Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 2, February 2011 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Myasnikova N.V., Beresten' M.P., Dolgikh L.A. Methods of signal decomposition based on extreme filtering


The methods of the decomposition signal complex form on component with different sign are considered. It is shown that method of extreme filtering under essential reduction of temporary expenseses of the analysis gives the results comparable to empirical mode decomposition.

Keywords: empirical modes, alternating-sign components, express analysis, extreme filtering.



Khitrovo A. A. Results of experimental studies of axisymmetric submerged jet with harmonically pulsating feeding pressure


The opportunity of application in special conditions of the jet gauge of efforts with gas fluidic ejector the management, carrying out three function is considered: excitation of fluctuations of a jet, maintenance of fluctuations and reading of fluctuations. Working capacity of a way is confirmed experimentally.

Keywords: results, experiment, jet, air, submerged, axisymmetric, pulsating.



Kalinina L. N., Litvinov A. V., Nikolaev I. N. The MIS-sensors with different metallic and dielectric layers


It was produced several type of MIS-sensors with different dielectric layers and metallic electrodes by means laser thin films evaporation. It was measured metrological characteristics of these sensors. It was found two type sensors with high and low sensitivity to H2, H2S, NO2 and NH3. These sensors can be used as sensitive elements of gas analyzers. It was demonstrated, that the presence of catalytic properties of the metallic electrodes isnít necessary condition for existence sensor sensitivity. This fact is interest for creation microscope theory of MIS-sensors sensitivity.

Keywords: MIS-sensors, metallic electrodes, dielectric layers, metrological characteristics of MIS-sensors.



Averin I. A., Moshnikov V. A., Nikulyn A. S., et al. A sensitive element of gas sensor with a nanostructured surfaced relief


A controlled method of preparing of vitriform non-dimensional films for sensitive element of gas sensor has been developed, based on physico-mathematical models of processes are proceeding at formation of the porous matrixes (method sol-gel). Optimal parameters of the films surface morphostructure have been defined as well as conditions of their preparations.

Keywords: gas sensor, vitreous films, model, sol-gel technology, porous materials .



Mansfeld A. D., Volkov G. P., Agureev V. A., et al. Interference immunity Improving of ultrasonic flowmeters with clamp-on probes


Possibility to detect weak signal passed through gas over the background signals proporating in tube wall has been demonstrated in this article. Possibility of employment of this method for gasflow measurement in large diameter tubes was also demonstrated.

Keywords: laid-on ultrasonic sensors, gas flowmeter, weak signal extraction.



Larionov V. A. Study of noise in intelligent pressure transducers


Results of experimental study of noise distribution law in intelligent pressure transducers are presented, the noise filtering method is proposed.

Keywords: noise distribution law, statistical check of hypotheses.



Feshchenko V. S., Altukhov A. A., Lvov S. A., et al. The four-channel high-speed detector of ultra-violet radiation


The new four-channel detector of ultra-violet radiation using as a sensitive element semi-conductor diamond is designed, made and investigated. The device has a working range from 180 nm to 230 nm, with a maximum around 223 nm. In this work, characteristic time of device equal 1,8 nanoseconds is experimentally defined and equal 1,8 nanoseconds. Possible applications of detector are discussed.

Keywords: diamond, a laser location, the multichannel detector, registration of the pulse radiation, ultra-violet.



Kuznetsov V. A., Kravets M. Z., Solod N. I. Microcontroller-based rotating viscosimeter


There was discussed the theory of viscosity measurement by rotating technology, the construction of developed viscosimeter and its main technical properties, physical form was described. Advantages of viscosity measurement by rotating technology with intermediate transformation in the time interval was noted. There was also described test technology of measurement accuracy increase by viscosimeter using.

Keywords: viscosity, rotating technology of viscosity measurement, microcontroller, measurement accuracy increase.



Burkov Yu. G., Goryunov V. A., D'yachkov E. A., Shumyacher V. M. Effectiveness increase of bulk materials feed systems using jet-stream technology element


Machinery used for pneumatic crushing of bulk materials are considered, their shortcomings are analyzed. Machine design based on jet-stream technology elements is proposed. Use of such machine increases hopper effectiveness and hereupon an efficiency of bulk materials feed system as a whole.

Keywords: bulk materials feed system, effectiveness increase, jet-stream technology elements.



Anchutin S. A, Morozova E. S., Golovan A. S., et al. Double-axis inclinometer


This paper considers the construction of micromechanical inclinometer based on micromechanical accelerometers. Test results are presented.

Keywords: micromechanical inclinometer, micromechanical accelerometer.



Nesteruk I. N. The quartz generator stabilized on amplitude


In work the scheme of the quartz generator stabilized on amplitude, a sinusoidal signal applied as a basic source for electromechanical measurement transducers is presented. Estimations of the relation a signal/noise and factor of the harmonics, influencing quality of a generated signal are received.

Keywords: generation of oscillation, measuring transducers, measuring sensors.



Taymanov R. Ye., Sapozhnikova K. V. Metrological self-check of sensors


Metrological maintenance of sensor devices using conventional methods of verification or calibration with the interval of 1-2 years is economically inefficient. A possible alternative way is to perform metrological self-checking of sensor devices in the process of their operation and to increase signifficantly verification or calibration interval. General terms and their definitions relating to the field considered are given. Methods of metrological self-check are systematized and illustrated by examples.

Keywords: metrological self-check, sensor device, metrological serviceability, terminology.



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