-type angular displacement transducer


A mathematical model of a transformation function of a fiber-optic reflection-type angular displacement transducer is proposed.



Raspopov V. Ya. Microelectromechanical systems


Lecture 10. Pressure sensor design concepts and resistive-strain sensor topology.



Gorsky E. V., Kolesnikov A. A, Livshitz A. M., Peleznev A. V. Recalibration of analytical procedures for PAPUAS-4 emission spectrometers


The paper touches upon the recalibration of analytical procedures implemented in the software of PAPUAS-4 emission spectrometer. The results of the demonstration test are included.



Milyutin V. A., Kuzovkov V. M., Ivanchura E. S. RTD matching techniques


The paper presents the results of the research undertaken by Vzlyot JSC (St. Petersburg, Russia) on RTD matching with respect to 2 calibration points. The error of temperature differential measurement by a matched RTD pair is calculated.



Zhukov B. V., Solyarsky N. F., Tarasov I. A., Berezin E. I. ZOND-3M acoustic level meter


Key information about the structure, destination, and variants of Zond-3M acoustic level meter is presented. Structural diagrams of basic HF modifications of acoustic transducers are discussed; the examples of relationships between the absolute error of distance measurements and the distance in distance metering mode are adduced.



Shakhov E. K., Chuvykin B. V. S∆ ADC: Digital filtering and subsampling


The fourth paper in the series dedicated to S∆ ADC – last generation integrating ADCs, discusses the final conversion stage: digital filtering and subsampling.



Labutin S. A. An overview of measurement contributions to traditional and correspondence scientific conferences (Nizhni Novgorod, April 2005 – June 2006)


This paper continues the overview of measurement papers presented to All-Russian traditional and correspondence scientific conferences, organized by “Dialogue” Scientific and Information-Methodical Center and the faculty of information systems and technologies of Nizhni Novgorod State Technical University (Nizhni Novgorod, Russia).








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