Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 3, March 2005 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Mikheev A.A. Coordination of sensors capacity with group path throughput in a multi-channel measuring system


The methods to comply sensors capacity with the throughput of a measuring system’s group path based on readout flow reduction at the group path input are considered. The methods’ efficiency is estimated under noise influence on measuring signals. The advantages of applying individual discretization frequencies for each measuring signal are shown.



Matyunin S.А., Inozemtsev М.Yu. Estimation of the influence of optoelectronic components` spectral characteristics irregularity on the positional characteristic of a displacement MOS sensor


The paper discusses the problems concerning the influence of the form and relative position of optoelectronic components` spectral characteristics on the displacement MOS sensor's sensitivity and the linearity positional characteristic’s linearity.



Mokrov E A., Vasiliev V.A., Belozubov E.M. Application of systemology elements for minimizing the effect of destabilizing factors on thin-film tensoresistive sensors


The problem of minimizing the destabilizing factors distorting the informative signal of thin-film tensoresistive pressure sensors (TRPS) is discussed, in particular, the effects of temperature and vibroacceleration. The system methodology is offered as an effective tool for such sensors improvement. Its application bedrock is the representation of TRPS as a system consisting of several interacting subsystems. Additional subsystems with desirable characteristics are introduced into the TRPS structure to minimize the effect of destabilizing factors.



Shakhov E.K. On a possibility of tensoresistive temperature measurement


Principle possibility of tensoresistor application in temperature stabilization mode for live organism temperature measurements is examined. The paper shows that of measurement speed improvement problem that is typical for the considered field of tensoresistors application can be solved in this mode.



Zhdankin V.K. Level measuring by directional electromagnetic radiation


The paper describes the physical nature of directional electromagnetic radiation method that enables to measure the levels of liquids, bulk materials, and intermediate state materials in harsh environments, in wide temperature and pressure ranges, and with low permittivity of the investigated material. The method is compared with ultrasonic and non-contact radar technologies. Pulscon level meters are presented as an example of directional radiation sensors. Recommendations on practical application of microwave contact level meters are made.



Mikhailov P.G., Mikhailov A.P. Multifunctional microelectronic sensors


A concept of multiparameter measurement is proposed. The methods of non-electrical quantities concurrent transduction are discussed. Structural diagrams of multifunctional sensors are presented. Design and technological solutions enabling the implementation of integrated sensors are considered. Multi-channel, flat and high-temperature microelectronic sensor designs are described.



Shul’ghin V.A., Yukish V.A., Kalach A.V., et al. Self-excited oscillators of piezoelectric resonators used for gas and vapor analysis


The paper overviews self-excited oscillators of piezoelectric resonators operating in gaseous media. It analyses the equivalent electric circuit of quartz resonators operating in gases, and lists the merits and drawbacks of the circuits of commercial self-excited piezoelectric resonator oscillators. A circuit for an element of a 10-channel self-excited oscillator of piezoelectric resonators formed in the “electronic nose” gas analyzer is presented.



Orobey I.O., Grinyuk D.A., Zharsky S.E., Kuz’mitsky I.F. An electromagnetic liquid microexpenditure meter


Sensor design and block diagram of a s meter for electrically conducting media of electromagnetic type are presented. Flowmeter’s metrological and steady-state characteristics are presented.



Khurtsilava A.K., Japaridze T.D., An inductive sensor for metal detector


The paper describes the sensor, detection technique and the electronic indicator circuit of a metal detector and demonstrates their advantages such as improved discrimination, sensitivity, and acquisition probability.



Viktorov V.A., Sovlukov A.S. Multiprobe sensors


Design concepts of multiprobe sensors are considered. Such sensors enable multiple distant or contact probing of monitored objects. The desired increase of sensor sensitivity and measurement accuracy is provided by selecting the number of probings (i.e., of probes). Synthesized radiofrequency and microwave sensors with multiple probes are described as examples.








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