Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 2, February 2010 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Nikonenko V. A. Metrology support of Russian modernized state primary standards: instrumentation for temperature, thermal conduction and heat flow measurements


Arrangements for the support of the uniformity of temperature, thermal conduction and heat flow surface density measurements are considered.

Keywords: metrology support, state standards, thermometry, thermal conduction, heat flow.



Rubanov V. V. Support of the uniformity of thermal measurements


Modern metrology support arrangements of heat flow transducers and the set of normative documents for its operation and metrology maintenance are considered.

Keywords: energy saving, heat flux transducer, metrology support.



Polyansky M. A. Production experience of "NPP Etalon" public corporation in heat saving sector


The experience of "NPP Etalon" public corporation in heat saving sector is described shortly. Enterprise products designed for energy carrier consumption are presented.

Keywords: heat saving, heat meter, temperature and heat flow density measuring instrumenst.



Rubanov V. V. Multichannel measuring instruments and temperature regulators. Thermal measurements


Multichannel (up to 96 channels) temperature gauges for high precision measurements and temperature regulators for change, regulation and indication of different objects temperature are considered.

Keywords: temperature measurement and regulation, sensor types, software.



Nikonenko V. A., Sheludkov V. A. Metrology support of microwave band devices


Microwave band devices produced by "NPP Etalon" public corporation are listed and their short technical characteristics are presented.

Keywords: microwave band, measuring instruments, working standards, set of standards.



Nedel’ko A. Yu. Contactless IR-transducers – alternative for thermoelectric transducers


Results of works on metrology support of three modernized state primary standards of temperature unit in 0…3000° range, thermal conduction and heat flows are presented. It is shown that simultaneously with standards modernization improvement of unit size transfer system, development and production of transfer devices and also of working instruments for measurement, regulation and transformation were carried out.

Keywords: pyrometer, contactless IR-transducer, design description.



Nedel’ko A. Yu. New methods of measurements of physical quantities in industrial process conditions


New methods of temperature, humidity, pressure/, radiation flux measurement, data transfer methods of measured values and measurement results are considered. Instruments operating digital sensors are described.

Keywords: digital sensor, pyrometer, optical fiber, pressure, humidity, temperature.



Malyshev Yu. O. Low voltage furnace MTP 1200-4 – safety, reliability and improved metrology conditions for thermocouple calibration


Short description of horizontal low-inertia tube furnaces MTP-2MR and MTP-1200-4 and their comparative technical characteristics are presented.

Keywords: horizontal tube furnace, thermocouples, lowered supply voltage.



Melentyev V. S. Methods and measuring means of parameters of capacitor sensors on instant values of connecting processes


New methods and, realizing them, measuring means of parameters of capacitor sensors on instant values of two connecting processes are considered. Results of the analysis of influence of an error of quantization on an error of result of measurement are described.

Keywords: capacitive transducer, transient process, instantaneous value, quantizing error



Asadov H. H., Chobanzadeh I. G. The comparate analysis of accuracy of calibration methods for sun photometrs


In the article the comparative analysis of accuracy of known ans suggested methods for calibration of sun photometers has been carried out. The condition stating presence of advantage in accuracy in suggested method in comparison with the Langley method is found.

Keywords: calibration; sun photometers; atmosphere; error.



Moiseev P. P. Self-calibrating angular movement sensor of scanning object based on Hall effect


Results of development of angular movement sensor of scanning object based on Hall effect are presented. Distinctive feature of sensor is a self-calibration during scanning process on two bound in space control points on scanning range ends, which increase measurement accuracies in broad temperature range.

Keywords: angular movement sensor, scanning device.



Popikov P. I., Shmyrin A. M., Kavygin V. V. et al. Practice-computing system of technical vision


Mathematical model and learning method of practice-computing system of technical vision on example of surface roughness determination is presented.

Keywords: technical vision system, control, surface roughness, sample, learning, practice, mathematical model.



Mochalov V. A., Turuta E. N. Functional scheme of design process of wireless monitoring networks


Functional scheme of design process of wireless monitoring networks constructed on a base of sensor networks is presented and implementation algorithms of functional blocks forming this scheme are considered.

Keywords: sensor network, design, monitoring, fault tolerance, architecture.



Morozov V. P. Microchip controlled integrators of continuous signals


Implementation options of analog integration operation on modern microelectronic components base are considered. Experimental results on the determination of integration dynamic errors in serial microchip are presented.

Keywords: continuous signals, analog integration, dynamic inaccuracies.



Gorlov M. I., Strogonov A. V., Shishkina N. A., Samtsov E. P. Not destroying methods definition quantity of a moisture in the under case volume of integrated circuits


Not destroying methods of definition of quantity of a moisture in the under case volume of integrated circuits (IC) on moisture dependent electrical parameters and method of circuit’s complete control to check against moisture content corresponding to general specifications are offered.

Keywords: not destroying methods, integrated circuit, water vapor, under case volume, dew point



Kozlov S. S. Method of confidential information protection from unauthorized access


Information transfer method excluding hidden interception (scanning) of individual data is considered. Structural-functional scheme of identification and access restriction device is developed. Sequence of mathematical calculation showing optimal arrangement of ultrasonic transducers on biological object surface (skin covering) was carried out.

Keywords: object identification devices, security system, access restriction.



Finkelstein L. Measurement science – an examination of its current state and lines of advance


The paper outlines the content and organisation of the generic concepts and principles of measurement and instrumentation. It argues that recent changes of technology and the political, economic and social environments demand a review of those principles and considers the resultant challenges and lines of advance. It distinguishes between measurement and instrument science. It considers the challenges presented by applications of measurement outside the physical sciences. It highlights the effect of advances in computing and the resultant convergence the principles of measurement and instrumentation and the sciences underlying systems and information. It considers special problems of sensing and actuation. It points to the design orientation of measurement and instrumentation principles and applications of the systems approach to measurement and instrumentation. It examines indirect measurement. Problems of errors and uncertainty are pointed out. Finally it points to the approaches of knowledge management.

Keywords: measurement science, instrument science.

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