Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 2, February 2008 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Bogush M. V. Investigation of inhomogeneous sensing elements of piezoelectric sensors


A mathematical model of a sensing element of generator-type piezoelectric sensors is developed and investigated. The influence of sensing elementsí heterogeneity on their sensitivity to informative parameters and to some affecting factors is examined.



Velít I. D., Mikhailova Yu. V. Magnetic flowmeters for molten metal


Magnetic flowmeters for molten metal are considered. Their performance is improved due to the control of electric potential distribution over a channel surface with the help of indirect current.



Zadobin N. E., Lebedev A. I. Complexation in rotating shaft strain measurement with magnetoelastic transducers


The paper suggests to use magnetoelastic transformer-type transducers for torque, axial thrust, torsional and longitudinal vibrations measurement. The application of a quorum element for output signals processing and the elimination of the deleterious effect of shaft materialís magnetic heterogeneity is investigated.



Loktyukhin V. N., Chelobaev S. V. Neuron network converters of time-and-frequency signal parameters into digital code


The paper examines structural and algorithmic organization of multi-stage neuron network converters of time-and-frequency signal parameters into digital code on the basis of sequential calculation of activation functions. This approach cuts hardware costs as against the schemes obtained by training multi-layer perceptron networks.



Popov V. S. Measurement and instrumentation error evaluation methods


The paper shows that standard error calculation expressions are not applicable in scalar non-polar quantities measurement at high error values. Admissible application limits for these expressions are established and new approaches to error evaluation are offered.



Svintzov I. V., Svintzov V. Ya. Physical modeling of electric field of a sensor with plane-parallel electrode system


The paper describes an experiment on testing a mathematical model of electric field in interelectrode space of a capacitance sensor as a system of plane-parallel electrodes. The experiment was based on the modeling in an electrolytic bath.



Gareev M. M., Kratirov V. A., Gazin D. I. The performance testing results of nuclear free gas meters


The methodology of performance testing of RISGN-1-400 and RISGN-1-250 nuclear stock-tank meters of free gas content in petrol is described and the testing results are presented.



Pankin A. M. Diagnosis methods for ionization chambers of nuclear reactors


Dynamic diagnosis methods for nuclear flux detectors in current mode are discussed. The techniques is based on the transients in the circuit of the object under investigation where the quantities related with the monitored plant parameters are recorded.



Babayan R. R., Morozov V. P. Linearization of pressure meterís characteristic


A microcircuit analog functional converter for correcting superatmospheric pressure sensorís nonlinearity is considered.



Vasíkovsky S. V., Morozov V. P. Debugging system hardware configuration


The hardware configuration of a debugging system for a distributed microprocessor complex is outlined.



Zadorozhniy Yu. G., Zorin M. I., Dovgiy Yu. M. SKV-K1 single-channel vibration monitoring system


A single-channel vibration monitoring system is presented. The SKV-K1 system is intended for protecting against vibration disintegration of generators and electric motors operated at heat power and nuclear plants.


Davidenko N. N., Trofimov A. I., Koníkin V. F. Vibratory measuring transducers


The paper proposes to develop and implement brand new vibratory sensors with improved accuracy, reliability, and fault tolerance for A-plant power unitsí process parameters.



Kolomiets L. N., Murashkina T. I., Rubtsov I. V. Fiber-optic sensors in construction project monitoring systems


The potentialities of fiber-optic sensors are examined from the viewpoint of physical and mechanical parameters coverage, high measurement precision, and their potential operation under specific conditions of construction project monitoring.



Levin V. I. Akira Nakashima and his contribution into discrete systems science and technology


For the first time in world literature, the scientific biography of the outstanding Japanese scientist is presented. The arguments in favor of Akira Nakashimaís priority in logical modeling of switching circuits are advanced.








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