Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 2, February 2012 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Marchenko I. O. The system of reconfigurable intellectual sensors developing


The problem of designing reconfigurable smart sensors has been analyzed. A general scheme of intelligent sensors has been described. Uncovered parts of the system design of reconfigurable smart sensors presented. A definition of reconfigurable smart sensor has been given.

Keywords: reconfigurable smart sensor, system of developing, scheme of developing system.



Arbuzov V. P., Dolgushev I. A., Larkin S. E., Mishina M. A. Microprocessor measuring chain of the capacitor gage with phase division of channels


The microprocessor measuring chain with phase division of channels which allows to receive the signal proportional to set function of transformation of the capacitor parametrical converter with use as the microprocessor, and the microcontroller irrespective of not idealities of a path of transformation of passive sizes (working and basic capacities of the gage) in target pressure of the active converter is offered.

Keywords: capacitor the parametrical converter, correction of an error of transformation, phase division of channels, microprocessor measuring chain.



Gudkov S. A., Kudryavtsev I. A. Finite element analysis of eddy current probe


The article deals with finite element modeling of eddy current probe for dispersed phase parameters control. With the help of finite-element model of the system "sensor-object under control" influence of the form of wear particles on the induced sensor parameters is researched.

Keywords: finite-element model, eddy current probe, dispersed system.



Lukyanov V. D., Ozhiganov A. A. Code scales for movement converters with high informational reliability, based on recurrent sequences


This paper considers one-track recursive code scales construction principles, which were denoted as pseudorandom and compositional code scales according to informational track pattern used for their synthesis. These scales may be used as coded elements of movement converters. Recursive code scales achieve better size and weight characteristics in comparison with traditional code scales by using only one informational code track. Moreover, it allows to generate codes with correction and (or) detection of reading errors only by introducing extra code sensors without introducing additional code scales.

Keywords: code scale, code sensor, recurrent sequences.



Mozzhechkov V. A., Savin A. S. The model of torque sensor with spring-loaded worm as sensitive element


A model describes the dynamics of the torque sensor that sensitive element is spring-loaded worm of gear which shifting under the influence of the measuring torque. The analysis of measurement accuracy for different operation modes of the sensor.

Keywords: sensor, model, dynamics, torque moment, worm gear.



Milovzorov G.V., Vorob'ev A. V., Zigangirov L.R. Simulation of the ferrozond measuring transducer in vector-measuring magnetometers


A mathematical model of the ferrozond measuring transducer with different polarities and a rectangular pulse excitation at frequencies of hundreds of kilohertz is presented. The expression for the maximum frequency of the excitation signal is received.

Keywords: ferrozond measuring transducer, ferrozond, mathematical model.



Vas'kov Yu.A., Emelyanov G.A. Noise influence on measurement accuracy in intelligent pressure sensors based on "Silicon on Sapphire"


Results of experimental estimation of noise influence on measurement accuracy in intelligent pressure sensors based on "Silicon on Sapphire" structures are presented. Optimal ADC parameters and noise filtration methods for general purpose industrial pressure sensors were determined.

Keywords: DS-ADC, noise filtration, "Silicon on Sapphire" intelligent pressure sensors.



Mukhamadiev A. A., Farrakhov R. G. Mathematical model acoustooptic a pyrometer


The physical and mathematical model acoustooptic a pyrometer for measurement of heats in the industry, measurement combining function, as brightness temperatures, and temperatures of the spectral relation is resulted. It is offered to consider as mathematical model of a pyrometer analytical dependence of capacity of optical radiation on an exit of an optical path from temperature of object of the measurement, weakening properties of atmosphere, a material and type of an optical path, parametres of reception optical system of a pyrometer.

Keywords: pyrometer, acoustooptic tunable filter, mathematical model of a pyrometer, physical model of a pyrometer.



Semyonov S. S. Optimization of the thin film magnetic head parameters for longitudinal hard disk recording


The thin film magnetic head parameters and their correlation giving the highest maximal value of the head magnetic field are determined. The practical example of the numerical computation of the magnetic head parameters basing on correlation of head parameters and characteristics of the magnetic layer of the hard disk is presented.

Keywords: hard magnetic disk, thin film magnetic head, coercive force, vertical pole.



Tsimbalist E. I., Baranov P. F., Borikov V. N. Comparator of two voltages with the same frequency


Results of the development of the comparator of two alternative voltages with the same frequency for testing and check-up of inductive scale alternative current voltage transducers are presented. Design features of these devices are considered. 

Keywords: scale transducer, lock-in amplifier, differential method, graphic programming environment LabVIEW.



Anufriyev B. F., Ostrovsky V. R., Khalfin T. M. The system for gas pressure measurement in tight products based on thermoacoustic method


The system for gas pressure measurement in tight products without infringement of their tightness is considered. The summary of basic principles on which device working out was based is given.

Keywords: helium pressure measurement; thermoacoustic method; resonance frequency of gas vibration; compensatory fuel rod volume.



Teplukh Z. M., Dilai I. V. Setter-stabilizer of gas-carrier flow rate for chromatograph


The high-precision automatic setter-stabilizer of gas-carrier flow rate for chromatograph is described and the dependences for simulation and calculation of throttle elements are presented.

Keywords: gas chromatograph, gas-carrier, capillary element.



Ivlev L. E., Konovalova T. N. Check-up features of seismic detectors


Check-up features of seismic detectors are considered, including in particular the reasons of inefficiency of relative method of measurements. Absolute method of measurements with usage of contactless movement sensor is proposed as an alternative. It is recommended also to carry out spectral analysis for useful seismic detector signal isolation. Check-up system for seismic detectors based on ZET 017 spectral analyzer of SCADA ZETView system is proposed which corresponds to all given recommendations.

Keywords: check-up of seismic detector, vibration stand, movement sensor, spectral analyzer, SCADA ZETView program.



Timoshenkov S. P., Anchutin S. A., Maximov V. N., et al. Development of inertial sensors' block


Results of the development of inertial sensors' block are proposed. The principle of block operation is described, main characteristics obtained as results of conducted tests are presented.

Keywords: roll, pitch, angular velocity, acceleration, micromechanical accelerometer, micromechanical gyroscope.



Lebedeva T. N., Shadrin S. V. Infrared detector development for CO2 gas analyzer in metals and alloys


The information on infrared radiators usage in measuring infrared CO2 detector in gas analyzer is presented. The principle of operation of infrared radiator showing the high intensity of the radiation in broad wavelength range is described. Electric wiring scheme for control and regulation of infrared radiation is presented.

Keywords: infrared radiator,  infrared CO2 detector, gas analyzer, gas concentration.



Alexandrov V. A., Andreev M. Ya., Bogolyubov B. N., Rubanov I. L. Aggregation of acoustic radiators and generating devices in flexible elongated towed radiating antenna


Results of experimental studies of flexible elongated towed radiating antenna including acoustic radiators and generating device based on key power amplifiers are presented.

Keywords: longitudinal flexural transducer, small-sized generating device, flexible elongated towed radiating antenna, key power amplifier.



Tirtichny A. A., Skalon A. I. Micromechanical gyroscopes: development and perspectives


There is a short overview of design and principle of operation of vibrating beams gyroscopes and vibrating ring gyroscopes. Principal disadvantages of such constructions are revealed. The short description of design and principle of operation of autooscillation (self-oscillation) micromechanical gyroscope are adduced. Showed that this principles allow to solve a lot of problems those are connected with described problems.

Keywords: overview, micromechanics, gyroscope, construction, principle of operation, vibrating beam, vibrating ring, vibrating plate, autooscillation (self-oscillation).

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